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Bob Reina Shares Wisdom on the Benefits of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has emerged as a new and effective marketing tool to improve customer relations and retention. Video has grown in popularity the last few years with major tacked on as an effective marketing tool. Building up brand recognition is a challenge in today’s age with more and more companies turning to social media sites and networks to reach their consumers. Companies and businesses trying to keep up with the competition face the challenges of standing out in today’s age of fast communication and information.

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, recently wrote an article titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” where he pinpoints the emerging techniques and styles of video. Video today has become more than mere entertainment, but an effective tool for advertising.

The challenge with advertising is retaining the customer’s attention span while in a short amount of time delivering the information they need on the product or service being offered. Video provides an ideal compromise since it’s engaging, information, persuasive, and gives the customer time to make a purchasing decision on the spot. The video is easier to share across social networks and has helped many companies to gain a foothold over the competition.

Advertising costs is another consideration to keep in mind for companies and businesses who need an extra edge. The video is versatile since with Talk Fusion it’s easy to make one and build an impressive advertisement in a short amount of time. Advertising costs can be whittled down so a massive budget doesn’t have to be dedicated to a massive advertising campaign.

Talk Fusion is user-friendly and comes with a variety of products to make it easy to advertise for people who have no experience with using video. Increasing sales, response rates, and revenue is just a few of the benefits companies and businesses have experience when using Talk Fusion to feature their products and services. Video generates results and sparks a reaction from people who watch it. Talk Fusion is even available for a 30 Day Trial without a credit card which includes all the products and services that come with this innovative new product.



Jose Borghi : The Advertsing Figure to Emulate

Jose Borghi has been very influential in shaping the advertising industry in Brazil. Borghi was a big name in this industry even way before he started his very own ad company, Mullen Lowe. His success can be attributed to great campaign ads that have come to be loved and rooted deep in the minds of Brazilians, meaning that they have been very effective.

Jose Borghi was born in a Small town, President Prudente. His humble background has got everything to do with his success. His struggles have inspired him to be the most successful advertiser that he is today. His success began as a dream when in high school. In third year, his sister took him to the Castro Neves theatre where he was to watch various ads that had won awards in the Lions Cannes Film Festival. From there, he knew that this was the field he wanted to pursue. So when he joined Catholic University, Campinas he took a course in advertising.

Fresh from PUC, Borghi got his first job, at Standard Ogilvy, as a copywriter. He stayed with the company since 1988 to 1994, when he moved to DM9DDB. By then, his ad skills had grown to an extent that he was taking projects with big brands such as Parmalat Mammals and Itau. He later left the company and joined Leo Burnett. He also worked for Talent and FCB before deciding to start his own ad company. That was back in the year 2006 when he and his very good friend Errh Ray started BorgiErrh, with no capital and no investors.A few years later, he was to buy Errh Ray our and change the company name to Borghi Lowe. Today the company is known as Mullen Lowe and about two years ago, they merged with Mullen Lowe Group.