Jorge Moll Looks To Change The Way Brazilians Attend Hospitals

The launch of the Copa Star hospital in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is expected to be the first step taken by Jorge Moll in playing a role in how the Brazilian medical industry is evolving as the 21st-century moves forward. Jorge Moll and his team at the Rede D’Or medical group are hoping to extend the five-star accommodation and top-class facilities offered at Copa Star to patients across Brazil with the spread of this innovative and luxurious form of medical institution. As a leading businessperson and cardiologist, Jorge Moll has been one of the leading innovators within the Brazilian medical industry and has attracted many of the top researchers and medical professionals in North America to bring their skills and experience to Brazil. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Not only does Jorge Moll’s medical group look to care for the bodies of the Brazilian population the company has spent a large amount of time looking to build a stronger and healthier community. A study completed under the guidance of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education has become the first of its kind to link the use of volunteer programs to the good mental and bodily health of the population of Brazil; the research conducted discovered only 28 percent of those studied took part in regular volunteer opportunities which are plentiful as the Holiday season approaches. Follow Jorge on

Jorge Moll’s D’Or group is not limiting itself to completing research designed to aid community links between the medical group and the community but is also looking to bring about a concerted change in the way the process of visiting a medical professional is completed. Technology is set to play an even greater part in the process of visiting any medical professional in the coming years and has prompted an investment in new technologies including Google Glass; Jorge Moll and his team hope the use of these innovative glasses will provide a more personal experience focused exclusively on the patient for the institutions of the group.


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