James Dondero Is Bettering Society through Highland Capital Management

If there is a man who has put a lot of effort to work for charity initiatives, it is James Dondero. Dondero is always partnering with an organization or an individual to come up with constructive ideas about helping people. Just the other day, he initiated a partnership with Dallas Foundation, with the aim of assisting the less privileged in Texas.

Profile of contribution to society

According to him Highland Capital Management has been into charity for decades. He stated that he is looking forward to taking more, positive moves towards scaling up on the charitable initiatives. That being the main objective, he is out to identify and establish strong platforms for giving back to the community. The idea is to structure a positive strategy that will enable the two parties to help society. James Dondero issued statement regarding the charity activity. He said that the annual budget will cover charity by over $ 3 million.

Profile of Charity

Mary Jalonick of Dallas Foundation said that her organization is willing to collaborate with James Dondero in matters of helping the less fortunate in the society. Being the president of the organization, Mary continued to state that her term in the firm will see to it that she achieves more, positive, miles as president. She is willing to elevate the people of Dallas by participating in charity. Highland Capital Management, under the help of James Dondero, selected Dallas Foundation because since time immemorial, the organization has proven to be supportive of charity. This to him was a positive indication of the possibility of growth in future.


James Dondero has been a huge contributor of charity. Through Highland Capital Management, he has raised millions towards charity. In different scenarios, he has come together with organizations that want to elevate the less fortunate. Dondero is the leader of Highland Capital Management. He makes critical decisions based on the performance of the firm. His role is to make sure that the financial institution works for the betterment of clients. Dondero has been keen on making sure that clients receive good service in the firm.

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