Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology is the Future of Prison Security

Most people think that it is only the high walls and the locked doors that keep prisons safe. But, other than the physical barriers, prisons also need something extra to ensure that it is totally secured. There is a growing need for technology to stop inmates from smuggling items inside the prison and then to use them to their advantage or to hurt other people.


Communications technology is a boon to humanity. It helps people to communicate with people from different part of the world within seconds. But, communication technology is also used by the inmates for many illegal activities. It has been found that many criminals were able to run their entire operations while sitting in a secured prison using contraband phones. There is a growing need to stop these contraband phones from getting inside the prisons. With the rise in the number of illegal items getting caught in the hands of the inmates, prison officials are looking for better ways to stop these from getting inside the first place. Criminals are using drones to smuggle in the contraband. The detection of these drones is quite difficult as it needs more than high walls to stop them from invading the prisons.


Securus Technologies has come up with drone detection technology that would allow prisons to create a shield around its perimeters. Previously huge nets were used to cover the outside spaces in prisons that easily got damaged and often trapped birds. They also needed huge maintenance. But, drone detection technology is very convenient and easy to install. In case a drone tries to enter the prison, a message is sent to the authorities along with the location of the drone so that it can be caught. Drone detection technology will highly benefit the prison officers as well as the inmates from falling prey to crimes they do not want to be involved in.



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