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David McDonald As Lead Managerial Chef Of OSI Group, International: It’s Not Just Meat

David McDonald worked his way up through the ranks from the start of his professional career and now functions as the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, a top international food distributor based out of Chicago, Illinois. He grew up admiring and helping with his family’s farm in Illinois and chose his undergraduate studies major, animal science, because of it. He earned his B.S. degree from Iowa State University in Ames. Starting with the Company right out of college, OSI Group releases sustainability report . he has worked with OSI Group for over 31 successful years.

By working up the ladder David McDonald is thoroughly aware of all aspects of the Company business. Today he acquires other national and international food processors and distributors, develops partnerships with their local and regional food consumers, developers and distributors on a global scale. He oversees the most optimal logistical arrangements for all of its plants. OSI Group holds major operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

David McDonald attributes the success of OSI Group to communication and exuberant willingness to embrace the challenges of change. His executive team and their immediate subordinates maintain regular contact with the leaders of the communities and establishments they serve. They keep abreast of the pulse of their regional divisions and the people’s food habits, trends and needs there. Then, accordingly, the executive teams of OSI Group make decisions that ensure the timely and comprehensive provision of those needs as conveyed.

It gives David McDonald great joy to know that particular restaurants and stores will meet or exceed their sales objectives because they trusted in OSI Group and they delivered. He explains thzt this is in keeping with OSI Group’s initial and enduring mission ‘to be the premier global food provider for all leading brands.’ Their flexibility as a private entity permits implementation of creative solutions. They do not have to resolve matters in some cookie cutter fashion but can tailor deliver in accordance with the concerns of each of their customers. He further expounds upon the continued growth in success in markets throughout the world as due to their strict adherence to implementing decisions made at the regional level. This is different than assuming positions from above and then trying to make them fit onsite. Not far from a similar level of importance is OSI Group’s dedication to the development of new chef products. Providing wholesome quality foods to his local, regional and global families is how David McDonald’s vision in food services began and how he continues to excel in that vein.

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Sean Penn Actor, Screenwriter, Author

Fitting Bob Honey into a Cultural World

The debut novel of Sean Penn, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” has been called “trippy” as well as making the reader marvel at the innuendos of disbelief and insanely driven activity in the book. On the other hand, there is the response of Sean Penn who repeatedly denies any semblance between characters in the book and to be found in real life. There has also been pointed out to Sean Penn the seemingly coincidental actions of Bob Honey and notable political figures in our century, but Sean Penn again completely denies this at all and suggest to his readers they would do better by accepting the fictional characters as they are in the book and stop trying to make them mean something more than they are. However, Sean Penn does admit to the fact that he did seek to reflect thru his creative imagination something that could happen in our world.

Various Thoughts on Inspiration

Perhaps Penn’s book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” Perhaps Bob Honey is possibly a contemporary in a fictional world that couldn’ be replicated in a real-world situation but on the other hand, how much of the character is created solely on the page without reference to an outside world? On several occasions, during the podcast interviews with Arc Mason, Episode 901 and when speaking to Jason Diamond for a Rolling Stone’ interview, in both cases Sean Penn said he was inspired to write the novel because of political movements he became aware. Essentially, says Penn, to Jason Diamond in a Rolling Stone interview, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is about morality and America culture.


Sean Penn

Is known for his Academy Award-winning roles in Mysic River(2003) and Milk (2008). Penn is known for his acting and directing roles. “Bob Honey WHo Just Do Stuff” is his first novel and has plans for other novels in the future. His first appearance on TV came on Episode 112 of Little House on the Prairie,(Dec,74) which was directed by his Father, Leo Penn. Sean Penn later went on to direct his own feature films. Indian River (1991) and Crossing Guard (1995) were both written and directed by Penn. When asked what the difference between writing and acting Penn Said in acting you end up depending upon many other actors, directors, and props, whereas in writing novels you can only get what you produce. A writer creates his whole world, while the actor accesses only what is created for him.

Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb is no ordinary businessman. Unlike so many other business professionals who choose to remain satisfied once they reach a certain level of achievement, Gottlieb’s innate passion for finance instilled him with the motivation needed to acquire the expertise to become the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Visium Asset Management. Visium Asset Management, LLC is an investment firm that was founded by Gottlieb in 2005 that grew to become a multibillion-dollar company. Nevertheless, prior to being a successful entrepreneur, Gottlieb used his childhood inspiration to invest a lot of hard work and time into earning the education and experience that was required of him to establish his own company.

Throughout his childhood, Jacob Gottlieb became inspired to be of service to make a difference in the lives of others by witnessing the important roles and responsibilities that his parents carried out within their professions among society. His father was an economics professor at a university and his mother was revered for her career as a pediatrician, thus, Gottlieb naturally wanted to assume a role of leadership himself. He worked hard as a baseball card trader, won a stock selecting contest in the seventh grade, and even started his own small business of buying and reselling drinks to golf players. In being knowledgeable of finance matters, Gottlieb’s father (Max Gottlieb) became aware of Jacob’s unique talent and interest in finance and business management and decided to allow Jacob to mange his own investment trading account.

Gottlieb’s childhood parental inspiration and early experience in business management further pushed him to pursue an education in healthcare and finance. Later in life, Jacob Gottlieb attended Brown University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in economics (like his father). Shortly after that, he attended New York University Medical School where he graduated with the prestigious honor of being magna cum laude with the receipt of his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree (like his mother). With the original intention to become doctor, Gottlieb felt that his business mindset was much stronger. Therefore, he decided to continue on the path of finance. He then became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

With his CFA, Gottlieb worked for several financial firms. He worked at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC as a buy-side analyst, at Merlin Financial in London, England as an investment portfolio manager, and before he was founder to his company Visium Asset Management he serviced as a founding member at Balyasny Asset Management, L.P.—a company that truly enabled him to maximize his business potential.

Indeed, Jacob Gottlieb’s blended profession and diversified experience set him apart above all other businessman. Even more so, his services as a humanitarian make him more profound in character. Alongside managing an investment firm, Gottlieb makes it his mission to give back to the community. One of the several nonprofit organizations that he partners with is Robin Hood. Robin Hood is an organization that strives to help individuals living in poverty in New York City—an area that has had a major influence on Gottlieb’s life and business success.

MB2 Dental Founder: Dr. Chris Villanueva Talks

This is a dental firm that was established by Dr. Villanueva after he completed the college education. He is still an active practitioner and in his vision, he would like to promote what is best that can be received from a sole-practitioner or even from a corporate dentistry in the industry. He has been able to spend time on both sides, where he was the provider-business equation, it is when he started his organization having direct knowledge which helped him furnish the vital support where he didn’t compromise the integrity of his profession.

It was in an interview when Dr. Villanueva talked about his organization MB2 Dental. He talked about he kept bringing new ideas to life. The doctor said that he surrounds himself with really smart people from work and personal life, and they have been helping him breathe life with some great ideas. In the MB2 Dental, there is a huge amount of collaboration which has been bringing something that is being thought of to fruiting. He starts by collaboration and because he is a firm believer that when they are together they are better than when alone. His ideas have been coming from the places out of the box like having lunch at 2 am or even enjoying playing games with his children. The trend thing that has been exciting Dr. Villanueva is the role that technology has been playing and the most important thing is the role that it will come to play in future. His hobby is about technology and it is something that has become fascinating to him when he sees new things that keep coming each and every year and it is something that has been enhancing the patient’s experience.

In his life, Dr. Villanueva has been having the habit of being serious and it has made him become very productive as an entrepreneur. The reason behind it is that he doesn’t get stuck with an ego of ideas or decisions. It is something that he gains trust through humor. This is where he is able to laugh at himself and it has become something that has served him well. The other reason is that Dr. Villanueva is a firm believer where everyone deserves to have fun or something with a unique culture at the office and a place that people are honest with each other. Work has to be done and he keeps lightening his mood around the office and also promotes the environment.

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David McDonald: OSI Global’s New Iberian Plant

As the CEO and President of OSI Group, LLC, a leading meat producer around the world that is ranked number 58 on the Forbes list of wealthiest private companies, David McDonald has been in the meat industry for over 30 years after he achieved his animal science degree from Iowa State University. His breadth of experience covers many companies over the years, and he even once served as the chairman of the NAMI, the North American Meat Institute. David McDonald has been so successful in the meat industry that his company OSI has become the champion of meat related awards all across the world. Some of these included the international safety award of UK in 2017, UK’s “Sword of Honour” and “Globe of Honour” awards spanning multiple years, in addition to numerous other awards throughout Germany, India, and Austria.

In the Iberian Peninsula specifically there is a growing demand for even more meat products, as supplies are always in short supply at David McDonald’s OSI Global. This demand has been so great in fact that the company is opening a new facility in Toledo, Spain, which will afford its Iberian operations to double their capacity from 12,000 tons of meat produced per annum into well over 20,000 tons per annum. The facility will be 20,000 square feet in size and will cost 17 million euros to complete. This facility will not only include upgrades to the rate of production and meat storage, but will also include a new production area, shipping areas, a social area for workers, cold rooms for storing meat, and a testing area for trying out new recipes. There are now 160 workers at the Toldeo plant in aggregate, as 20 have been newly added to meet faculty needs. David McDonald has requested higher-quality sprinkler and fire retardation systems in the event of a plant fire. In addition to the sprinkler system, David McDonald has been focusing on the quality of building security as well by adding a gated perimeter and cameras all throughout the premises, while still making the plant up to 20% more efficient in energy usage than before.

The OSI World Headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois, and was founded in 1909. Today, the organization serves a whole host a meat products which include beef patties, bacon, breakfast patties, hot dogs, smoked meats, pizza related meats, and other assortments of breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees.

Juan “OG” Perez Birthday Tab

OG Juan was born and then raised in Harlem. He attended Brandeis school, a high school located in Manhattan west side. He was introduced the first time to Jay-z in1996. It was through Roc-A-Fella Records Kareem who is the co-founder. OG Juan talks about his connection to Jay- z as something instant that was bonding because of entertainment, the New York life and love for NYC sports. The pair came out as a shout out naturally it was the first after he appeared in Jay’s lyrics in 2003 at Black Album. OG Juan was the one to run the studio with jay until 2003 when they both put a common interest into an action where they opened lounges and sports bars in New York City. In the next 11 years, the restaurant was able to expand to five more new locations that include Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Jay-z, a hip-hop icon really knows how to show love during birthday times. He hit during the president’s day weekend where it was reported that he shelled about $113,000 when his close friend and also a business partner OG Juan. He was also joined by a group of close good friends. He is the president of Roc Nation Sports. The budget was $13,000 for dinner, $9,000 on drinks and $91,000 in the club.

OG Perez, Jay-Z, Roc nation execs, Desiree Perez together with the friends started that extravagant night in midtown. Dining was at a modern Japanese restaurant Zuma and it was on a Sunday evening. The restaurant served the party a steak, sushi, and lobster that amounted to $13,000. The group later traveled to Mexico, in a restaurant with a nightclub hotspot in the Inwood. They splurged on drinks for the group and here, Hova racked $9,000 for liquor.

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The Rich Get Richer

UAE national, Hussain Sajwani increases net worth from 3.7 billion to 4.3 billion in 2017 in a 6 month span, according to Forbes magazine. A venture made possible through the big business of real estate, over in the city of gold lamborghinis and pet jaguars, Dubai. He describes the year as being “good and stable” with his company DAMAC about to exceeds its expectations in sales and handover by the close of the year. Hussain Sajwani started out his first business with a catering venture, Draieh Management Services Company in 1982. He later founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 seeing an opportunity in opening up the Dubai real estate to foreign investors. The DAMAC owner recently open up his company’s first golf club in partnership with the Trump organization. Hussain Sajwani was ranked the richest billionaire in the UAE last year.

According to, catching the burst of the city’s real estate bubble in 2008, the DAMAC owner laid low and saw prices decline 60 percent. Hussain started many successful ventures like his launch of the 42 million square foot Akoya, now known as DAMAC Hills. This mega development features apartments, mansions and villas, surrounding a golf course. Also, the 55 million square foot, Akoya Oxygen which launched in 2018. These many successful business moves being due to Hussain being able to see changes and adapt accordingly. After the 2008 crisis of the dormant companies, he only survives because he saw the crisis coming in the early stage and took immediate action.

Post crisis accounted for 14,530 of the 19,855 units being sold, 1,923 in the first 9 months of 2017. Showing no signs of slowing down, however momentum does not show in profits since the company has posted its third consecutive profit decline. Hussain suggests this dip indicates lower profit margins on some international projects. Handed over in the last year in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Lebanon. Focusing more on delivery, momentum continues, and work is further being done on mega projects like hotels and serviced apartments which make up 30 percent of sales. We’ve done more sales so its been a good year, Hussain says.



Mina Ebrahimi, an immigrant from Iran, is the founder and owner of Saint Germain Catering. She is the CEO of the group that she founded back in 1999, at the age of 26, after leaving her family’s business of baking in Seven Corners, VA.

Mina has had a passion for cooking and creating memorable events, something she later transformed into a business. Saint Germain started off on a small-scale basis, where she would deliver lunch to people at work and making food for consumption in events.

Slowly, Mina Ebrahimi started growing her business after she transformed Saint Germain to a full-catering business. She was responsible for serving weddings, business luncheons, small parties and other special events. Saint Germain currently serves the DC metro area after growing from a 2000 square foot operating to the current 12,000 square feet operation with 32 fulltime employees and eight part-time employees to help her make tasty foods for consumption in the DC area.

Mina has been able to keep the catering business afloat for two decades, something that has garnered her numerous awards for her service in the catering business. Some of the awards include the 2012 Smart CEO Brava Award, 2010’s top 40 under40 and 2014 Enterprising Woman of The Year.

Mina Ebrahimi is also a philanthropist who’s supported charitable organizations like The 25th Project, which is aimed at providing food and other donations to the unsheltered homeless living in Northern VA. She’s also supported Operation Homefront DC to provide programs to build military families to become strong, stable and secure. Mina Ebrahimi also supported McBaine, University of Pennsylvania’s cancer detection dog. She even went ahead and added Jack-Ebrahimi Program in the university as an interventional radiology vet program.

Mina’s foundation, The Mina Ebrahimi Foundation encourages women to make a future in business as she did. Her partnership with the University of Pennsylvania is mostly focused on cancer detection and prevention, particularly Ovarian Cancer.

Her catering activities have also helped the staff in the university to research and treat animal cancer treatment. Mina Ebrahimi still oversees the kitchen management and the business’s daily activities and continues to improve herself by attending seminars on cuisine, décor, and design.


NewsWatch TV and the Ergonomic Workstation Review

NewsWatch TV is a trusted show known for sharing consumer technology, travel, health, and entertainment news. They currently air weekly on ION Network and bi monthly on The AMC Network. This series first came to television in March of 1990.

Recently, they shared a review of Contour Design’s ergonomic workstation. There are over 3 billion people in the world who use computers, and Contour Design wants to change the way we do this. Their setup is a pain free more productive work environment. Their signature setup is the Ultimate Workstation. It includes a roller mouse red, and the balance keyboard. The roller mouse red has a low impact large roller bar, and a digital left click. This minimizes pressure and impact on your fingers. The roller bar helps to keep you centralized. The Balance Keyboard is cited as a perfect companion for the roller mouse red. It has adjustable legs and tilt options that allow you to find the perfect angle for typing. It is completely wireless and also does not require an on off switch. This intuitive technology is here to make it as easy as possible for you to work.

A step up from the Ultimate Workstation is the Ultimate Workstation Three3 which also includes the same keyboard and replaces the roller mouse red with the roller mouse Three3. this is a completely wireless set up.

NewsWatch TV makes sure to always bring you the best and newest products to help improve your life. They are based in Washington DC, and also have offices in Fairfax, VA, New York City, and Denver, CO. They have been awarded both Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards for their show, a national 2017 Videographer Award, and a 2016 Silver Telly Award. They also have had guest appearances from top entertainers and celebrities.


The Success of David McDonald

June is an important time of year for those involved with the meat industry. Iowa State University will be hosting national Swine Day on June 28th. This educational event serves as a great opportunity for swine producers to hear from speakers about issues facing pork producers in the United States. Featured speakers at the conference will include Ray and Dave Price from Canada’s Sunterra Farms. Another speaker will be David McDonald of OSI Group. McDonald, who also serves on board of directors for the North American Meat Institute, will be discussing the global future of the food industry.

The Swine Day will include several other presenters. Jeff Ansell, president of Jeff Ansell and Associates, will be speaking at this event. He has spoken at many prestigious places include Duke and Harvard. Ansell will practical information that will help those attending. OSI Group releases sustainability report. Outside of Ansell, there will be more than sixteen other presentations over four different sessions. Registration for the conference, including lunch is $50.

David McDonald is a successful worldwide businessman. The President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI, David McDonald has been working in the food industry for years. McDonald has served in serval positions including Chairman of North American Meat Institute and an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods.

David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. His work with OSI Group got going after he finished his education. McDonald has made some tremendous things happen as the COO of OSI Group. Over the years OSI has acquired some major companies included Baho Foods and local food manufacturer Tyson Foods. OSI prides itself on creating opportunities for their members and retaining them. Clearly OSI has been successful as today they have more than 20,000 team members.

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