The Role Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Understanding Customer Experience

Advent in technology has come with its pack of goodies. With e-commerce becoming global, reconnecting with their clients is a major concern to all businesses. Understanding customer experience tops on the list of priorities for many business leaders. On the verge of looking for better interactions, they keep on changing the way they communicate with their customers.


E-commerce can never be accessible, convenient, and inspirational without emails, chatbots, and social platforms. Lack of face to face interactions limits the brand’s efforts in creating strong customer relationships. Businesses are using technology to understand customer expectations and adjust to the ever-changing behaviors of shoppers. Measures get put in place to ensure a positive experience that earns loyalty to the brand.


Leveraging up to date technology in getting to improve online customer experience is the order of the day for many businesses. Artificial Intelligence ranks high as the most used technology. According to a recent survey, within the next three years, use of artificial intelligence in understanding customer experience by retailers will increase by 45%. Winning customer royalty by 55% of the retailers through optimizing customer experience will get expected. It is a no-brainer; retailers have to up their game by adopting up to date technology to attract and maintain customers.


Twitter customer service interactions have increased by 250% since 2015. It’s a clear indication that people turn to social media about products and services review. Retailers who submit their customers to flip through the yellow pages looking for their contact or submit issues through emails do not only lose their brand’s reputation but also receive a bad customer experience.


The invention of Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) is the latest invention in artificial intelligence. Thanks to this breakthrough, retailers can now automate customer reactions more accurately and effectively. Unlike earlier frustrations from searching a client’s or an item’s info, businesses can now enjoy responding immediately and at a personalized level. As the first to solve this customer problem, The North Face launched a question-and-answer shopping assistance that engaged clients in helping them get the exact thing they want.


With artificial intelligence, you get an audio and visual image of your brand. Businesses get a clear picture of their brand’s image on digital platforms. Amazingly, brands get to see, analyze, and understand the customer experience with their products. AI has succeeded in skyrocketing business development.

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  • Chloe Marcelo

    February 25, 2018

    That is how the world has moved to the climax and that is nothing that can be compared to this as of this very moment. Getting acquainted with and all technology used is a plus to this very intent and will go a long way for all of us to trully be satisfied with the present innovations.


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