How Avaaz Helps Amplify the Voices of Its Members

Avaaz is a progressive organization which has the grand mission of making the world we live in closer to the one we want to live in. Millions of members from around the globe are able to organize on issues whether they are local, national, or global in nature. Among the issues that Avaaz has brought to light and fought against are climate change, poverty, and conflict. They support the rights of all living things whether they are humans or animals.

By allowing a way for individuals to collectively take action on a subject, Avaaz is able to amplify their efforts. There are a lot of different types of calls to action on their website. Some campaigns are built around signing a petition. Others want members to contact and lobby their government representatives through ways such as emailing or calling their office. Sometimes the Avaaz members create a protest involving members meeting up at a location, such as out front of a city hall.

Avaaz was established in New York City in January 2007. It has been called the world’s most powerful online activist network by some news sources, such as the Guardian. Two different nonprofits were involved in its founding, and Res Publica. It was founded because the vast majority of nonprofits are dedicated to a single topic. Avaaz can bring together like-minded individuals to address a wide variety of issues affecting people.

While accepting money from corporations and foundations in the first few years of its existence, Avaaz will now only accept money from smaller donors. The limit anyone can give this nonprofit is $5,000. The individual members of the organization are what support it rather than some other entity that would want to use it for their own causes.


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