Matt Badiali: Support America’s Energy Independence And Get Freedom Checks

Investment advisor and geologist Matt Badiali is recommending people invest in America’s energy independence and get freedom checks for doing it. As the United States works to end its dependence on oil from the Middle East and meet its energy needs with oil, gas and other forms of energy made in America, over 568 Master Limited Partnerships are hard at work transforming natural resources from locations that include the Permian Basin, the Bakken Shale along with the Marcellus Shale. When people invest in Master Limited Partnerships they can get freedom checks for as much as 39,832% of their investment monthly or quarterly. Read more about Freedom Checks at


Master Limited Partnerships are required by law to give 90% of their profits to their investors. Those payments are what Matt Badiali calls freedom checks. Those payments will be more than $34 billion of the course of the next year. Badiali thinks it would be wise for as many American investors as possible to plunk down their money and watch the freedom checks roll in. Matt Badiali shares this type of sage investment advice through his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter Banyan Hill publishes monthly. And he has a stellar track record. The companies he recommends regularly deliver gains of two digits and more.

For over 20 years Matt Badiali’s focus has been on rocks and soil. At Penn State University he majored in earth sciences. Next, he graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a master’s degree in geology. Badiali’s love for field research made him a star when his friend asked him to use his scientific training to assist with investment advice. Matt Badiali focused on advising investors about natural resources. He visits oil fields, mines, plants and farms in Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the Mexican desert and the Yukon and gets mud on his boots and dirt under his nails studying the operations.


Matt Badiali only tells his readers about the winners. That’s what happened with the freedom checks. Badiali is aware of America’s vast natural resources being developed at locations all across the country. He also knows about the fracking boom. He understands investing in the Master Limited Partnerships is a win-win proposition. It supports America’s goal of energy independence and offers investors the opportunity to get large freedom checks on a monthly or quarterly basis. Plus, the money is tax-free. Technically, those freedom checks aren’t dividends. The are repayments to investors. Read this article at Money Morning.

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