Chris Burch Joins Fashion & Technology To Create Innovative New Concepts.

The charming arena of fashion garments, as well as imaginative areas of technological production, since the very origin of their trend setting foundations, are two very dissimilar areas of creativity that have transformed through several incarnations. Together these compelling facets of innovation have blossomed side by side over many decades. During the era of the funky 1970’s, a new-fangled tool began to flourish and become all the rage. It was a brand new conception – a mechanical product for distributing music, distinguished by the simple label “boom box.” This funky tool for sharing music instantly engrossed people with it. The tool provided the owner with a method to simply transport and play music. The purchaser now had the ability to spread their music out to a crowd of people or during a leisurely walk within their community. As soon as the 1980’s appeared, the tool began to recurrently appear in theaters and television shows. It was often associated with street-dancers and their trendy clothing styles. The 1990’s provided a new attitude, there was an improvement where the tool was produced small enough to place it on a wearer’s belt, inaudibly experienced from the arrival of headphones. One decade later, the tool was marketed as being even smaller, without any moving pieces, and was concealable within the consumer’s pant pocket. This innovative change in the tool’s size was the outcome of fashion’s influence.


That same pioneering technology is linking with fashion. Many producers of fashion garbs have manufactured items that are intended to defend the wearer and be a well-dressed accessory at the same time. A terrific example of a union of fashion with technological devices is the arrival of a decorative airbag for the consumer’s neck. The stylish airbag is joined with garments for use when riding a dirt bike; should the wearer have an accident, the garment blows up and the neck is kept protected.


Tools that are joined with technology & fashion have become a source of revenue for CEO and innovator for the renowned Burch Creative Capital, by Chris Burch. Burch is a creator of countless tools that join technology and fashion. Burch is accepted as a “power brander.”


He promotes his skill for branding and marketing by investigating a range of technology, joined with attire. He started Eagle’s Eye from $2,000, profiting to a $165 million business.



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