Lime Crime’s Revamped Venus Eyeshadow Palette

Lime Crime is one of the leaders in modern-day cosmetics. The company was first launched as a clothing line in 2004, but it was soon expanded into a premier cosmetics line. Founder Doe Deere has used her personal sense of style to turn this company into a huge success, and its eyeshadows are some of its best-sellers. Fast-forward to 2018 and Lime Crime has just introduced a fresh, new version of the legendary Venus palette. This new version is taking over the game in many ways. The colors are striking whether you wear them in layers, or if you wear them as a standalone product.

The Venus eyeshadow palette of 2018 is amazing thanks to its wide array of attributes. Lime Crime has done what it has always done. The company has been tempting the public with small glimpses for about a week. Of course, these small glimpses has stirred-up the community. The comment sections of Lime Crime’s blogs have been literally on fire and are teaming with activity like busy worker-bees. Word-of-mouth is one heck of a job when you have millions of fans. By the initial looks of it, Venus 3 appears to becoming a cult-favorite. The company has went with an estimated eight game-changing shades, including Rebirth (ripe nectarine), Aura (golden ivory), Muse (deep-burgundy red), Creation (rustic brown) and many others.

“When grunge-meets-renaissance.” This is the actual theme of the show as Venus 3 is truly inspired by the look and is truly inspired by the feel of the early 1990s. This period in time was very popular for the grunge-scene and people loved every bit of its rustic appearance. The consumer will be the artist and the consumer’s face will be the canvas. When you put two-and-two together, the new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette is destined to epitomize what a contemporary eyeshadow should be.

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