David McDonald As Lead Managerial Chef Of OSI Group, International: It’s Not Just Meat

David McDonald worked his way up through the ranks from the start of his professional career and now functions as the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, a top international food distributor based out of Chicago, Illinois. He grew up admiring and helping with his family’s farm in Illinois and chose his undergraduate studies major, animal science, because of it. He earned his B.S. degree from Iowa State University in Ames. Starting with the Company right out of college, OSI Group releases sustainability report . he has worked with OSI Group for over 31 successful years.

By working up the ladder David McDonald is thoroughly aware of all aspects of the Company business. Today he acquires other national and international food processors and distributors, develops partnerships with their local and regional food consumers, developers and distributors on a global scale. He oversees the most optimal logistical arrangements for all of its plants. OSI Group holds major operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

David McDonald attributes the success of OSI Group to communication and exuberant willingness to embrace the challenges of change. His executive team and their immediate subordinates maintain regular contact with the leaders of the communities and establishments they serve. They keep abreast of the pulse of their regional divisions and the people’s food habits, trends and needs there. Then, accordingly, the executive teams of OSI Group make decisions that ensure the timely and comprehensive provision of those needs as conveyed.

It gives David McDonald great joy to know that particular restaurants and stores will meet or exceed their sales objectives because they trusted in OSI Group and they delivered. He explains thzt this is in keeping with OSI Group’s initial and enduring mission ‘to be the premier global food provider for all leading brands.’ Their flexibility as a private entity permits implementation of creative solutions. They do not have to resolve matters in some cookie cutter fashion but can tailor deliver in accordance with the concerns of each of their customers. He further expounds upon the continued growth in success in markets throughout the world as due to their strict adherence to implementing decisions made at the regional level. This is different than assuming positions from above and then trying to make them fit onsite. Not far from a similar level of importance is OSI Group’s dedication to the development of new chef products. Providing wholesome quality foods to his local, regional and global families is how David McDonald’s vision in food services began and how he continues to excel in that vein.

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