NUoDB – Modern Innovation With Traditional Reliability

How do we leverage the benefits of cloud data without sacrificing the reliability and simplicity that was standard in relational databases? Founded in 2008, NuoDB has excelled in providing a solution to this dilemma for its clients.

NuoDB, a SQL-based transactional database management system, succeeds where other SQL databases have failed. NuoDB supports today’s cloud-based economy with the same transactional reliability that customers have come to expect from traditional relational databases, which NuoDB is built upon.

NuoDB stands out among SQL-based data bases with its unique three-tiered structure, which helps ensure the elasticity and predictability of data in the cloud.

NuoDB offers clients a wide array of products and services relating to cloud technology. Among these are infrastructure architecture, comprehensive lifecycle management, optimization of the development process, and migration infrastructure.

The database’s founder was Jim Starkey, who now serves in the role of strategic advisor to NuoDB. The company is currently led by CEO and President Bob Walmsley, who together with a talented leadership team and staff, are dedicated to database innovations that conform to the ever changing software requirements of companies’ cloud-based applications.

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