The Success of David McDonald

June is an important time of year for those involved with the meat industry. Iowa State University will be hosting national Swine Day on June 28th. This educational event serves as a great opportunity for swine producers to hear from speakers about issues facing pork producers in the United States. Featured speakers at the conference will include Ray and Dave Price from Canada’s Sunterra Farms. Another speaker will be David McDonald of OSI Group. McDonald, who also serves on board of directors for the North American Meat Institute, will be discussing the global future of the food industry.

The Swine Day will include several other presenters. Jeff Ansell, president of Jeff Ansell and Associates, will be speaking at this event. He has spoken at many prestigious places include Duke and Harvard. Ansell will practical information that will help those attending. OSI Group releases sustainability report. Outside of Ansell, there will be more than sixteen other presentations over four different sessions. Registration for the conference, including lunch is $50.

David McDonald is a successful worldwide businessman. The President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI, David McDonald has been working in the food industry for years. McDonald has served in serval positions including Chairman of North American Meat Institute and an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods.

David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. His work with OSI Group got going after he finished his education. McDonald has made some tremendous things happen as the COO of OSI Group. Over the years OSI has acquired some major companies included Baho Foods and local food manufacturer Tyson Foods. OSI prides itself on creating opportunities for their members and retaining them. Clearly OSI has been successful as today they have more than 20,000 team members.

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