Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Lending more than just money to the people of Brazil

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Making his mark in the Banking Industry

Bradesco is one of Brazils biggest banks. They have over 10,000 branch locations and over 38,000 Express Units. For a country that has over 200 million people, I think it would be safe to say that Bradesco has really taken the lead role in providing financial services for the country of Brazil. But who is responsible for such an accomplished Bank? Who is responsible for running Bradesco and keeping them on an even keel? Read this article at Glamurama.

His name is Luiz Carlos Trabuco:

Born and raised in Suo Paulo Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a Financial taste in his mouth the second he could talk. He wasted no time making a name for himself in the Financial Industry. He decided to go to Sao Paulo University from the Faculty of Science, Philosophy, and Letters. He would then take his education and begin his employment at Bradesco in 1969. He began to climb up the ladder like anyone normally would, but Luiz Carlos Trabuco is just anybody. He worked with Bradesco Seguros from 2003 to 2009 which created an increase in profits for Bradesco at roughly around 30%, which he was solely given responsibility for, given he was president at the time. His second contribution as President would be the creation of a Corporate University, his way of giving back to the institution. Visit to know more about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

People say the creation of the University and his empowerment of his municipalities gave the people a voice and earned him the respect of all his peers. Not only did he earn the respect of just them, he also earned the respect of the Global Financial Industry in 2015 when he was named Entrepreneur of the Year, and rightfully so. His accomplishments are monumental at worst and attract an audience of congruent respectful spectators. His mergers and acquisitions with banks like HSCS bank, Banco Itao and Unibanco have been a free education to those looking on. He has shown the true way to lead in an Industry full of self-proclaimed leaders. He has shown us all that to be a successful leader and businessman it’s all about the fundamentals. Work hard and have a vision, stay dedicated to your vision and success will follow.


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