MB2 Dental Founder: Dr. Chris Villanueva Talks

This is a dental firm that was established by Dr. Villanueva after he completed the college education. He is still an active practitioner and in his vision, he would like to promote what is best that can be received from a sole-practitioner or even from a corporate dentistry in the industry. He has been able to spend time on both sides, where he was the provider-business equation, it is when he started his organization having direct knowledge which helped him furnish the vital support where he didn’t compromise the integrity of his profession.

It was in an interview when Dr. Villanueva talked about his organization MB2 Dental. He talked about he kept bringing new ideas to life. The doctor said that he surrounds himself with really smart people from work and personal life, and they have been helping him breathe life with some great ideas. In the MB2 Dental, there is a huge amount of collaboration which has been bringing something that is being thought of to fruiting. He starts by collaboration and because he is a firm believer that when they are together they are better than when alone. His ideas have been coming from the places out of the box like having lunch at 2 am or even enjoying playing games with his children. The trend thing that has been exciting Dr. Villanueva is the role that technology has been playing and the most important thing is the role that it will come to play in future. His hobby is about technology and it is something that has become fascinating to him when he sees new things that keep coming each and every year and it is something that has been enhancing the patient’s experience.

In his life, Dr. Villanueva has been having the habit of being serious and it has made him become very productive as an entrepreneur. The reason behind it is that he doesn’t get stuck with an ego of ideas or decisions. It is something that he gains trust through humor. This is where he is able to laugh at himself and it has become something that has served him well. The other reason is that Dr. Villanueva is a firm believer where everyone deserves to have fun or something with a unique culture at the office and a place that people are honest with each other. Work has to be done and he keeps lightening his mood around the office and also promotes the environment.

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