Betsy Devos: At The Forefront of America’s Education Reforms

Elizabeth Betsy Devos is a person who has always worked for the betterment of society. As an entrepreneur and philanthrope, Betsy has been involved with numerous projects for the benefit of the community and society in sectors dealing with education, arts, and medical research.

Betsy was recently nominated as the Republican party candidate for the position of Education Minister by President Donald Trump. She and her husband Dick DeVos have extended enormous amounts of support to the party both in the recent elections and in the elections of 2004.

Betsy and her husband founded the DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that aims to support and fund organizations and projects which can help improve the quality of life in the society.

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Through this organization, the couple has donated enormous amounts of money to organizations that the Republican Party supports. One of the organizations that the couple supports if the Education Freedom Fund. As part of this, the couple provides scholarships to students who have shown exemplary talent in various fields but come from underprivileged backgrounds. The couple aids these students so that they can receive a better quality of education from private schools to better develop their skills. Read more on NYpost.

Betsy has always been an advocate for various reforms of the education system in America. She was at the forefront of the ‘school vouchers movement,’ whose purpose was to provide American kids with better educational facilities in public schools much like those found in expensive private schools. She also pushed for all American schools to be graded based on the testing grading system so that parents would get a better idea of which schools are good and which aren’t. She believed that parents having this information would enable them to make better judgments and better aid their child’s growth.

The DeVos Family Foundation also provides numerous scholarships to students graduating with an MBA from Northwood University, Dick DeVos’ alma mater. Along with the constant support of the education system and her recent nomination, Betsy plans to revolutionize the American education system and better equip American children for the future.

Besides education, Betsy DeVos is also a passionate supporter or the arts and has funded numerous organizations that help society progress in the artistic fields. During the tenure of President George Bush, Betsy was on the board of directors for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Currently, DeVos serves as the chairwoman of Winquest, a private investment company. The company is known to invest in projects that help the environment and provide a greener alternative source to fossil fuels and extinguishable energy.

Betsy was also a member of the Republican party committee in 1992 and later was appointed to the position of chairwoman in 1996

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