Betsy DeVos Champion of the Sick

Elisabeth (Betsy) Dee DeVos was born January 8, 1958, in Michigan. She was educated at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics in 1979. Over her career, she has worked with at risk children and has been active in politics since her days working on the Ford Campaign. Her current role is that of Education Secretary for the United States of America Betsy DeVos has lived a rich and rewarding life thus far. She has worn many hats, Wife, Mother, Giver, and Businesswoman. As a Mother and Grandmother, Betsy has always been passionate about seeing children reach their potential and to ensure they are happy and healthy.

As such, Betsy and her husband Dick are chief investors in and board members of Neurocore.Neurocore is a conglomerate of brain performance centers where patients are treated individually for conditions such as depression and Attention Deficit Disorder, with the use of biofeedback therapy, which is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will. With individual brain mapping, a treatment plan is tailor-made for the patient to attack the specific issue. Neurocore recently published a study on the correlation between Combined Neurofeedback and Heart Rate Variability Training for Individuals with Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression.

Furthermore, Betsy has worked tirelessly with her family to build up her Mother in Laws hospital and has donated millions to cancer research and the restoration and upgrading of hospitals in the Michigan area. In addition to supporting her Mother in Laws children’s hospital, she has also made grants to Spectrum Health in order to promote further medical research in the field of children’s oncology with a focus on neuroblastoma which is a form of cancer that can begin in vitro.Betsy DeVos is a selfless woman who has given over a billion dollars to those in need and without question or want of reward. She is a champion of charitable giving and with her maternal instincts, she is sure to guide our children to a better tomorrow as our Secretary of Education. You can also visit her Facebook profile :

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