Betsy DeVos is a New Kind of Education Secretary

“Every child deserves to attend school in a safe, supportive environment where they can learn, thrive, and grow.” -Betsy DeVos


Education in the United States has been viewed as important ever since the beginning. Thomas Jefferson supported public school education for all American children. The founders of the nation understood that an educated population would make progress and be better equipped at being caretakers of the new nation. In today’s age, Americans still strongly support education. The future of the nation is made up of every student that goes into our school systems. Truth be told there are aspects to the nation’s school systems that are less than perfect. American students are not showing as much strength in math and science as in other developed countries. Betsy DeVos was appointed to be the new education secretary based upon the need for change in the education department.


Betsy DeVos is not a traditional type of education secretary. But then again, President Trump is far from a traditional type of President. She was chosen as education secretary based on her philanthropic efforts in her home state toward education programs and her push for charter schools funded off of vouchers that are made up of money meant for public schools. This system is called school choice. The senate approved of her selection as education secretary based on republican senators believing she would be fully capable of making change happen in the education department for the better with her different ideas.


Primarily, DeVos is not a politician. She is someone who is strongly involved with her community and within the schools of her community based on her philanthropic mind. She is a philanthropist before anything else. Her philanthropy mindset sometimes rears it’s head when she has to handle some decisions made by the president that she has disagreed with. She disagreed with the president removing the bathroom rights of transgender students in American schools. She has stated that hopefully the school districts will vote on their own rules regarding the issue. DeVos also displayed her philanthropy mindset when she proposed that Congress have an open debate following the school shooting in Parkland.


DeVos is a politically involved education secretary who leads with her philanthropic mind. Hopefully this blend of political philanthropy will improve the education department and the education of students. DeVos has sworn that she wants to improve the way students are educated so the United States will be equal to Europe and China in math and science.


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