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Fitting Bob Honey into a Cultural World

The debut novel of Sean Penn, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” has been called “trippy” as well as making the reader marvel at the innuendos of disbelief and insanely driven activity in the book. On the other hand, there is the response of Sean Penn who repeatedly denies any semblance between characters in the book and to be found in real life. There has also been pointed out to Sean Penn the seemingly coincidental actions of Bob Honey and notable political figures in our century, but Sean Penn again completely denies this at all and suggest to his readers they would do better by accepting the fictional characters as they are in the book and stop trying to make them mean something more than they are. However, Sean Penn does admit to the fact that he did seek to reflect thru his creative imagination something that could happen in our world.

Various Thoughts on Inspiration

Perhaps Penn’s book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” Perhaps Bob Honey is possibly a contemporary in a fictional world that couldn’ be replicated in a real-world situation but on the other hand, how much of the character is created solely on the page without reference to an outside world? On several occasions, during the podcast interviews with Arc Mason, Episode 901 and when speaking to Jason Diamond for a Rolling Stone’ interview, in both cases Sean Penn said he was inspired to write the novel because of political movements he became aware. Essentially, says Penn, to Jason Diamond in a Rolling Stone interview, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is about morality and America culture.


Sean Penn

Is known for his Academy Award-winning roles in Mysic River(2003) and Milk (2008). Penn is known for his acting and directing roles. “Bob Honey WHo Just Do Stuff” is his first novel and has plans for other novels in the future. His first appearance on TV came on Episode 112 of Little House on the Prairie,(Dec,74) which was directed by his Father, Leo Penn. Sean Penn later went on to direct his own feature films. Indian River (1991) and Crossing Guard (1995) were both written and directed by Penn. When asked what the difference between writing and acting Penn Said in acting you end up depending upon many other actors, directors, and props, whereas in writing novels you can only get what you produce. A writer creates his whole world, while the actor accesses only what is created for him.

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