Barbara Stokes Helps Provide Relief to Disaster Stricken Families Through Green Structure Homes

Regardless of how financially prepared you are, you can never be ready for any disaster. One of the far-stretching effects of natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, storms, and tornados is that they leave your property destroyed and damage. While your insurance cover will help you get the finances you require to get back to your feet, you need a disaster manager and company that will shoulder your burden and help you construct a durable and sustainable home, and that is Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes LLC.

Barbara Stokes is a seasoned leader in disaster relief and currently the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama (GSH). GSH is a disaster relief construction contracting company that specializes in designing, building, delivering, and construction of modular and on-site commercial and residential properties in the wake of any disaster. Green Structure Homes LLC is one of the most sorted after companies across North America. One of the reasons this is so is because this company offers excellent independent engineering and in-house project management personnel with more than 30 years experience in planning, development, inspection, and installation of both residential and commercial properties. Read more at Business Insider.

Mrs. Barbara Stokes founded Green Structure Homes with her husband in 2008. The purpose of GHS was to offer comprehensive disaster relief services to government, its agencies, and private investors. So far, the progress made by GHS is quite commendable since the company has been able to support FEMA’s mission by positively impacting on the lives of disaster-stricken families through proper houses. Two components that have helped GHS achieve its goals include solid leadership and quality equipment. Barbara Stokes who serves as the CEO of the company is quite experienced when it comes to matters disaster management. Her policies decisions coupled with the help of other highly experienced personnel under her has helped forge a proper way for the company. Secondly, GHS arguably commands some of the best equipment there is in the industry. Their high-end proprietary equipment have helped smoothen the engineering, manufacturing, and design processes thus improving their quality delivery. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

In addition to disaster relief, GHS is a big contributor to the economy in terms of job creation. Recently after being awarded a $28.5M FEMA contract, the company has opened up job opportunities in eight communities including Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Through the above commitments, it is true to say that Barbara Stokes, through GHS is committed to the well-being of her community.



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  • Penelope Cristiano

    March 11, 2018

    It is leaders like Barbara Stoke that reshapes society for good as they are not only concerned with their own self alone but cares about others. Despite the fact that cv writing company has been very outstanding with their materials, I think that it is high time people start putting in individual contributions to aid those that has been hit with various disasters.


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