Technology Jason Hope Compares U.S. and European IOT Technology

Jason Hope is in the business of making predictions. He is a technology guru that works for major companies in Arizona. Hope has been in the business for some time and he is considered one the best technology consultants within the United States. This man is highly educated and knows how the Internet of Things (IOT) can impact the business world.

Hope foresees the Internet of Things as being the leading technology in the future for businesses. At least 28% of all European businesses rely on the IOT to help keep their organizations afloat. Only 18% of all American business organizations have the same attitude.

One of the reasons why European businesses relies heavily on the IOT has to do with analytics. Generally speaking, all businesses need to properly evaluate how effective their organizations are doing. They need to figure out if their production levels are adequately meeting customer demand, they need to ensure that their products are something that people want and they must keep track of how well they are competing within their chosen market. The Internet of Things can provide this data and a lot more.

What is the Internet of Things. The IOT simply describes how consumers and people in general can connect to the internet through the gadgets, electronics and computers that they use every day. U.S. businesses are aware of this technology but they are not so quick to implement it within their organizations. Many do not think it’s that crucial to their organizations.

However, Jason Hope disagrees. He wants U.S. businesses to realize that the Internet of Things is going to connect people to the internet through with just about everything that they buy or use. Jason Hope would not make this prediction if he did not expect it to happen. In the end, Hope wants American businesses to get onboard with this future technology.

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