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Dr. Clay Siegall & His Pursuit To Greatness

Cancer research is at an all-time high as of today thanks to its ability to produce some of the very best cancer fighting medications. On the other hand, Clay Siegall is one of the most well-respected individuals in cancer research. He has a brilliant resume of success that dates back for more than 20 years. Bristol Myers Squibb, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health have all made capital from Siegall. This guy is known by many as being a doctor, a scientist, an investor and an entrepreneur. He has taken the once small Seattle Genetics biotech company and have turned it into a worldwide powerhouse. Seattle Genetics is located in Bothell, Washington, and it is one of the largest employers of in the Puget Sound area.

Siegall is the CEO and the president of the company, and this company has revolutionized cancer research via antibody-based therapies. These advanced therapies are known as antibody drug conjugates, and they are some of the best cancer fighting drugs on the market today. Unlike chemotherapy, which kills good and bad cells in the body, antibody drug conjugates spare the good cells while attacking cancerous cells. This action is targeted, and it helps to cut down on most of the nasty side effects of cancer treatment. Siegall has seen the harsh damage that cancer does to the body on a first-hand basis. He has had family members who’ve lost this valiant battle and this is why he does what he does. Siegall has stated that the company has many more extraordinary drugs in its pipeline of success.

ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, has become one of the most premier cancer fighting drugs in history. Since its inception, ADCETRIS has helped Seattle Genetics rake in over $350 million in profits. This success has caused the company’s stock to triple in just five short years. Clay Siegall has a plan, and he uses Seattle Genetics to get his point across and to save lives.