Honey Birdette is Popular in the US

Honey Birdette is a lingerie boutique store that first came about in 2006 over a glass of champagne and two good friends. Finding provocative lingerie to bring to the bedroom had been a challenge. Why not have luxury bedroom accessories to inject a sense of sensuality the moment one steps into the bedroom? Honey Birdette soon came about and has everything one would need when entering the pleasure parlor.
The brand was originally founded in Brisbane by Eloise Monaghan who is an entrepreneur who started the business. When the US site for the lingerie brand launched it experience a hefty increase of 374% in sales over twelve months. The platform was created to enhance the experience of consumers and for fast delivery to make returns easier. The launch of the site has also helped to extend the range of the product so it’s more easily accessible to US consumers.
The Honey Birdette brand is an ambitious one and is currently targeting retail openings in the US and setting its sights on increasing the store count in the UK. The first store of Honey Birdette opened last year in London’s Covent Garden in Australia and two more opened up in Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate.
The brand did unveil its plan that ten more stores are set to open up in the UK in Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, and Leeds. The target goal is to have up to forty stores opened by the end of next year so consumers have easier access to this high demand brand. In Australia, the Honey Birdette brand has over fifty-five stores opened and has had its eye on premium locations across Europe.
Eloise Monaghan has good business sense and ambitions to continue expanding her brand and its store locations. By the end of next year, Honey Birdette could easily be one of the biggest lingerie brand stores in the country.
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