Jeffry Schneider, a great leader and wellness programs enthusiast

When done well, wellness programs have a myriad of benefits to our lives. They can help prevent chronic diseases that keep employees out of their workplaces. In the recent past, most companies have started incorporating wellness programs for their employees to ensure their well-being, improve their engagement at work, and to ensure employee retention.

Jeffry Schneider is one of the employers who understand the importance of corporate wellness programs. Jeffrey spends much of his spare time in fitness programs. His passion for keeping fit has created opportunities for him to participate in several marathons, as well as Ironman triathlons, and Half Ironman triathlons which are organized and sponsored by the Global Triathlon Corporation.

Jeffry has been enthusiastic about sports since his childhood days. He has upheld his passion until his adulthood. Jeffry Schneider is also a firm believer in healthy eating and has gone ahead to provide a nutritious diet for his employees. Wellness help people improve their mental health, thus improving their performance at work.

Benefits of a wellness program

Some workplaces are very monotonous, and a wellness program can help in improving the employees’ morale and make them more industrious and creative. Studies show that employees who have a wellness program fail to go to work 2.11 days annually while those without are absent for 3.06 days. This is a clear indicator of the importance of regular exercises.

Enhances teamwork

Most corporate wellness programs have group activities. The employees work together in the exercises teams and this will not only enhance teamwork but also nurture a great community.

Impacts good behaviors

A well-organized wellness program can change bad habits in people and impact good behavior. The most effective wellness program that can change a person’s behavior is one that has behavior change models.

Weight loss

You can only attain a healthy weight if you live a healthy life. This means that you have to exercise, eat healthy food, and maintain your mental health. This way, you can shed off the extra weight and attain the weight you have always admired. The administrators of a corporate wellness program can include weight loss competitions to help their employees gain their desired weight.

Improved creativity and productivity

Healthy eating and regular exercises nourish people and make them feel relaxed and focused. On the other hand, people who do not exercise regularly and eat junk are prone to sleep at work and feel burnt out at the workplace.

Satisfaction in workplaces

Employees who take part in wellness programs are more satisfied with their jobs unlike those who do not have wellness programs. Wellness programs make people healthy. Healthy people will be satisfied with their jobs as they won’t be straining to produce good results.

Reduce stress levels

Wellness programs and a healthy diet play a major role in reducing stress levels. Individuals who have demanding jobs are likely to be stressed, and this reduces their ability to perform their tasks. Stressed people are likely to have mental and cardiovascular issues which reduce their productivity and keep them out of their workplaces. Wellness programs have activities that encourage social engagement and mindfulness that help individuals relieve stress and feel nourished.

Wellness programs are the best employee benefits. Other employee benefits such as insurance and pension aim to help the company recruit and maintain top-notch employees. However, wellness programs are geared to improve the overall health of the employee and boost employee morale.

Jeffry Schneider has an inspiring story of his success in the financial sector. While working in this industry, he has gained numerous and valuable skills. Despite the fact that he completes his tasks with ease, Jeffry is known to perform beyond everyone’s expectations. He has proved himself to be a diligent leader in his area of specialization. In addition to his commitment to work and healthy living, Jeffry also believes in giving back to the community. His philanthropic work are evident in charitable organizations such as Gazelle Foundation.



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