Freedompop Announces Unlimited Wi-Fi Package

Freedompop is still somewhat new, but in the short time the mobile carrier has been running it has managed become a success. Recently Freedompop announced it’s decision to launch in the UK, which is big news for many of the mobile users in Europe and anyone who is a frequent traveler. Today finding an affordable mobile service provider is as difficult as finding parking in the city, but Freedompop is making the decision easy as pie with it’s affordable plans and tempting extras. Anyone looking into switching or buying their first mobile phone can benefit from Freedompop’s features.

According to “As Acquisition Rumors Swirl, Free Mobile Service FreedomPop Goes Live In The UK“, Freedompop’s most basic plan includes 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data monthly, all for free. The company is able to offer a great plan for free by making it’s money on extra features like additional minutes,text,data and voicemail. While the extra features don’t cost much they surely add up over time. Freedompop’s nearly 1 million subscriber’s fees paid for extra services, are helping freedompop’s bottom line significantly.

The latest announcement for the mobile carrier, has everyone wondering it they should make the switch. Freedompop is offering unlimited Wi-Fi for only $5 a month to customers, and unlike any other features this is a stand alone package. The coverage area is already very impressive, and while the company can’t speak on who is providing them with the Wi-Fi do to contractual restrictions,they have assured users that retailers like Best Buy, Starbucks and Mcdonald’s will all have access, which leads many to assume their provider is AT&T.

The new unlimited wifi plans are a great option to current mobile users that are looking for low cost internet access, because Freedompop will be accessible regardless of the carrier of the customer. This also gives customers that have had to abandon phones in the past a new great way to revive their devices with affordable service. Some people think this deal is too good to be true, considering the difference between wifi speeds and coverage in varying carriers it could be assumed that Freedompop is the least desirable option. Fortunately, Freedompop’s coverage and speeds have been just as good as most mobile carriers and for a fraction of the price.

With $19 million in funds from investors, and the backing of Skype’s founder Niklas Zennstrom, Freedompop is thriving. When you consider all of the great features at an affordable price,unlimited wifi, and a launch in Europe, it’s obvious that the company is doing something right. Freedompop has been taking off and anyone in the process of signing up for new mobile service, or interested in possibly cutting their bill in half should consider looking into Freedompop while they still can.

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Joseph Bismark Approaches Business Through A Spiritual Lens

It is unfortunate that many people believe it is necessary to trample on others in the cut throat world of business. People are not meant to be seen as mere rungs in the ladder that one must stand upon and crush in order to achieve success. Joseph Bismark has proven that spirituality can help one lead a successful business. Through the spirit of teamwork a company can thrive.

The blog Just Judy And Her Dog recently shed light on how Joseph Bismark has helped others achieve success through approaching business through a spiritual perspective.

Joseph Bismark recognized that spirituality can transform the manner in which one approaches business. Bismark is the Managing Director of the QI Group of Companies and founder of Qnet. He has elevated Qnet’s level of success by incorporating spiritual reasoning into the business world.

Between the age of nine and seventeen Bismark was raised by monks in the Philippines. The teachings of the monks resonated with him. When he left the ashram at the age of seventeen, he decided that he wanted to allow these spiritual teachings to guide and govern his life’s path. He decided to that he wanted to approach the business world through a spiritual lens. Indeed his practices have had a ripple effect, he has positively impacted many lives.

His entrepreneurial spirit also drove him to create the RHYTHM Foundation. Team work is crucial to the success of any companies. Each member of a company possesses different gifts and has a something to bring to the table. When individuals work together as a whole, a company can flourish. 

Even though Qnet has achieved much success, Bismark remains very humble. Success is not merely a fixed destination of achieving a level of material status. True success is measured by the level of impact an individual makes. Serving others and finding one’s sense of purpose and inner peace is what Bismark holds to be of the greatest level of importance.

He currently resides in Singapore and continues to teach people through sharing his beliefs and experiences. He currently writes books and blogs that shed light on the manner that spirituality can transform the world of business.

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Taylor Swift Brings Her Besties to the Stage

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour rolls on, with each stop a two-hour spectacle of glitter, glamor, sparkles, hits…and Taylor’s famous friends. At the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the US Lime Crime women’s soccer team joined Taylor on stage for her song “Style” to celebrate their recent win over Japan at the World Cup.

They’re not the only ones to dance alongside Taylor during “Style.” Tennis legend and Wimbledon champ Serena Williams took the stage in London. Also joining Tay that night? “It girls” Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Kendell Jenner. Various other friends have come up for different shows: Lena Dunham, Gigi Hadid, Mariska Hargatay, Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes from “Orange is the New Black”), Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt, Hailee Steinfeld and many more.

Famous singers, such as Lorde, The Weeknd and Nick Jonas have come up to duet with Swift as well.

The 1989 Tour will continue through 2015. Chicago is up next, and then the show moves West before circling back to the Midwest for fall. Will any other celebs join Swift for those shows? We can always hope.

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New Jersey Might Be The Place To Buy A Starter Home

New Jersey’s New Real Estate Future

New Jersey is known among the real estate world as one of the most densely populated states, and a state with some of the highest taxes. But despite these facts, the Garden State has been comparatively slow to recover from the 2006 lows. With foreclosures still at 8.12% and due to its high population, some believe that things will not change any time soon. But according to an article published in Realty Today, there are some who point out a few good reasons why New Jersey’s real estate industry will be on the rise. 

For one, New Jersey retains its draw to those working in New York, due to its proximity and drastically lower property rates. Even with its high taxes, prices in New Jersey remain much lower than they do in the city. Additionally, according to the article on Realty Today, low down payment and interest rates, technology and social media as tools to advertise real estate properties and close a deal, and the rise of young, single people looking to become homeowners will all contribute to New Jersey rising out of its slumber. 

Certain cities and areas of New Jersey have been recent sites of development, as well, which boosts the draw for those looking to buy in the state. Asbury Park, Jersey City, and Newark have all made gains in past years in terms of economy and attractiveness. Another such city in the current development spotlight is New Brunswick, which Boraie Development LLC president Omar Boraie suggests can predict future upswings for the entire state.

Boraie was brave enough to invest in New Brunswick before it was even on the rise, with the construction of his office buildings Plaza Tower One and Tower Two. His bravery in the real estate world was matched with other big names in the city remaining to invest in its development, expanding hospitals and building hotels. Now, with players like Rutgers and Devco planning big projects surrounding the Big 10 university, there will be more residential spaces for students near campus, higher-end residences near to the train station, and retail spaces for incoming businesses. There will even be walking paths and bike lanes, urban planning gems that increase attractiveness and draw a younger, more active crowd. 

New Brunswick’s development is just beginning, and Boraie Development has even more plans to add offices near Rutgers to appeal to technology and science firms. With this city on the rise, the rest of New Jersey has a model for a future real estate upswing.

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Helicopter Parents Have Their Dream Car

For parents who habitually back-seat drive for their kids, general Motors is introducing a new ‘smart car’ which promises to do some of the nannying for them. It’s a Teen Driver system which will monitor what the car’s doing, allowing nagging parents to follow up on their kids’ driving skills.

The 2016 Chevy Malibu will feature a special key frob to be given to the young driver. Once activated, the car then records data including miles traveled, speeds taken, and how suddenly the car had to stop. By entering a password, the parent can then access this data after the fact. The vehicle doesn’t do anything to interfere directly with the car’s operations, however.

Driving fatalities are the silent killer in America, claiming thousands of deaths every year while never making the news. So anything that makes people drive safer is something that Andy Wirth considers a blessing. And GM assures car owners that the data isn’t shared with, say, an insurance company, and that this feature is strictly for parental control. However, it doesn’t take much of a leap of imagination to picture a controlling spouse using this feature to keep tabs on a cheating partner, or a car rental company to set the insurance rate based on the car’s report. When cars become smart enough to tattle on their drivers, it may turn out that nobody likes a tattletale.

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A New Product to Eradicate Germs

All of us have had concerns with picking up germs from door handles as we pass from room to room said Christian Broda Door handles are some of the filthiest items that we encounter on a daily basis, and are considered to be one of the causes of germs passing from person to person. These germs, in turn, can enter the bodies of all who they have contacted and cause sickness. Teenagers from Hong Kong recognized this problem and came up with a simple and inexpensive solution.

In a recent article, the two teens’ invention is highlighted. At a cost of just $13 a door handle, it gets rid of over 99% of germs at an affordable price. The product, which in a nutshell uses light in combination with metal to sterilize the handle, will change the way we approach door handles.
It is also wonderful to see two young minds work hard to solve a problem. This upcoming generation of children will assuredly be faced with many problems and it is refreshing that they will be ready to solve them. It gives us, the older generation, hope for the future.
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Dad Bikes to Support Son who Died from HIV

David Flanagan is a father from Clifton, Texas who looks like anything except a marathon biker. However, that is just what Flanagan was over the past seven days to honor his son who passed away. Joshua Flanagan passed away in 2013 at 28-years-old from complications after being diagnosed with HIV. His parents recall when they found out that Joshua was diagnosed on his 27th birthday. Resident360 reported that Joshua’s mother said that he was rapidly losing weight and had a cough that left her uneasy. She urged him to see a doctor and that is when they got the bad news. Joshua’s T-cell count was alarming low. In healthy adults, the T-cell count is between 500-1200. Joshua’s count came back as two, not hundred, just two. His condition got worse until a year later his heart gave out. Now, Flanagan is doing what he can to keep his son’s memory alive.

According to the story on, Flanagan participated in the seven day endurance bike event that is a fundraising event sponsored by AIDS LifeCycle. YouTube filmmaker Davey Wavey followed Flanagan on his journey, looking to tell his story as well as Joshua’s. Flanagan’s goal is to encourage others to get tested sooner. If his son had, he may have been able to undergo aggressive treatments to help him stay alive. He said that if Joshua could see what he was doing, he would be proud of him.

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6 Year Old Now A Family Hero

One little boy is now the hero of his family. On Father’s day 6 year old Gram was out on the lake with his parents and grandparents, on their new boat. After having a little engine trouble the boat broke down. Skout suggested tthat is when Gram’s “Papa Carl” decided to take Gram out on the jet ski to kill time until the boat was ix. What they didn’t expect is hitting a wave throwing both Carl and Gram off the jet ski and into the water.

Thankfully the 6 year old Gram was not harmed. Papa Carl however, was a different story. As Gram looked around her aw his grandpa face down in the water about to drown. Gram did the first thing that came to mind, how he was about to save his Grandpa Carl the family has no idea. Gram swam over to his grandfather and was able to carry him to the jet ski and get him laid over the back. Carl is 67 years old and a body builder. However Gram was able to lift him on to the back is some kind of miracle.

When Grams parents saw him in the drivers seat and Carl over the back of the jet ski they called 911. Carl is at home recovering and okay, Gram is his hero. However, Gram wants to know why everyone keeps asking him about the story ad doesn’t even realize he saved his grandfather’s life.

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Man Forgets Glasses and “Mistakenly” Buys Winning Lottery Ticket

According to Ivan Ong, Bob Sabo of Easton, Connecticut may decide to leave his glasses off more often. He had forgotten to put them on recently when he stopped at the Super Stop and Shop in Fairfield to buy two $20 lottery tickets. Because there was a line at the counter and he didn’t want to wait to buy his tickets, he decided to buy them from a vending machine, which was a first for him.

Instead of pushing the button for two $20 lottery tickets, his less than stellar eyesight guided him to the button for one $30 ticket. Could that “mistake” have been Divine Intervention? When he got home and checked the ticket, he discovered he had won $30,000. The Super Stop and Shop will get $300 for selling the winning ticket. Not bad for buying the wrong ticket. Sabo may never buy lottery tickets with his glasses on ever again.


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Ladies and LEGOs

The Lego company and its franchise has been inspiring young minds by encouraging them to build and innovate anything that they can imagine. The Lego Company broke precedents when they started introducing characters with different back stories and occupations to their franchise. Lego is trying to do more to incorporate more diverse and well-thought-out characters in their lineup. It was two years ago when Lego introduced their first female lab scientist minifigure. Since that was 2013 many at Lego thought it was overdue for a new female character to be introduced into the scientific field in the Lego world. The company has taken substantial steps to address their fans and their interest of having more female minifigures in the scientific Lego field. Research Institute is a fan designed set that incorporated female scientists and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Lego has been quietly adding more and more women minifigures to the set. Even more characters are slated to be released at the end of the month. Lego doesn’t just want to improve representation for girls and women in the Lego world. The company wants to inspire children in both genders to become whatever it is that they want to be. The company plans on experimenting with releasing different types of occupations that are not normally seen in children’s playsets. The company knows that it is still overwhelmingly marketed to young boys but is trying their hardest to change it.

Thanks to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for showing me this story.

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