David McDonald: OSI Global’s New Iberian Plant

As the CEO and President of OSI Group, LLC, a leading meat producer around the world that is ranked number 58 on the Forbes list of wealthiest private companies, David McDonald has been in the meat industry for over 30 years after he achieved his animal science degree from Iowa State University. His breadth of experience covers many companies over the years, and he even once served as the chairman of the NAMI, the North American Meat Institute. David McDonald has been so successful in the meat industry that his company OSI has become the champion of meat related awards all across the world. Some of these included the international safety award of UK in 2017, UK’s “Sword of Honour” and “Globe of Honour” awards spanning multiple years, in addition to numerous other awards throughout Germany, India, and Austria.

In the Iberian Peninsula specifically there is a growing demand for even more meat products, as supplies are always in short supply at David McDonald’s OSI Global. This demand has been so great in fact that the company is opening a new facility in Toledo, Spain, which will afford its Iberian operations to double their capacity from 12,000 tons of meat produced per annum into well over 20,000 tons per annum. The facility will be 20,000 square feet in size and will cost 17 million euros to complete. This facility will not only include upgrades to the rate of production and meat storage, but will also include a new production area, shipping areas, a social area for workers, cold rooms for storing meat, and a testing area for trying out new recipes. There are now 160 workers at the Toldeo plant in aggregate, as 20 have been newly added to meet faculty needs. David McDonald has requested higher-quality sprinkler and fire retardation systems in the event of a plant fire. In addition to the sprinkler system, David McDonald has been focusing on the quality of building security as well by adding a gated perimeter and cameras all throughout the premises, while still making the plant up to 20% more efficient in energy usage than before.

The OSI World Headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois, and was founded in 1909. Today, the organization serves a whole host a meat products which include beef patties, bacon, breakfast patties, hot dogs, smoked meats, pizza related meats, and other assortments of breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees.

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