Susan MacGalla : Tips for Striking Work and Personal Life Balance


In these recent times, where careers have become very important to men and women alike, many workers find it hard to strike a balance between their work and family life. More often than not, one of these suffers. If one is not able to find a balance, it can lead to strained relationships at home or at work, depression and other mental illnesses.


There is no single potent formula for achieving a work and family balance. The nest you can do is to make the decision to try and to keep working at it. Always remember that it will not take a day to achieve this balance, but if you are constantly putting effort, you will get there. Here are some tips from Susan McGalla, to help you achieve work and family life balance.



If you work in a busy office, consider leaving early some days of the week. Use this time to do things that you love. Take your children for a movie or read a book together with your family. Relaxation is very important. It helps you get the energy to juggle between your work and family.


Avoid Meaningless Activities that Drain your Energy

You need a lot of energy to be able to care for your family and still be productive at your job. Therefore, you simply cannot afford to be involved in activities which do not add any meaning to your life.



Exercising should not be taken for granted. You need to always be in great shape, both physically and mentally, in order for you to efficiently handle these two aspects of your life. By sparing sometime for the gym, you will feel more in control, which is just what you need to achieve a balance.



Being a career and family person, at the same time, comes with more tasks. Sometimes these tasks can consume you such that you ignore the other. To avoid these, assess your tasks and identify the ones you love doing. The rest, consider outsourcing.


Be Realistic

Most people think that being perfect in everything is key to success in various areas of their life. This is untrue. No one is truly perfect, and concentrating on this will make you waste a lot of time, not to mention the frustrations. Therefore, set goals and achieve them without being too harsh on yourself. Also, avoid comparing your accomplishments with others.


Don’t be Regretful

Avoid regret. Do the best you can and avoid wishing that you had something better than you did.


Start Your Days Smooth

Instead of waking up early to tackle everything that makes your day and that of your family smooth, consider doing all these preparations at night. With a fresh start of day, you will be able to accomplish more, bot at work and at home.


About Susan McGalla

Susan MacGalla is a renowned businesswoman, entrepreneur, consultant and corporate retail expert. Her career began at Joseph Horne Company. Six years on, she was appointed to American Eagle Outfitters. Today, she is VP of Creative and Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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