Barbara Stokes Helps Provide Relief to Disaster Stricken Families Through Green Structure Homes

Regardless of how financially prepared you are, you can never be ready for any disaster. One of the far-stretching effects of natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, storms, and tornados is that they leave your property destroyed and damage. While your insurance cover will help you get the finances you require to get back to your feet, you need a disaster manager and company that will shoulder your burden and help you construct a durable and sustainable home, and that is Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes LLC.

Barbara Stokes is a seasoned leader in disaster relief and currently the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama (GSH). GSH is a disaster relief construction contracting company that specializes in designing, building, delivering, and construction of modular and on-site commercial and residential properties in the wake of any disaster. Green Structure Homes LLC is one of the most sorted after companies across North America. One of the reasons this is so is because this company offers excellent independent engineering and in-house project management personnel with more than 30 years experience in planning, development, inspection, and installation of both residential and commercial properties. Read more at Business Insider.

Mrs. Barbara Stokes founded Green Structure Homes with her husband in 2008. The purpose of GHS was to offer comprehensive disaster relief services to government, its agencies, and private investors. So far, the progress made by GHS is quite commendable since the company has been able to support FEMA’s mission by positively impacting on the lives of disaster-stricken families through proper houses. Two components that have helped GHS achieve its goals include solid leadership and quality equipment. Barbara Stokes who serves as the CEO of the company is quite experienced when it comes to matters disaster management. Her policies decisions coupled with the help of other highly experienced personnel under her has helped forge a proper way for the company. Secondly, GHS arguably commands some of the best equipment there is in the industry. Their high-end proprietary equipment have helped smoothen the engineering, manufacturing, and design processes thus improving their quality delivery. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

In addition to disaster relief, GHS is a big contributor to the economy in terms of job creation. Recently after being awarded a $28.5M FEMA contract, the company has opened up job opportunities in eight communities including Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Through the above commitments, it is true to say that Barbara Stokes, through GHS is committed to the well-being of her community.



Louis Chenevert, the real example of leadership

When it comes to successful businessmen across the globe, Louis Chenevert name can never be forgotten. With his origin in Canada, Louis Chenevert is a great entrepreneur with a lot of experience in the corporate world. Although Louis Chenevert has been involved in many ventures, he is most known for his fantastic management skills as the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation or the UTC. UTC is an American multinational firm that deals with the research, development and also the manufacturing of high-technology items or products. Visit to know more.

Career history of Louis Chenevert

The career history of Louis Chenevert dates many years back. Louis has an experience of about fourteen years working as the production General Manager at the General Motors. In 1993, Louis joined the Pratt and Whitney, a firm in Canada and after working for about six years here, Chenevert was elected as the president. Louis Chenevert career continued to grow, and in 2006, Chenevert was elected as the new chairman for UTC. Between 2011 to 2012, Louis also served as the deputy chairman of the Executive Committee of the Business Council. Although he later stepped down as the chief executive officer of UTC in 2014, Chenevert left behind a great legacy of a man who understood his role and who inspired and mentored many. About one year later in 2015, Louis Chenevert Joined the Merchant Banking Division located at the Goldman Sachs working as the Exclusive Advisor.


Chenevert’s role at the UTC is still remembered up to today. Apart from taking UTC to greater heights, Louis left behind a great legacy and set a mark that has not been matched by any other CEO up to now. In Louis, we see a man who was able to take any opportunity to his advantage and it is incredible how this man was able to make significant gains when the market experienced a recession. He was also able to obtain the Goodrich which represents his fantastic patient nature.

Why Louis stands out among other leaders

In Louis Chenevert, we see a man who is a true reflection of real leadership. A man who is not fast to judge, patient and most importantly, determined. To him, the words giving up do not exist! View:

Ricardo Tosto and lawyers in Brazil

Brazil has a very complex justice system but with the right lawyer, it is possible to navigate your way through with ease. Lawyers in the country are highly respected. This is a profession that many children in the country grow up looking be part of in the future. Lawyers in Brazil attracts good wages which is an attraction to many people. However, apart from the huge pay, there should be more reasons to study law. The main drive should always be dedications to work. One should have the heart to help other people deal with issues that affect them. This is the biggest priority for any lawyer. Ability to help others get justice should be the principle of any good lawyer. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one such lawyer in Brazil. He is a lawyer who recognizes the importance of serving the clients first before anything else.

To get a good lawyer in a Brazil, one should strive to look for a lawyer who has the requisite qualifications. The basic qualification for any lawyer should be registration as a lawyer by the Bar association. This means that the lawyer has gone through all the mandatory steps that qualify one to be a lawyer in Brazil. There have been many instances of people who purport to be lawyers simply because they hold a degree in law. A degree in law is not sufficient enough to qualify one as a lawyer in the country. There are many procedures that are involved, going to the university and acquiring a degree in law is just one of them. After the law degree, it is mandatory for one to attend a law school and pass the bar examination. The bar examination is the final stage that will determine if one will qualify as a lawyer or not.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a great lawyer from Brazil. He is one lawyer who is committed to the work of helping others get justice. He has offices in Sao Paulo. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the best legal minds in the country. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the go-to lawyer for all cases of business litigation.


If you’re looking for Beneful dog food for healthy eating for your dog, Walmart has an entire line of wet and dry dog foods and treats. They also carry a selection of healthy weight dog food, for keeping your dog’s weight in check. You won’t find healthy weight Beneful with salmon, though; but you if you purchase healthy weight wet food incredibites, salmon is included as one of the ingredients.

Walmart has everyday low prices on Beneful, and sometimes you may find coupons online if you check periodically. A thirty-one pound bag of Beneful dog food costs $26.98 and Beneful dry food is $13.98 for a fifteen and one-half pound bag. The wet food is $14.98 for twenty-seven three ounce cans. Sometimes, Walmart may roll back prices on all dog food, Beneful included.

If you’re looking for Beneful, a great food for your dog, Walmart is the place to shop!


OSI Group President David McDonald Has Started To Bring Higher Levels Of Satisfication to The Customers They Serve

A popular business in China is working to launch it’s products to more businesses globally. The business, OSI Group is reaching out to more businesses in an effort to become the leading provider within the food industry.

For OSI Group, they have been present in China more than 20 years. During the Olympic games of 2008, OSI served more than 114 tons of food for the Olympic games. The food that they provided consisted of pork, beef, chicken, eggs and even dehydrated onions. When the games came to a close, the OSI Group was thanked for their service and was told about how appreciative they were for not receiving one complaint surrounding the food given to the Olympic games.

The OSI Group is appreciative for the chance to make mistakes and failures and they use this to create a learning experience for the business. There are not many businesses out there that embrace the mistakes they have made along the way.

OSI Group is at times forced to come up with new creative methods to help their customers out. The customers they serve will experience their own mistakes and failures and when they do, the OSI is there to help to find them a new, rebranding idea to resell the items already available to customers.

The OSI Group is led by President David McDonald. In the course of the 30 years that he has worked at OSI, he has spent a good amount of time helping to gather more businesses to the group. In the time that he has served as president, David has helped to increase the businesses they serve from McDonalds to include Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza Chain and also the high end coffee shops of Starbucks.

The businesses they serve are always looking for new and exciting ways to provide customers a dining experience that they will love and one that is just not another fast food chain.

OSI did not hire David McDonald when it first opened it’s doors and after some time, David McDonald was brought into the OSI Group. From the time that he joined the group to now, David has helped to keep the vision of the business moving forward. Their main vision was to become a leading contender of food processing businesses and to be the new provider of the businesses they approach.

Not being a business who prides themselves on the various levels of business, they feel like they do not need to brag in order to build a larger clientele.

About OSI Group:

Susan McGalla Is The Example Of Leadership and Success That Women Have Been Waiting For

It is a fact that companies that hire, both, women and men are more likely to do better than companies that do not. The reason for this is believed to be because companies with a more diverse base of workers are more open to fresh ideas and new perspectives. While this is true, not many women are in C-level positions in S&P 500 companies, but Susan McGalla is one of the few women who is.

McGalla never had anything handed to her and had to work very hard to get to the top of American Eagle Outfitters. She also worked hard to become the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers in a field dominated by men. While initiatives that favor women in the workplace have been increasing in number, they are not the answer. They have been tried, and if they had any effect, we would be seeing the results by now.

Instead, a new idea has come into play, and that the solution of Executive Sponsorship opportunities. These sponsors can be like a corner-person for women and can work with them to make new opportunities. An Executive Sponsor can help to motivate businesses to invest in women by offering incentives, and male leaders can also play roles in encouraging their organizations to fill key executive roles with women.

Susan McGalla is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and a successful businesswoman. She grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio and attended Mount Union College where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. To this day, she sits on the Board of Advisors for the college. For the first 8 years of her career she held different managerial and marketing positions at Joseph Horne Company.

Her working career began with her taking on different managerial and marketing positions within the Joseph Horne Company for roughly eight years. After this time, she worked with American Eagle Outfitters in several different positions eventually becoming the CMO of the company. To this day, Susan McGalla looks to improve the workplace for women.

Igor Cornelsen take on investing in the Brazilian economy

Due to recent improvement of the Brazil’s financial sector, it has provided the opportune time for investors to invest in this growing economy. Giants such as Igor cornelsen usually wait for this financial boom to start making profits. The economy of Brazils of recent has been making gains and it also has the support of china which adds more value to the Brazilian economy. However there are things to note for first time investors in other countries economies.

For example in Brazil there some things one must take note of and these are some of the issues that Igor cornelsen tries to explain and how to avoid losses and make huge profits from your investment. By familiarizing with foreign policies on currencies will aid you when you are carrying out exchanges. You must make an effort to know the current exchange rates. Another way of keeping investment safe is by collaborating with the local people in Brazil. By forming networks and establishing relationship will ensure the business makes profits. Forming connections in Brazil is fairly easy as most of the youth in Brazil are self made entrepreneurs. More sore Brazilians are relatively friendly and welcoming people in nature so mingling will not be a problem.

One final advice from Igor cornelsen is to be prepared against the policies that the government imposes on businesses as Brazil is an economy that is still recovering and that’s why the government may be harsh. You are advised to carry out research on possible policies and how best you can handle them. Some of these barriers by the government includes over taxations, over regulations and some very unfriendly restrictions. This firm is there to advice individuals before they make full investment into the Brazilian economy. The firm’s mains stress is connection with the local people as they equate their advice to goal and once you have these connections you cannot fail. The firm advices the investor to find a bank that executes foreign exchange and have a solid knowledge on policies on local currencies. With this advice one is sure to make a lot of money.

Daniel Taub- A dedicated Israeli diplomat

In the history of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Kingdom, one name that features prominently and continues to do so going into the future is Daniel Taub. He is the most decorated ambassador to have ever represented Israel in the United Kingdom. He served in this position in a term that ran between 2011 and 2015. Daniel Taub term was marked by great dedication to work.  Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

As a staunch orthodox Jew, he made sure that he conducted his roles to the best of his beliefs. His time in office was characterized by the use of Kippah, a cap synonymous with the Jewish believers. His appointment to this position meant that he was going to serve Israel in the country where he was born. Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom but only moved to Israel later. He moved in 1989 after spending about 30 years in the U.K.

Daniel Taub is highly qualified as an international lawyer who majored in counter-terrorism and laws of war. His services have been crucial to Israel given that it is a country that has for a long time been embroiled in unending conflicts with some neighboring countries.

Daniel Taub has served Israel in various positions of leadership in legal and diplomatic missions. One of his main responsibility was to lead the delegation that was negotiating for a peace agreement with Palestine. He helped the two countries reach the first ever peace agreement although it was voided two years later after Palestine refused to adhere to the laws.

In his tenure of four years, his accomplishments are all over for everyone to witness, in a report that was released just a short period before he left office, Daniel Taub showed that trade between U. K and Israel had doubled. It was standing at around $7 billion every year. This was a huge achievement. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The secretary of business, innovations, and skills in the United Kingdom termed the achievement as one that heralded a golden era in the relations of the two countries. There were also improvements in other areas such as academia, cultural interactions, and business. Over 3000 Jews owned business was opened in the U.K.

During his farewell party in London, he was praised for being diligent in his work and ensuring that the interests of the country that appointed him always came first. Although he was born in the U.K he never demonstrated bias in delivering for Israel.

George Soros Gives $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations

George Soros, who made his mark in the world of Finance, has transferred about $18 billion to fund open society foundations. This brings his lifetime donations to human rights organization to $32 billion. This makes his foundation one of the largest in the world in the area of human rights.

This also makes the Soros’s Open Society Foundation the third largest on earth, surpassed only by the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Officials of the Foundation said that the wall street investor had decided to increase the pace of his donations from the proceeds of his hedge fund, which has been quite successful. This latest donation represents the bulk of his fortune, which is estimated to be worth about $23 billion.

What is Open Society?

Open Society is a global organization that promotes vibrate tolerant democracy all around the world. Since its formation in 1979, it has given about $14 billion to organizations all over the world that promote democracy.

How Soros Made His Fortune

Soros made his fortune by betting against the British pound. This was after it crashed in 1992 from the European Exchange Mechanism. He has always been a vocal supporter of liberal democracy.

Soros also played a crucial role in the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign for the presidency. This donation has been made in the midst of a row with Hungary, his home country, about the press and academic freedom in the country.

Soros’s Troubles with the Hungarian Government

Recently, there was a lot of criticism after a website, run by an ally of conservative president Victor Orban, published a list of journalists who it claimed were Soros’ agents. The criticism was global, and the US charge d’affaires David Kostelancik commented on it. He said the move was dangerous both to those named and it was an attack on the freedom of the press.

Orban has in the past said Soros is a threat to national security. He has even gone ahead to call him a public enemy. This was due to the support that Soros has provided to Muslim immigrants to Europe escaping civil strife.

The Hungarian government is currently engaged in a legal standoff with the Central European University based in Budapest, which Soros founded. The rector of the university has accused the Hungarian government of trying to strangle it by failing to sign an agreement that would allow the university to continue its operations in the country.

The rector has said that the government has made a deliberate effort to keep the university in legal limbo to suit their own biased needs. He said the government had resorted to constantly shifting the goalposts every time they solved the issue.

However, the Hungarian government said that it simply wanted to level the playing for domestic and foreign universities. However, the chief of staff of the Hungarian president said that the recent move by Soros to support Muslim immigrants into the country has affected the relationship between the government and CEU. and Follow him

Cassio Audi Transformed the Music Scene

The name Cassio Audi has to be regarded at the very foundation of Brazilian heavy metal music. Audi’s musical talents inspired not just Brazil, but countless countries worldwide. Before Cassio Audi helped to consolidate Brazilian heavy metal music around the world, he spent his early years helping to consolidate Viper; one of the most prolific heavy metal bands to come out of Brazil.

Cassio Audi knew that he would need help to share his musical vision with the world. Audi joined talented forces with Yves Passarell, Andre Matos, Felipe Machad, and Pit Passarell. Together,the five men brought together their individual talents and sent their band, Viper, skyrocketing into the global scene. Read this article at

In the 1970s and 80s, Viper wasted no time sharing their vision with the world. Both of their early demos were able to reach heavy metal fans in Great Britain, where heavy metal music was gaining more and more traction by the day. Audi and his bandmates would use this success to culminate their first studio album. Viper’s debut album, ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ mirrored the success that Audi had fantasized about in his teenage years.


Together, the band never formally produced another full length studio album. Even without a sophomore album, Audi and Viper were able to cement themselves in the heavy metal hall of fame. Even today, the band touches every continent and is able to identify with every language of their listeners. Their album and demos, made in the mid-1980s, are still relevant to young and old alike.

Even without their global presence, Cassio Audi and the band had shown a spotlight on Brazil and was able to put the country on the heavy metal music map. It’s safe to say, that without Audi’s early years in the band Viper, Brazilian music, and world music alike, wouldn’t be what it is today. Watch this video on Youtube.