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Eswaran writes that we are all two minutes away from the abyss of death. Nobody lives their life with respect to this understanding since we assume we have all the time the world. Warrior tribes from around the world shout one cry “Today is a good day to die,” which means do not take life for granted. It could end at any moment. Vijay Eswaran quotes Nikolai Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Each human being is a product of various forces that made us such as our parents, our upbringing, our culture, our friends, and what is within our nature.

Positive and negative are of little significance, since the time we have is actually very little. A sense of urgency helps us live with decisions geared towards getting to a specific situation daily. Change is also necessary in life, constant change along with decision-making since change is about growth. Stages of learning involve discernment, analysis, total focus and detachment. The ego must be repressed at every turn when it manifests as aggression or passivity. Fear either paralyzes you or helps you move forward.

Fear can be excitement in disguise and it can energize you, to propel you forward to get something done. Taking a leap into something can make you vulnerable but you must lean into your fear to survive. Change begins from within. Fear of change plagues every human on earth. Breaking free of a bad habit is a change that comes from the inside but change is not easy. Change however, can propel you towards those who are facing change as well. Change can be like waves in the ocean, crashing against a rock, making the rock change shape because change is not easy. Age makes you inevitably wiser. Leadership is about service, not giving orders. Real leaders take care of the people who work for them. They serve with clarity of vision, engaging their team, with core values such as honesty, truth, compassion and acceptance along with a commitment to growth, and a will to sacrifice.

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  • Ayleen Gordon

    April 18, 2018

    His words are very inspirational and I find the excerpt very motivating. Life is really very complex and most of us worry a lot and at the end loss everything. Maybe customessay can assist us with useful materials that will help stir us up to leave life to the fullest. Just as he has said, life can be taken away with ease but what counts is what you have done with the time that you had.


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