Alex Hern Applies Virtual Reality Solutions To Business

Alex Hern is not only the co-founder of Tsunami VR, he is also the co-chairman and the co-chief executive officer for Tsunami VR. He has a background as the chief executive officer and chairman of Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom) from 1996 to 1998. The virtual reality solutions that Alex Hern and Tsunami VR are able to provide for global businesses can be applied to the construction industry, the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry, the energy industry, the healthcare and life sciences industry and the aerospace and defense industry.

Tsunami VR has already had success in the applications of virtual reality in a business setting. Tsunami VR teamed up with an energy company to run a field trial to test the capabilities of virtual reality. Employees of the energy company used a HoloLens headset and were able to change out a pneumatic drill component. This process would usually take the employees over two hours to complete. With the help of the virtual reality software, they were able to make the change in only fifteen minutes time. Visit to know more.

One of the challenges that virtual reality is facing in society is the implementation in everyday use by the masses. The mobile industry has taken a stab at attempting to incorporate virtual reality into the everyday use of the mobile smart phone. One of the problems with this is the weight distribution. Mobile phones are not designed for virtual reality use and the inconsistencies are extremely noticeable. Another issue is the battery life of the phones. It cannot sustain the energy consumption of the VR hardware and software because it was not designed to do so. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

According to virtual reality experts, the gaming industry needs to implement more virtual reality hardware and software. However, the games need to be original and not remake’s of already existing games.


Sameer Jejurikar, MD, Increasing Safety One Brazilian Butt Lift At A Time

Cosmetic plastic surgery has become more normalized in our society. More and more people are opting for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures as the services have become more abundant. But a rise in popularity does not necessarily correlate with a rise in safety. That’s exactly why Sameer Jejurikar, MD, founded the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force.

If you haven’t put it together, the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force concerns the popular Brazilian butt lift procedure. The procedure sounds simple in practice. It’s simply a matter of taking fat from one area of the body and grafting it on to the backside. But there are major complications at risk. The fat tissue can become tangled up with a blood vessel. This can create blood clots and it can be fatal.

Sameer Jejurikar, MD, travels the world with his task force to educate doctors on the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Knowledge of the procedure can help mitigate any risks to increase patient safety. The group also performs studies to maximize the efficiency of the initial incision for the fat injection. The studies also concern angles of injection and planes of injection to reduce any risks.

The Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force brings these findings to doctors worldwide. They also believe that their training is so comprehensive that doctors are receiving more experience performing the procedure which should increase patient safety. After all, everyone gets better at performance as the performance is practiced.

Sameer Jejurikar, MD, hails from Dallas, Texas. He has been performing the Brazilian butt lift procedure for more than 21 years. And he has watched as the procedure has become more popular at the risk of safety. Markets are expanding, more doctors are entering the field and prices are becoming more competitive which can put the patient in a precarious position.


The Success of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is currently serving at Banyan Hill publishing educating people on the stock investment. Before he began writing for the newsletter, he was in the Wall Street. He is, therefore, experienced in the business. He explains that the reason he wanted to leave Wall Street, was to get a chance to reach out to many people. The latter only considers and favors the needs of the prominent people in the society.

Paul Mampilly also admits that working in Wall Street was a lot of pressure. He says that having transactions and investments worth billions on your shoulder is a lot of weight. Mampilly is quick to add that he is still committed to giving his readers quality investment advice. Paul Mampilly says that winning in the Wall Street makes you a hero, but once you lose, you go back to zero.

When asked whether the people in Wall Street have the advantage to information compared to other outsiders in an interview, he admits that they do. He says that this is why he wants to use the knowledge that he has to help the local investors.

One thing that is paramount to mastering a skill is practicing something consistently. Paul Mampilly explains that he has always been dedicated to reading about stocks and tracking the stocks. By so doing, no new information comes up and passes him without his knowledge. Mampilly feels like college education is irrelevant. Well, not purely irrelevant because he could not have been hired without the papers, but information on Wall Street can only be learned practically. If he had a chance to make a choice, he could skip college and read the stock books by himself.

Many investors encourage positivity and viewing the glass full of water. However, Mampilly has a different view on the issue. He says that he always focuses on what could be wrong with his model. He also tries to see his model from other people’s perspective, and draw the negatives that they could find. This helps to avoid sticking to something, thinking it is a grand plan, and later find out it was full of flaws.

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Architectural Achievements And Awards Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy has an intellect that makes him stun in the architecture. Robert Ivy undertook his undergraduate degree at Sewanee from The University of the South and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in English. Ivy enrolled for a masters’ degree at Tulane University and attained a Master of Architecture degree. Before becoming an architect, Robert served in the United States Navy as an officer.

Before joining the AIA in 2011, Ivy worked as a dean at Dale from 1981-1996 and got awarded the Dean’s Medal. Robert Ivy also worked in multiple roles at Mc Grill-Hill Construction, being the Architectural Record editor-in-chief, vice president, and editorial director. Besides, he was in charge of numerous publications. Under Ivy’s leadership, Architectural Record became the journal that was most disseminated in the world and garnered several awards which include the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Furthermore, the Architectural Record received 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Award, 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and MPA Digital Award for 2008 website of the year. In 2009, Ivy was awarded the Crain Award which is an individual’s highest recognition from the American Business Media.

Read more: Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2010, Robert Ivy was honored by the Alpha Rho Chi national architecture fraternity for being effective in communicating design’s value. Ivy led the construction and design media and launched a Mandarin Version of Architectural Record. Ivy has as well been an advocate for understanding how climate is affected by architecture. At AIA, Robert has grown the AIA’s footprint being at its highest level of membership. American architects are aided by the AIA’s seven global chapters to practice around the world. At AIA, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters honored Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

Even though Ivy’s career focuses on building construction and designing, he believes that architecture can encompass other ideas to endeavor. For example, Ivy committed himself during the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative and used his architectural designs as a means of improving health. Another of Ivy’s creative project promoted the concept of architects being responsible for the events that occur in every individual’s regular daily routine.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Lending more than just money to the people of Brazil

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Making his mark in the Banking Industry

Bradesco is one of Brazils biggest banks. They have over 10,000 branch locations and over 38,000 Express Units. For a country that has over 200 million people, I think it would be safe to say that Bradesco has really taken the lead role in providing financial services for the country of Brazil. But who is responsible for such an accomplished Bank? Who is responsible for running Bradesco and keeping them on an even keel? Read this article at Glamurama.

His name is Luiz Carlos Trabuco:

Born and raised in Suo Paulo Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a Financial taste in his mouth the second he could talk. He wasted no time making a name for himself in the Financial Industry. He decided to go to Sao Paulo University from the Faculty of Science, Philosophy, and Letters. He would then take his education and begin his employment at Bradesco in 1969. He began to climb up the ladder like anyone normally would, but Luiz Carlos Trabuco is just anybody. He worked with Bradesco Seguros from 2003 to 2009 which created an increase in profits for Bradesco at roughly around 30%, which he was solely given responsibility for, given he was president at the time. His second contribution as President would be the creation of a Corporate University, his way of giving back to the institution. Visit to know more about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

People say the creation of the University and his empowerment of his municipalities gave the people a voice and earned him the respect of all his peers. Not only did he earn the respect of just them, he also earned the respect of the Global Financial Industry in 2015 when he was named Entrepreneur of the Year, and rightfully so. His accomplishments are monumental at worst and attract an audience of congruent respectful spectators. His mergers and acquisitions with banks like HSCS bank, Banco Itao and Unibanco have been a free education to those looking on. He has shown the true way to lead in an Industry full of self-proclaimed leaders. He has shown us all that to be a successful leader and businessman it’s all about the fundamentals. Work hard and have a vision, stay dedicated to your vision and success will follow.


David McDonald Attends Swine Day At The Iowa State University

Swine day is an excellent opportunity for swine producers due to the focus on United States pork production by highly regarded speakers. The event was held at the Scheman Building at Iowa State University on June 28th. In excess of 450 people attended conference last year. Due to his important role with the OSI Group, David McDonald was in attendance. Sunterra Farms Dave and Ray Price were featured during the morning session. They talked about how they turned their family’s more traditional farm into a multinational retailer, processor, producer and exporter of pork. Their partnership with Italy’s Simonini family led to the construction of a Canadian plant for Italian dry cured meat.

The OSI Group’s David McDonald talked about the food industries global future. David McDonald has a unique slant regarding the global trend for protein due to his services to the North American Meat Institute on the Board of Directors. David McDonald has additionally made impressive progress in the expansion of the OSI Group. An entertaining, instructive and practical presentation was given by Jeff Ansel. He has taught at both Harvard University and Duke University and shared his tips, techniques and strategies for communication.

There were four concurrent sessions containing sixteen presentations after lunch. The topics included sexed semen updates, negotiating hog prices, cyber security, siting new barns and mitigating pneumonia. After the conclusion of the programs for the day, all the attendees were invited to attend a barbeque in the Center Courtyard at Iowa State. This was organized by AB Vista and TechMix and provided a tasty and relaxing finish for the day.

Smokey D’s of Des Moines provided both the BBQ and catering for the event. There are in excess of 4,000 barbeque teams competing in the United States. Smokey D’s is in sixth place for their BBQ. In 2016, Smokey D’s became the only team to win Kansas City Barbecue Society circuit for all four of the contests for major barbeques. The registration for the conference included the events, refreshments, lunch and the barbeque. Students beating the early deadline were able to register for no cost.

Fortress Investment Group: Americas First Ever Alternative Investment Choice

Fortress has a huge reputation for being America’s first ever alternative investment company. Money is needed to serve innovation to consumers as a business. Fortress is doing the same thing, but in a way where it serves innovation to businesses through the means of funding. Fortress Investment Group was originally founded as a private equity firm that assists in paying equities for various private entities and individuals. Now, its ever-improving methods made it a trendsetter in the world of finance.

From Simple Equities To More Funding Options

Fortress Investment Group has been developing a lot of financial trends ever since it was founded in 1998. It specializes in providing equities in order to improve a lot of businesses, especially those who wish to get back up from failure. Its private equity services earned its deserving growth. That’s why it gained its reputation as the first ever alternative investment choice to ever go public in the whole United States. It’s all thanks to the company’s dedication to providing funding for many businesses so then everyone will improve together in the long run.

The addition of financial powerhouses such as Wes Edens and Peter Briger improved the procedures of Fortress Investment Group. The help of these professionals gained the company features wherein it can handle asset-based investing and not just the private equities. It also held credit funds and capital markets, as well as corporate mergers for better business futures. They also played a huge role where it provided alternative investments during the time where the economy of the country fell down during the early and mid-2000s. These served as milestones that recognized the group’s now-two decades worth of existence and expertise in business financing.

Still Going Strong As Ever

As of today, Fortress Investment Group is a global investment management firm that provides billions of assets. The assets go to approximately over 1,750 investors in various fundings such as capital vehicles, private equity (the classic technique of Fortress), and hedge funding. It now aims for returns wherein its risks can be adjusted easily in order to produce long-term investments that will yield profits for the years to come. It currently has 900 employees in New York – where its HQ is located.

Ted Bauman Writes and Speaks About Investing

Readers visiting Banyan Hill Publishing’s website seek solid opinions. Anyone subscribing to the newsletter published by Ted Bauman wants insight not easily found elsewhere. What motivates these readers? The desire to make money.

A reasonable investor does need a two-fold plan. Building up wealth should be a top priority. The next goal must become preserving amassed wealth. Smart investments deliver both of these outcomes.

Not everyone knows how to achieve these two results. That’s why they may turn to Banyan Hill Publishing. In addition to the content on the company’s primary website, Banyan Hill Publishing produces

Desiring to invest money successfully is not the same thing as possessing a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject. Turning to experts for insights helps with gaining a valuable perspective about what to do. Clients do expect more than generic advice. Generic advice seems to be a bit too prevalent. Even when you turn on the news or read a financial publication, innovative strategies and concepts sometimes seem missing. Read the Q&A session with Ted on

Generic information isn’t necessarily bad, but it won’t exactly change perspective all that dramatically. Quality investment information should bring something new to the table. Otherwise, the advice doesn’t always move the needle regarding enhancing the knowledge base of a would-be investor. To ensure readers feel they receive beneficial information, Banyan Hill Publishing hires expert writers and editors.

Editor Ted Bauman brings many skills to the company. A Master’s Degree from the University of Cape Town represents just one of his top educational achievements. For a time, he served as the Director of International Housing Programs at Habitat for Humanity International. Today, he edits three of the company’s newsletters. Today, he joins other editors and writers to work for Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit to know more.

For those wishing to do more than read what the experts write, the Total Wealth Symposium provides a chance to listen to their words. The 2018 event features Ted Bauman along with Jeff Yastine, Paul Mampilly, and more. Visiting the symposium affords attendees with the chances to hear novel ideas about finance and investing. Attendees of previous symposiums have spoken positively about the events. The talks do deliver good learning experiences. Ted Bauman should prove to be an intriguing speaker. His background allows him to speak on a host of topics.


Shafik Sachedina: Article featuring Work Life And Education

Shafik Sachedina serves Sussex Healthcare as Joint Chairman. He was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1950.

He graduated from “Guy’s Hospital Dentistry School in 1975, it’s located in the University of London, prior to his journey in getting a dental surgeon career and becoming one. He’s from the region of the European Union.

Shafik Sachedina along with fellow chairman Shiraz Boghani have taken with them their qualifications and various skills to Sussex Healthcare. That company has been giving care to older adults and others who requiring specialized assistance. Facilities are operated on England’s south coast.

Shafik Sachedina also serves at the “Institute of Ismaili Studies” in London. While there he has a hope to encourage the research of Muslim culture. This is so people can get a better comprehension of Islam. Also, to help improve relationships with those of other religious beliefs. This is also good because it aids people in the Islami Community have a discussion together and allows people inside the community discuss subjects that are abaonded. Examples, are Shi’ism and esoteric Islam.

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That Institute contains a handful of programs, like “Graduate Programme in Ismaili Studies and Humanities”. That lasts three years. The programs goal is assisting students in receiving a research degree leading down a path to professional possibilities. The last year of the program is committed to studying in a university where students hope to get a master’s degree in relation to the program. There’s also a program lasting two years called “Secondary Teacher Education Programme”. This assists seeking teachers work in educating the secondary curriculum of the Institute to Ismaili students worldwide.

Last year, Shafik Sachedina had the opportunity to collaborate with the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Borgdanov’s Deputy Foreign Minister and presidential representative. This was to give an assignment. They were speaking on the matters of today occurring in the Middle East, regarding topics of Afghanistan and Syria. In discussing terrorism they had hope to develop an answer to create a process of negotiating for the government Syrian Arab Republic and the resistance to answer the crisis of Syria.


Clay Hutson’s Effect on the Entertainment Industry

Clay Hutson is a prolific individual in the music industry. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and later went on to earn degrees from Central Michigan University and Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Afterwards, he would work with countless artists on their live performances across the country. This ultimately proved to be very successful, and soon he spun this passion into his own business. He recently conducted an interview with the website Blogwebpedia to discuss his business approach.


The idea of starting a business came naturally to Clay Hutson, since he already accumulated a wealth of experience during his previous gigs. Unfortunately, he started the business just as the late 2000s recession swept the nation. It made the early years rocky for trying to get his footing. He experienced many hardships and even questioned what he was doing a few times, but Clay Hutson survived the storm. The focus of the company is sound engineering, live production and rigging services. He can also perform logistics and stage management if needed. As the economy took off again, so did his business and he was at last making a profit. A few high profile clients he has worked for include Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Kid Rock.


A typical day in the life Clay Hutson begins bright and early in the morning. He wakes up at 6:30am to get ready for day, and out to the venue before anyone else. Afterwards, he will go over the schedule and make sure everything is in place. His ideas come from his own imagination of how the set should look. Knowing the measurements of the venue and equipment available is vital to ensuring everyone has the best experience possible. The crew also must aware of what is going to happen. The best productivity comes from everyone doing their jobs and acting in unison.


Each and every day is full of excitement for Clay Hutson. He works with some of the best talent in the world to put on a great show for the audience. Clay Hutson is always looking for new ways to innovate how the audience interacts with the performance. The recent combination of lights and video is something is he currently exploring. He believes everyone is talented, and with a little push they can reach their full potential.

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