Cassio Audi Transformed the Music Scene

The name Cassio Audi has to be regarded at the very foundation of Brazilian heavy metal music. Audi’s musical talents inspired not just Brazil, but countless countries worldwide. Before Cassio Audi helped to consolidate Brazilian heavy metal music around the world, he spent his early years helping to consolidate Viper; one of the most prolific heavy metal bands to come out of Brazil.

Cassio Audi knew that he would need help to share his musical vision with the world. Audi joined talented forces with Yves Passarell, Andre Matos, Felipe Machad, and Pit Passarell. Together,the five men brought together their individual talents and sent their band, Viper, skyrocketing into the global scene. Read this article at

In the 1970s and 80s, Viper wasted no time sharing their vision with the world. Both of their early demos were able to reach heavy metal fans in Great Britain, where heavy metal music was gaining more and more traction by the day. Audi and his bandmates would use this success to culminate their first studio album. Viper’s debut album, ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ mirrored the success that Audi had fantasized about in his teenage years.


Together, the band never formally produced another full length studio album. Even without a sophomore album, Audi and Viper were able to cement themselves in the heavy metal hall of fame. Even today, the band touches every continent and is able to identify with every language of their listeners. Their album and demos, made in the mid-1980s, are still relevant to young and old alike.

Even without their global presence, Cassio Audi and the band had shown a spotlight on Brazil and was able to put the country on the heavy metal music map. It’s safe to say, that without Audi’s early years in the band Viper, Brazilian music, and world music alike, wouldn’t be what it is today. Watch this video on Youtube.

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