The Making Of A True Sportsman

Brazil is fortunate to have one of the most estimable race-car drivers, Rodrigo Terpins. He has won most of the prestigious and coveted racing competitions in Brazil. Rodrigo has taken part in Sertões Rally competitions severally, the most notable being the 22nd one. His performance has been progressive and impressive throughout his career. Being born in a family where sports is highly treasured, Rodrigo Terpins has enjoyed unlimited support from his brother and father.

His brother, Rodrigo Terpins, is equally a successful rally driver in his capacity. They have formed several partnerships in car racing against other competitors. As a result, the MEM motorsport Organization developed the T-Rex for Rodrigo Terpins. The T1 category is normally a preference for Rodrigo Terpins. He has followed his passion to the point that it has made him successful. For more details visit LinkedIn.

It is worth noting that his father has been instrumental in his career as a rally driver. Even though they had different passions in sports, his father, Jack Terpins, also grew as a successful basketball player in his sporting days. The determination of his father to succeed in games has been reciprocated in Rodrigo’s ambitions as a rally driver. Rodrigo’s unwavering faith in doing better is taking him higher each step of the way, and as a result, he was ranked eighth in the 22nd Sertões Rally in Brazil. The competition had 32 experienced racers who cruised seven stages, through two states, and covered a total distance of 2600 kilometers.

The 22nd Sertões Rally was a massive success for Rodrigo Terpins since it was one of the toughest competitions. As a result of the success, he proved that he has the mental strength and physical agility to compete with the best at any level. His passion goes beyond personal recognition and success. One of his goals in his sporting career is to uplift other upcoming racers. His determination has seen him work with the Tea Bull Sertoes team, which is regarded as one of the best groups in the rally sports. Furthermore, he has a huge fan base that has made him one of the most loved rally sportsmen in Brazil.

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