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Whitney Wolfe Herd Turns Harassment into Success

Whitney Wolfe Herd was two years into relationship network swiper Tinder when she left due to sexual harassment. The harassment came from her co-founder and at-the-time boyfriend Justin Mateen. The experience was horrible. In an interview Hern described it as being treated like just some woman. “It broke me,” She said. All of this occurred in 2014, the same year she bounced back with Bumble. Now Herd sits atop a successful business, has launched two other apps off Bumble’s success, and is a model example of an independent businesswoman. In everyway she turned her harassment into success. Through Bumble and its sister apps Bumble BFF and Bizz, Hern is now paying her success forward to young women just like her. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

Bumble is a swiper app that allows women to do the preliminary swiping. The male users of the app can only respond if the woman selects them. This feminist approach is in tune with current social movement, and an ever-growing body of independent women searching for equality. Whitney Wolfe Herd compares it to a symbolic Sadie Hawkins dance. The girl gets to choose first, the boy gets to try to keep up.

Bumble has enjoyed much success in its four-year career. The client based has increased by 70% a year and it currently serves 35 million users. Whitney Wolfe Herd has also used the success to piggyback two different apps of Bumble. The first, Bumble BFF, is a social networking app for friendship finding. It is designed to connect young women to like-minded individuals for friendship and comradery. The second is called Bizz and it is a career networking site. It is designed to aid career-minded women find their niche, connect with successful companies, beef up their resume, and expand their success. Both apps serve as rewards for the loyal customers who have made Bumble so successful. Their specific focus on women gives them a chance Whitney Wolfe Herd did not. Through such apps she is able to provide benefit to her fellow sisterhood, and set a better precedent for female kind. Learn more:


Student Learning Is Being Revolutionized With Platform’s Like ClassDojo

In today’s day and age, there are handfuls of children out there that are having a difficult time throughout the schooling process, either struggling to learn or fit into the environment. Students like these really need the support and encouragement from their peers as well as parents and teachers, to help them feel comfortable and confident in themselves and their abilities. If schooling is a negative experience for a child, they will not want to perform to their best, nor will they even want to complete school in time.

ClassDojo is an educational platform that was introduced to the market in 2011, and goes a long way at improving these conditions for students in school. The main improvement this program makes is improving on the existed communication methods greatly between students, teachers, and parents. With more involvement from their parents, and more engagement from their teachers and classroom, students will learn to the best of their ability and actually want to get involved with their schooling communities. One of ClassDojo’s main goals is to improve the quality of education for students around the globe.

Since first launching their platform, ClassDojo has managed to expand and find quite a bit of success, as there were really no other competitors in the market doing exactly what they were when they started. Now, more than two thirds of all Untied States schools are taking use of the ClassDojo program. This program even came out with its own growth mindset videos, which is a series that was developed to teach students key life and learning principles to make school easier. These videos were even monitored by the University of Stanford to see how they were received by the public and how to improve them. The continuance of these videos is dependent on the demand for them from their consumers.

ClassDojo has been free ever since it was released, and it will remain free for as long as people continue to use it. It is very easy to use for people of all ages, and participation is as easy as asking for an invite from a students classroom teacher. ClassDojo provides a much needed increase in communication that is going a long way in making education better for students around the world with more positive school environments.

The Benefits of ClassDojo

There are a lot of apps on the market that parents can utilize. Many parents have apps like Google Classroom, Brain POP, ABC Mouse and Star Fall loaded on their phones and tablets. Many of these apps are great for learning games for children, but nothing beats ClassDojo when it comes to communication. The curious parent that wants to know what is happening in the classroom need not look to any other apps. This is the one that is going to provide all the insight that you may need. Teachers love this, and parents are realizing that it is the most convenient application for those teachers that don’t have a desire to schedule conferences.

Teachers are human just like everyone else. They may have a class of twenty kids or more, but they have their own families that they have to go home to. This means that they will want to spend time with their families and try to get home to help their own kids with homework. They may not have any desire to meet with parents a regular basis for conferences. By the same token, parents may not have the desire or time to meet with someone on person. The ClassDojo is the thing that can solve all of those problems. The parents don’t have to go around trying to put together a schedule around a teacher’s planning period. They can simply sign up for ClassDojo and send secure messages back and forth. Parents that take the time to become part of this community will realize that this is exactly what they need to take a sneak peek into the lives of their children at school.

These apps for education have become very important. Some school teachers will use ClassDojo to remind parents about homework assignments or projects that may be due a couple of weeks from now. There are other parents that are going to send messages to teachers if they have a question about something that their children may not be comprehending in school. The ClassDojo app definitely provides a two-way street for communication. This is the type of app that gives parents the chance to really stay in touch with the teachers. This way there is no surprise when the report cards arrive. They have the ability to find out about the projects and all the things that will be due during the school year.

Get Reliable Help From Handy

People often find that they will need reliable of some kind. In many instances, a busy professional may not have the time to make sure their house is as clean as possible. Many people work long hours and often need to stay even later to make sure that a project is finished by a certain deadline at work. A person may also not have the time on weekends to make sure their house is clean because they are attending religious services and are very active in local community affairs. In that case, it is wise to seek out help from others.

Fortunately for busy people everywhere, there is help. An app called Handy can be just the thing to provide any person with the kind of reliable help they need to make sure that their house is cleaned on demand. Locating a cleaning company that will show up on time and do the exact job that the user wants is not always easy. Handy makes this process much easier. The app offers a huge list of companies that have been carefully vetted by the app’s staffers in order to make that each one is able to do exactly as the user wants. All companies that are registered here are companies that the app’s staffers know will be able to provide all users with help that is skilled, thorough and above all can be relied on to do a good job for their potential employer.

Users can download the app and then perform a simple search. The user is able to set up the exact parameters of the desired service. Someone who wants a cleaning company that will show up at two in the afternoon on a Saturday and will clean the entire house from attic to basement can set up the app’s search feature to locate just such a company. A user who wants a company that will show up each Wednesday at a precise time and clean the house using only green products can also find such a company here with the help of the app. Any company they happen to pick will be a company that has been carefully selected by staffers that is known to provide users with the best possible services for their needs.

All cleaning companies that are listed here are only listed after the company looks at them very closely. Each company that wants to work with the app must present sufficient evidence to the company’s staffers that they can provide their customers with superior customer service and offer them a wide array of cleaning services. They must also demonstrate to the company that they have a long record of providing customers with the best possible cleaning services. Once they have met such criteria, the company is then eligible to appear in a search that is conducted by users on the site. This can benefit the company by allowing them to have access to a much broader customer base then they might have otherwise.

Changing The Way We Shop; The Slyce Movement

Online shopping has been gaining in popularity. It is easier to comparison shop, no pressure from salesmen, and it is delivered directly to your door. At times though it can be annoying, tedious and hard to find excatly what you are looking for. This is soon to be a thing of the past.

Slyce is a Toronto, Canada based company that has been building image recognition technology. This technology allows the individual to scan or take a picture of an item with their smartphone and get to compare across many vendors for that same product. To date, the item has had to have been in original packaging for this to work, but that is also soon to change.

A company named Pounce has formed a partnership with Slyce. This new partnership has enhanced Slyce’s ability to recognize products and items that consumers want. The new technology allows for scanning of flyers and magazine ads. This allows consumers to find the products they want without having to go to a store for it.

The new technology will also allow the consumer to fill a cart. This cart can take items from many different manufacturers and put them all in one place. This lowers the shipping costs as well as making the process of checkout easier. Consumers can now fill out one universal form to pay for items from multiple shops.

Slyce offers many other advantages as well. This technology allows for gift registries to be more comprehensive and easier for users to access. These registries can include listings from multiple stores from around the country, so no matter where one lives, they can get that perfect gift for a wedding, baptismal or even graduation.

The technology also makes finding discounts and coupons easier. The product can be scanned in and then the program will find the best prices and any applicable coupons for the things in your cart. Truly an easier way to shop and get the best prices.

At present the only issue with Slyce is that they tend to be more retail oriented. Their technology tends to favor getting the sale rather than getting the information and discounts that consumers want. Although, the partnership with Pounce is beginning to show improvement in the area of satisfaction for shoppers.

More and more advances are being made that will not only aid in getting that ultimate sale, but also in finding the best deals. Customers can now scan a picture of what they want and be led to multiple venues where they can get it. Shooping online is about to become easier and more affordable for all. Slyce is leading the way to a new revolution of easier online shopping.

No One Has Lower Cost Mobile Wireless Services Except FreedomPop

FreedomPop is offering more services than ever before, and many people are getting in on the deal. Not only does FreedomPop offers Internet services, but cell phone service is popular as well. FreedomPop has cell phones as well as tablets, so those who have FreedomPop services can have devices in which to use with those services. The cell phones that FreedomPop has are brand-new, or they have some refurbished phones for a lower cost. There are even tablets that FreedomPop sells, and these are great for those who want to access the Internet while they are at home or on the go.

FreedomPop has a great cell phone service, and not only is the service one of the best out there today, but it also allows a person to have free service if they choose. It’s possible for a customer to sign up for FreedomPop, and they’ll receive free cell phone service, and they can extend the service if they choose. The free cell phone service includes 200 minutes, 500 MB of data, and 500 text messages. Although the FreedomPop cell phone service is very generous, some people tend to need additional minutes and data, so they can add more service to their phone if they choose to.

Those who want to add additional data or minutes to their cell phone can do so at a very low cost. Those who are looking to save on the data that they use on their cell phone should consider getting Internet from FreedomPop. FreedomPop offers Internet for the home, and the Internet will also include Wi-Fi services. If Wi-Fi is in the home, then the person is less likely to use the data on their phone. Connect the cell phone data to the Wi-Fi service in the home in order to keep the cell phone data low.

Those who need additional Internet while on the go will have a couple different options. Either the person can purchase their own hotspot from FreedomPop, and they’ll have constant Internet on the go, or they can get the FreedomPop unlimited Wi-Fi service. The hotspot is recommended for those who need constant Internet at all times. The Wi-Fi application is for those who want to pay a small fee, which is only five dollars a month, and then they’ll have unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots available through FreedomPop. The Wi-Fi hotspots are numerous, so everyone can find a place to access a hotspot.

Those who choose to access a FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot will have a lot to look forward to because not only are the speeds incredible, but the hotspots are numerous around any given city. FreedomPop has teamed up with external sources in order to allow their users to have millions of hotspots around the country, and this means that it’s easy to connect to FreedomPop Wi-Fi services in different areas.

The Wi-Fi services are important for those who are constantly on the road, especially if they’re looking to save as much money as possible on Internet bills at home as well as cell phone data usage. Some people may even be fortunate enough to have constant access to a FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots, especially if they live within range of a specific hotspot in their area. FreedomPop has the best low cost Wi-Fi options around.