Avaaz Expands With More Than 45 Million Members Across The Globe

The Avaaz group has been at the heart of the work of many activists who are coming together to pressure governments to make positive changes for the good of the wider world in the 21st-century. Avaaz is a term that has a number of English translations from various mid-European and Middle Eastern languages that mean “voice” or “sing” which has resulted in the development of a series of Online petitions signed by citizens of the world in many different countries; in just over a decade the figures about Avaaz are startling with almost 45 million members and almost 3,000 campaigns taken on by members.

Avaaz has made a major change to the way activism is completed in the 21st-century with the focus placed by the group on choosing the correct campaigns on which to focus the attention of members. The range of activities undertaken by the members of Avaaz include Online petitions and the creation of videos to highlight the issues surrounding a specific global issue; in a bid to have a positive effect on the planet the members of Avaaz have also enacted contact your leader campaigns to bring about personal pressure on politicians and corporate leaders in a positive way.

The success of Avaaz has been brought about with a focus on the negative aspects of the global political situation, but also with a positive outlook on the world when the actions of individuals have been seen as offering a shining light in the darkness of the current climate. One of the most popular campaigns from Avaaz has been the development of Greek fisherman as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize because of the positive work completed to bring a positive end to the European refugee crisis.

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