Securus Technologies Keeping Inmates and Officers Safe

Inmates are behind these walls of our local prison 24-hours a day. Compare that to the eight hours a day officers work, and you can see quickly how these inmates are able to identify weaknesses in the system and exploit them. When me and my fellow officers are not paying 100% attention to the inmates, things can go from bad to deadly in the blink of an eye.


Now if you start adding into the mix that these inmates can gain access to things like weapons and drugs, now you understand why my team of corrections officers have to be vigilant in our quest to keep everyone safe. These inmates will tell you that many of them can get contraband more easily in a prison than they ever could on the outside. That is one trend we have been working hard to eliminate in our prison.


One of the new ways that we attack the problem head on is by using our inmate call monitoring system that was just installed by Securus Technologies. The system does the work of several officers, allowing us to put our team in multiple places while all calls are being closely monitored for chatter about drugs and weapons. Securus Technologies has this exact system in thousands of prisons, and the objective of the company is to make our world safer.


Once me and my fellow officers were comfortable with the LBS software, we began getting hits almost on the hour of inmates talking about weapons and drugs. Our team listened intently as inmates talked about how they are keeping the drugs in the cell without us knowing, who is helping in the effort by bringing the drugs to the jail, and how weapons are hid in the yard and available for when the call comes down to target another inmate or officer.


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