First and foremost, Kevin Seawright is a family man. He is a believer in forming strong communities and with Newark CEDC he helps the economy by helping people, by giving loans to smaller sized businesses, who otherwise wouldn't have access to any significant capital. He has faith in human beings and hopes to see entrepreneurs grow and eventually thrive. Assisting these groups continues to provide a bolster to the local economy. Finally, Kevin Seawright still sees room for improvement in Newark, New Jersey, and will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the city reaching it's full potential.

Kevin Seawright Fights For The Community

Kevin Seawright, the CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, has had a fascinating career, beginning with a government gig in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the course of the past seven or so odd years, Mr. Seawright is combining his knowledge of construction and management of finance, and taking his talents to the private industry sector.

He is a man perpetually preoccupied with improving the lives of those residing within urban centers, as well as someone who hopes to watch cities expand further. Nonetheless he remains a man of character, who is willing to listen to others, learn from his mistakes, and adapt to an ever changing environment with comfort and ease. His recent victories are examples of Kevin Seawright’s overwhelming positivity and enthusiasm, as well as his powerful work ethic. In the end, it was his diversity of experience growing up that shaped his character and that has advanced his career.

Kevin Seawright is primarily a philanthropist at heart. Introduced by his parents, to financial stewardship in childhood, he was actively involved in programs dedicated to helping children within the inner cities of Baltimore, Maryland, Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One can easily see how the lessons of Kevin Seawright’s parents have influenced his decision making he pointed out on Twitter.

In addition, he works with groups focused on improving community organization, and is a strong proponent of online education, as well as formal college education. He is a man of the people and contributing to the success of others has proved to be a large factor in his motivation.

First and foremost, Kevin Seawright is a family man. He is a believer in forming strong communities and with Newark CEDC he helps the economy by helping people, by giving loans to smaller sized businesses, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to any significant capital. He has faith in human beings and hopes to see entrepreneurs grow and eventually thrive. Assisting these groups continues to provide a bolster to the local economy.

Finally, Kevin Seawright still sees room for improvement in Newark, New Jersey, and will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the city reaching it’s full potential.

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The FYI on Gold and US Money Reserve President Diehl

Source: PR Newswire

Recently, Phillip Diehl, President of the US Money Reserve, was interviewed on a Podcast, by Eric Dye. The questions were mostly about Gold and silver. He spoke some about the US Money Reserve itself and how it got its start. The Reserve is in Texas. It was started in the year 2002 by some gold market veterans that wanted to deal mainly in precious metals. The Reserve offers many different precious metals but gold and silver are the most sought after. The Reserve is one of the largest distributors of these precious metals. A team of professional metal dealers works closely to provide quality coins for sale to the United States collectors and all over several other continents.

Phillip Diehl, President of the US Money Reserve did not get his start there. He was once the Chief of Staff for the US Department of Treasury and also a Staff Director of the US Senate Finance committee. After his tour of working with the President Bill Clinton and the US Mint, he took a job as the President of the US Money Reserve.

According to the recent podcast, Diehl was explaining some of the reasons people are collecting Gold. For many years, Gold has been considered one of the safe ways to save money. It continues to increase or remain close to the same in value. The dollar is doing fine right now, but it is predicted to decline again like it did in 2008. The dollar bill is weaker than Gold or Silver so people all over the world are buying and selling it as an investment. Remember, gold bars from competitor companies may not be the true weight and purity as the gold from the mint.

Diehl also explains how Gold is something that people understand worldwide. Older adults, in the United States, are collecting Gold and Silver as part of their retirement portfolio. They will be able to give it to the family such as grandchildren or they will be able to trade it if they need to later. With gold prices rising or remaining about the same, the dollar does not stand the test of time. Gold, Silver, Platinum, as well as bouillon, is being sold through the U.S. Money Reserve. Check out the podcast for more information on Gold and Phillip Diehl. You are sure to learn a little more about the price of Gold in the United States and ways to save using Bouillon as opposed to dollars.


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Autism Rocks: Charity For Autism Research Growing Quickly

There are many charities that are dedicated to autism and raising money for it. Generally, however, these charities tend to raise money to support individuals who have autism and their families. But there is a new charity on the block that is makes big waves. Autism Rocks is a charity dedicated to only raising money for autism research. It dedicates itself just to this for two reasons. The first is that there are plenty of charities that help those who are affected by autism, but there are not many that raise money for research. The second reason is that if more funding goes to research and more findings are discovered, those other charities will be able to better serve their beneficiaries.

Autism Rocks raises money in a very specific way. The charity hosts very small concerts with big names. Recently they have had Prince come and perform for several hundred people in London. A short time later, Lenny Kravitz came to London and performed for a similar sized crowd. The attendees of the concert are requested to donate at least 500 pounds to the charity. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised.

Sanjay Shah is the individual behind all of it. Although Shah is known for his links to the financial world, he also has experience in concert promotion. While Shah was at King’s College studying to be an accountant, he promoted concerts around London. For several decades he left the promotional world behind and worked for some major financial corporations like Rabobank and Merrill Lynch. Then his son was diagnosed with autism and his priorities changed.

Due to the success of his company, Solo Capital, Shah was able to take a step back and dedicate his time and energy into doing something that could help his son. He decided the best way to help would be to increase funding towards research. So Shah has done just that. And he has lots of different ideas on how to move forward successfully with Autism Rocks in the very near future.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Global-Citizen

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Visual Startups See New Sets of Valuable Data

Shopping online has become second nature to consumers, and for some products and services it outperforms physical retailers outright. Because the demand on businesses are so high to get digital marketplaces to be precise they’re always looking for the latest methods of analytical strategy and development to continue to service their consumer bases.

It’s the norm for image recognition products and services online to be paired with visuals that communicate to the consumer just what it is they are about to purchase. This approximation leads potential clients to make informed buying decisions that will lead to repeat transactions and fewer returns, limiting overhead costs. This goes into a lot more than just picking the prettiest picture.

Helping companies to pair the best visuals are startups like Slyce. What these firms do is identify the habits of shoppers and stimulating visual cues through a combination of real world data and online searches, limiting confusion on the part of consumers to find the right products and bettering the chances of retailers to provide what their customers are looking for without incident.

With believable representation and data sets that take into account what attracts the attention of consumers when out in the real world, Slyce has joined a market that’s estimated to be worth upwards of $22 billion in business solutions. This kind of data can not only help businesses sell more products with a higher degree of accuracy, but correct their inventory, prioritize key staffing positions, and plan their itinerary as per their predicted needs. This easily surpasses the data online retailers used to collect from sales and keystrokes.

Despite the estimated value of this kind of market research and the need for businesses to remain as current with data needs as possible, it’s only recently that businesses are turning to firms like Slyce, but their numbers are rapidly increasing.

Operating from metropolitan Toronto, Slyce, founded by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell, services international businesses seeking to improve their platforms and extend their reach.

Chell, a career entrepreneur and businessman, has spent over 25 years developing businesses concentrated in technology like his company Futurelink, one of the first cloud computing services. His working relationship with Racicot stretches as far back as the founding of the Business Instincts Group, a firm that helps businesses progress their plans by making strategies and execution more efficacious. Racicot’s background is firmly rooted in retail, where she headed consumer relations at the Starwood Group and logistics in the service of junk removal.

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Securus Provides Large Donation to United Way

One of the national leaders when it comes to security and law enforcement technology is Securus Technologies, a company which is located in Dallas, Texas. The company currently serves nearly 3,500 law enforcement agencies and organizations across the country. The company provides technology for emergency response services, public information, incident management, and criminal analysis.

Beyond providing technology to help service the law enforcement agency, the company also provides technology to help inmates better communicate with their families. Securus has a specialized secure inmate communication service, which allows inmates to video chat through web cameras with their loved ones. This can greatly increase an inmate’s accessibility, particularly when they are located in a prison far from home. The online technology can also be used so family members and friends can schedule face-to-face visits online, as opposed to having to call through the prison system. Click here to register for the video visitation service or download their app to get started on your own.

While Securus has a reputation for being a leader in security and communications technology, the company also has a reputation for being a very charitable organization. For the past eight years, the company has continued to encourage company leaders and staff to be more charitable and give back to the community. The company has partnered with United Way in an effort to increase internal donations and has continued to do so every year.

In 2015, the company donated over $350,000 to The United Way. This was nearly a twenty percent increase compared to the prior year’s donations and greatly exceeded the company’s expectations. In 2015, the company saw a record number of employees donate to the charity, had a higher number of leadership positions give to the charity, and had the largest percentage increase compared to the initial donation goal. Overall, the company has continued to donate heavily to the United Way and has now donated well over one million dollars over the past five years. 

The United Way is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world. The company works with individuals to try and improve lives through better education, health, and income by attempting to give individuals the resources that they need to live and succeed. The organization aims to not only improve the lives of an individual person, but to also improve the lives of everyone who lives in a struggling community.

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Soros believes Merkel holds key to immigration crisis

Billionaire financier George Soros gives German Chancellor Angela Merkel mixed reviews, but he believes she may be the key to solving the immigrant crisis in Europe, according to an article in FX Street.

Soros is a native of Hungary, and has lived in the United States for several decades. He made his fortune with international investments and is CEO of Soros Fund Management and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. Soros has also written several books, one of which says the EU is on the edge of collapse.

Soros blames the EU crisis on Merkel and other lending states like Germany, who set unrealistic interest rates on borrower nations. He says Germany is to blame somewhat for the Greek financial crisis, and instead of fixing the problem, they have just kicked the can down the road. That has left other nations in financial straits and there may be more crisis like the one Greece had coming soon.

While he has criticized Merkel in the past, he has credited her with having foresight on the immigration issue, and believes her policies may well hold the key to solving that problem. He believes the wars in Syria especially, are responsible for the crisis, but he thinks European nations can help and should do so.

Germany has an open door policy toward immigrants, allowing all that wish to, to come to their country. The recent attacks in Paris have turned public opinion away from being as open, but he credited Merkel with not bending to that pressure. Merkel did predict that the immigration issue could destroy the EU, but he also believes she and Germany in general are the ones who can prevent that from happening.

Merkel has stood her ground on keeping Germany open, and now Germany is the greatest power in Europe, he said. The German people have shown they agree as they re-elected her by a sizable margin in the last election. With countries wanting to close their borders, the whole openness of the EU is in question. Once countries start closing borders, and continue to not address economic issues, the EU will crumble, he added.

He believes Merkel’s model can help create the comprehensive plan for all of Europe, which is what he says needs to happen to solve the immigrant crisis and to prevent the collapse of the EU. He said as long as nations act only in their own selfish interest, that will create confusion and panic among immigrants. Of course he would like to see solutions that do not create immigration crisis, but short of that, he believes if the entire EU worked together it could solve many issues.

He would like to see the EU build an agency for immigration and work together as a whole to solve the issues. He also thinks the union should help finance immigration settlement in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, which is where most immigrants fleeing the Syrian war are located. Merkel is in a position to spearhead that effort, he believes.

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What the Aggregate Report means to buyers

The Aggregate, a report by Town Residential Real Estate that is created using governmental releases of real estate sales in the New York City area was released this month and sheds light on the recent movements in real estate prices and demand. More than simply a data rich source, The Aggregate provides real analysis by expert real estate professionals who are intimately knowledgeable about the New York City market and can help decipher the data to provide readers with more profound insight into market conditions.

This release concentrated on fourth quarter trends but also provided more final figures for earlier quarters as well. While the data indicated that prices increased slightly during the fourth quarter from the prior year by about 5%, many believe that the fall soft patch after the hot summer market prices has yet to go through the existing inventory and put real pressure on sellers to lower their price.

Currently, there are a wide variety of homes on the market, as reported by Virtual Strategy Marketing which presents the report here, with prices ranging from over $10 million per unit to lower cost homes of less than $2 million.

This data is slightly distorted, as reported by Town Residential, by several larger new development projects coming onto the market. The report reveals, upon deeper analysis by Town Residential, a segregation in market prices between older units that are actually experiencing some market pressure during the slow fall and winter seasons, and new luxury units released in new development units which continue to command higher prices and continued demand.

It is this deeper analysis which make Town Residential’s report all the more compelling to view and more useful to both real estate professionals and individuals looking to the real estate market alike. In fact, Wendy Maitland, President of Sales of TOWN Residential gave some further insight into the trends and discussed record setting transactions which led to year over year gains in average square foot price despite a wide range of inventory in the market, at any price point, and what this means to potential buyers who may have some added traction in the marketplace.

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Getting a Brand of Dog Food that is Healthier

Dog food comes in all different brands, types and formulas. If you walk down the dog food aisle in any local grocery store, you might become confused as to what is available to you. Choosing a great brand requires you to be wary of the ingredients that are used. This can help you to know that the decision you’re making is a healthy one for your dog. You need to avoid fillers and by-products to ensure that your dog is healthy and is consuming a wholesome diet. Beneful is a brand that many dog owners trust for their own pets. Purina Store Beneful is a great brand that has been in the business of making great dog food for many years. They continue to add products and different formulas to their brand, making it even easier for the average dog owner to find something that is right for them. This is why it might be a good idea for you to make the switch to Beneful to know that you’ve decided on something that is right for you. Once you make the decision to switch to Beneful, it will be easy and quick for you to find a product that is right for your dog. Whether you are choosing a product specific to younger dogs or you want something ideal for seniors, it is a good idea that you look at the different ones available to choose the ideal match for your pet. So many people have found Beneful to be one of the best brands out there because of its affordability and the fact that it is easy to find and has great ingredients. Your dog deserves to eat a wholesome diet and know that they are getting the nutrients that they need. If you feel that it is time to make the change, it is time to look into Beneful and all that it has to offer to your dog. You will be amazed at how many people are currently using Beneful and have made it a staple in their dog’s life. There are a lot of reasons to switch for a healthier and happier pooch.

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What to Know About One of the Leading Sleep Apnia Doctors: Avi Weisfogel

Sleep apnea is a surprisingly common sleeping disorder in which someone does not sleep consistently throughout the night. What happens is that the breathing cycle is characterized by short pauses that are not necessarily regular. In some individuals, their breathing only becomes shallow, it is not paused at any time.

This disorder is manifested in various ways. The most common variation is obstructive sleep apnia. This variation is characterized by the collapsing or blockage of the airway during sleep. When the airways become blocked, it becomes extremely difficult to breath when sleeping. This leads to very poor rest during the night meaning that one feels quite tired and sleepy throughout the day.

Diagnosis of this sleeping disorder is not common. In fact, sleep apnea remains undetected in many individuals over a very long period of time. The reason behind this is that it only occurs during sleep. Therefore, only those individuals who have sleeping partners are likely to realize that they have a sleeping disorder after their sleeping partners bring it to their attention.

There are very many experts in the medical field who can deal with this sleeping condition. Experts in this field actually link being overweight to this disorder. However, research shows that anyone can acquire sleep apnia during their lifetime. Doctors, therefore, advise that anyone who notices a change in their sleep pattern or fatigue during the day should consider the possibility of having the disorder.

In most cases, the specialists who deal with sleeping conditions are dentists. Dentists are the preferable medical practitioners to turn to on this condition because of their specialized knowledge of the mouth and the breathing system. These experts have a myriad of solutions for sleep apnia which range from changes in lifestyle, use of mouthpieces or breathing devices and corrective surgery. Essentially the condition is treatable, a fact that makes seeing a doctor as soon as possible vital.

Avi Weisfogel is one of the leading experts in sleep apnia treatment. Mr. Weisfogel is a dentist practicing at Old Bridge Dental Care. He studied dentistry at New York University College of Dentistry. Mr. Weisfogel has amassed experience in this medical field of over sixteen years. This experience makes him well cut out to tackle any medical condition that comes his way.

Mr. Weisfogel is definitely one of the best sleep apnia doctors you can consult whether you suspect you have the condition, or are certain that you have it. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest finding in the field of dentistry.

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Avi Weisfogel: A Doctor to Trust

Sleep apnea is a serious issue. It is a medical issue that needs to be addressed. For those with sleep apnea, finding the right, trustworthy doctor can be difficult. With few doctors specializing in sleep apnea, it become difficult to find the right doctor to treat you, helping you get rest. While there various sleep apnea doctors available, one of the more well-known sleep apnea doctors around is Avi Wiesfogel.

One of the most prestigious and well-known doctors that treats sleep apnea is Avi Weisfogel. Part of his accomplishments as a sleep apnea doctor is opening up Dental Sleep Master’s Program. This program is devoted to helping dentists better understand their patients sleeping problems, which can lead to identifying who has sleep apnea. According to the Dental Sleep Master’s program, it explains how sleep apnea affects all patients and the kind of treatment that they need. Furthermore, this Master’s program teaches the principle of understanding sleeping medicine in a modern way. It also addresses the ingenuity of Weisfogel as well as his ambition to find new cures in the medical field.

As the leading doctor in the field of sleep apnea, Weisfogel is part of knowing the problems that arise with this medical condition. For example, it can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, which where the weight of the flesh damages and may even block the airways. Weisfogel is here to prevent such catastrophe. His current practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, in East Brunswick, New Jersey, for the last 16 years, is where he has provided dental solutions to those with sleep apnea. Weisfogel is example of a doctor who anyone can trust who has sleep apnea. He’s innovative in providing a solution to a problem that is common in dentistry.

While Weisfogel is an example of one of the leading doctors in the field of sleep apnea, it demonstrates how serious an issue sleep apnea is and how is involved in providing solutions to it. It is widely regarded in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. It is becoming a more discussed issue among dentists in deciding how to treat it.

Follow Avi on Twitter and FaceBook for daily updates on the field of dentistry. Also check outsome of his favorite videos on Vimeo (one posted below).

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