NuoDB SQL Database Software Company

NuoDB SQL Database is a company with advanced technology that is flexible to the container based environments and also the clouds. It entails of durability and steadiness of databases. NuoDB SQL Database also ensures that there’s even distribution of databases in all database centers, multiple nodes and much more with no complexity nor delays. The primary role of this company is to deliver best databases that could also be used by other software organizations in managing their mobile customers and be able it successfully use the cloud applications.

The company NuoDB SQL Database is the only software company that has more demands and has a consistent database that runs on the computers of multiple data centers. The firm is recently formed, and however, it has attracted global investors including Roger Sippl, Dassault Systemes, and many others. The investors are looking forward to the success and extensive growth of the company. NuoDB SQL Database is moreover a company that also connects the organizations’ volunteers with their donors.

The software company has also partnered with other organizations such as CauseSquare and much more which has resulted in the company to raise more than fifty million in currency. The company is managed by Mr. Barry S Morris who is the company president.

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