Could Philanthropist Ara Chackerian Have The Answer To Depression?

The pre-eminent investor, entrepreneur and philathropist, Ara Chackerian is known for his quest to re-invent today’s healthcare system, and his scientific approach to treating depression with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. But the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions says this is why we must push things forward. About 20 percent of patients are medication-resistant when it comes to treating depression. But Ara Chackerian says there’s a more effective treatment with a substantially lower cost.


In a previously posted interview on Ideamensch, Ara Chackerian explains the initial development of TMS Health Solutions, as well as TMS Health Education. The Florida University graduate spotlights how his organization is driving awareness to empower professionals with the best tools that can successfully treat patients that suffer from depression.


Stimulating Brain Cells


Whether walking, running or talking – every behavior is controlled by activity through the nerve fibers of our brain. Also perception, feelings and thinking depend on the function of our nerve cells in the brain. As soon as we directly influence the activity of these nerve cells, says Ara Chackerian, our behavior also change, thus with TMS therapy. You can visit Medium to know more.


According to The New Version, TMS is a method of brain stimulation which uses a device with a magnetic coil that is held over specific regions of the head. The process is a non-invasive approach that uses weak electrical currents, which depolarize and stimulate brain neurons. Doctors still can’t figure out exactly what occurs deep inside the cerebral cortex, but clinical studies worldwide show that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation works for several neurological diseases. In recent years, TMS has gained importance in acute stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease patients.


As an investor in start-up healthcare businesses, Ara Chackerian could see the potential in TMS therapy, and starting in 2007, along with co-founders, Chackerian began developing out-patient centers that focused on psychiatric care. Today, there are seven TMS Health Solution centers, soon to be eight, that offer depressive services and telepsychiatry. Chackerian agrees that a one-track strategy that uses only medication could be limiting when there are other strategies, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to treat depression.



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