The Power Of Personal Philosophies According To Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and executive chairman of QI group of companies, a multi-business conglomerate that has a wide array of interests. After his graduation from London School of Economics, he stumbled across various jobs until he found himself as a part-time multilevel marketing employee. As an educated economist, he was approached by Cosway Group that wanted to start its Philippine business. This fuelled his interest in Multilevel marketing (MLM).

QI group was established in 1998 after a series of debates between the founding partners. Its main aim was to introduce a company that would aggregate direct selling model with the emerging internet trade platform. It is involved in direct selling, education, hospitality, financial servicing, and retail.

Vijay’s philosophies

Like any other venture, his business came with various uneven waves of entrepreneurship. Vijay Eswaran faced challenges, but in retrospect, he acknowledges them to his achievement, stating that he has achieved success by embracing them. A day without a trial is a clear indication that he is not moving ahead. Additionally, Vijay believes that change brings more changes and begins from the inside.

Fear brings success!

While it would be common for many to associate fear with failure, Vijay states that it results in success. His simple explanation is the survival instincts that only kicks in during times of great fear. He concludes by saying that a little push out of the comfort zone widens the path to success.

Vijay as a leader

Being a chairman comes with Vijay’s great leadership skills. His philosophies guide him into remaining a servant leader. Since his early years, Mr.Eswaran has grown under the influence of books on servant leaders like Nelson Mandera, Mahatma Gandhi, and others. Till date, he believes that any leader should work selflessly, placing his subject’s needs before his. At work, Vijay continually reminds his staff that though they currently stand as a famously known company, they should always remember their humble background.

Motivational speaking and writing

Vijay is an ardent writer of daily living philosophies. His books revolve around personal development, leadership and constant encouragement on moving forward. In the sphere of silence was Mr. Eswaran’s first book, published in 2005. He has released a couple more since then.

It’s this broad knowledge that attracts an audience to his lengthy speeches on motivational themes.

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