Nick Vertucci Teaches His Expertise in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has successfully overcome serious adversity in his life and he’s found a tremendous level of success in real estate. Despite severe personal setbacks, he’s maintained a forward-looking attitude that has been a large part of his modus operandi and led to his notable achievements. His drive and ambition for success have culminated in the establishment of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which teaches others how to make money in the lucrative field of real estate.

During his formative years, his life was shattered with the loss of his father at the age of ten. This radically restructured their household as their mother became the primary breadwinner and often had to work late. At one point, Nick Vertucci found himself living in his vehicle and he considers this time a severe low point. Later on, he would suffer the loss of a successful online business that was caught in the economic tsunami known as the dot-com bust.

Destiny wasn’t done with Nick Vertucci as the catalyst for his career was just around the corner in the form of a friend who invited him to a real estate seminar. He remembers a sense of reluctance to part with his weekend but ventured forth anyhow and it changed his life. He was powerfully bitten by the real estate bug and turned all his energies into this endeavor.

The next decade saw him work diligently to learn successful principles for structuring and accomplishing real estate deals that did more than pay the bills. Eventually, he codified all that he learned into a lucrative system that saw him achieve success beyond his dreams. He didn’t stop there as he found a way to pay it forward by teaching others how to radically transform their financial lives with success in real estate.

The founding of his real estate academy was in 2013 and it regularly appears in major U.S. cities such as Houston, Denver, and Charlotte. It is inspiring and offers a wealth of education that can save participants years of painful trial and error in finding success in real estate. They say that no one brought the songs like Brian Wilson, well no one teaches real estate like Nick Vertucci.

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