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Amicus Therapeutics focuses on helping patients with rare disorders

Amicus Therapeutics is a bio-pharmacy with its headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company is among the few bio-pharmacies specializing on rare and orphan diseases. The company focuses on producing medications and therapies for disorders that are commonly known as lysosomal storage. Amicus Therapies have achieved a lot of success in the last few years, and they have been involved in the development of enzyme replacement therapies available in the market today.

In 2007, Amicus Therapeutics went to the public domain when it was placed under the Fold, the trading symbol of NASDAQ. In 2006, Amicus Therapeutics was on the verge of withdrawal. Several venture companies came to the rescue of the company by offering funds to continue with the work that they had already started. Some of the venture companies that funded Amicus Therapeutics in 2006 include New Enterprise Associates and the Radius Ventures. Visit Yahoo Finance to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Since its establishment, Amicus Therapeutics has been able to develop several medications and therapies that target specific rare conditions. The company’s primary aim is to come up with solutions that will enable patients with rare diseases to lead a better life. Amicus also strives to ensure that their services are accessible to everyone since they understand that treatment of the rare conditions is costly.

Amicus Therapeutics collaborates with organizations that support patients with rare conditions to ensure that they make significant progress in managing these disorders. The company has put in place several initiatives that focus on empowering patients and the communities around them. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics ensures that their patients access the right drugs and therapies that will ease their struggle with the rare disorders. The company has established clear channels where patients can access their drugs. The drugs produced by the company are safe and effective. The patients are however educated on the side effects of the drugs and any other relevant information regarding therapies and medications.