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Construcap Group: Raising the Bar in the Construction

Construcap has established itself as a leader in the construction sector. The Company is among the top ten construction Companies in the State of Brazil. It provides its services to both the public and private sectors.



Construcap has diversified their services to provide services in Energy and Infrastructure. The different services are offered in three categories: Building, Industrial, and Infrastructure. Construcap aims to provide quality services to its clients while still maintaining the sustainability of the environment.



The Company offers services that adhere to the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standard for operation. Construcap has received various awards due to their excellent service.



The services



The company has pre-operations services that include EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), pre-construction, construction, electromechanical assembly, and the structured projects.



Group of Companies



Construcap is part of a family of companies that have partnered together to enhance the services offered.



The CFPS: It was established in 2012 as a result of a partnership between the American Fluor and the Construcap. The primary goal of the Company is to provide integrated services to the oil and gas, energy, mining, and the pharmaceutical sectors.



The Innova Health: it was established in 2014, to provide management and non-healthcare services in the three hospitals constructed by Construcap.



CMO: it was established in 2012, and it provides solutions for the Offshore and Naval sectors in both the national and international markets.



Concer: it provided logistics in the transportation sectors.



Minas Arena: it is responsible for the management of the sports facilities.



Their training and development



The reason why Construcap has succeeded in the construction industry is because of it employees. The company has introduced a program that will equip the employees with information and skills to help them succeed in the workplace. The provide internships and training programs.



They also offer training, literacy, and leadership programs. The Company trains leaders to manage different positions in the Company.



Aside from the training and development, the company has an integrity program. The program ensures that the employees are adhering to the code of conduct.



Establishing Businesses with Igor Cornelsen

Through foreign exchange and investing in merchandise a person can achieve a lot of things. If an individual wants to invest he or she requires a good plan to invest. The people who are retired live happy life because of investing. Sufficient understanding is required for one to generate a good decision. Capital is required if one decides to invest.


Igor Cornelsen is known as an investment banker who now has retired. Igor Cornelsen mostly dealt with giving advice to the investing matters. He gave advice to young upcoming investors and to companies to. He lives in Brazil with his family. He as well has been associated with big banking organization like Bainbridge Inv Inc whereby he was a proprietor. He is an expert who is giving help with his working skills and familiarity for a lot of years. Creating wide bright savings is the greatest ability that assisted him to help people by showing them on what to do regularly when the market stock is faced with challenges.


Bainbridge was started by Igor Cornelsen in order to begin educating entrepreneurs on the importance of business in making a good image and how to tackle the challenges that may arise in the business industry.


Through his expertise and experience in business he provides many companies in the US with strategies that they help them to accomplish more and attain their objectives. With their low charges in the capital and through giving people advice on taking a little risk in investment is the uniqueness that he provides. He also advises people on seeing their money and using it to invest proper, through investing properly it enables an individual not to waste their money.


Igor Cornelsen is Creating New Strategies for Brazilian Investment

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Brazil. The Brazilian economy has been on the downside especially with the introduction of an experiment known as “new economic matrix.” However, there is hope for Brazil as the new Finance Minister, Joaquin Levy is appointed. The appointment is the best hope for Brazilian market Oriented reforms and fiscal austerity. Joaquin Levy has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and has worked with the Federal administration for five years. He hopes to bring better ideas of how best to bring the economy of Brazil back on track using new reforms. I believe he is not the only one fed up with six years of terrible ideas.

Igor Cornelsen, an investor in Brazil, is also into better ideas. He is a man with vast experience in the banking industry, and he has always known the potential Brazil has. Igor Cornelsen has three great tips for anyone willing to invest in the country:

  1. Connection With the Natives


Networking is key to making good business in Brazil. Brazilians are a social people and friendly and are keen to give advice from experience and support.

  1. Preparation for rigidity


There are plenty of red tapes for any investor trying to come into the Brazilian Market. According to Igor Cornelsen, an investor can expect to face the following obstacles: high taxes, bureaucracy that is pervasive, regulatory complexity and labor market rigidity. However, the higher the risk, the higher the returns and smart investors will ripe hugely.

  1. Foreign–currency restriction


Ignor Cornelsen points out clearly that there is no such thing as free money in Brazil. Any foreign currency transaction has to go through proper authorities.

Ignor Cornelsen is a man with experience so investors can trust his experience. He also has advisors he can trust; he relies on Bainbridge Group Inc. an agency that can be trusted to give expert advice and insight into investment.


Since the late 1990s, the Banco BMG bank has been under the management of Ricardo Guimaraes. His grandfather Antonio Guimaraes started the bank. Since it began, the bank has been involved in providing payrolls loans to the public, mostly Brazil. The bank offers credits and credit advice to the public and also engages in helping investment companies. In the credit market, Ricardo Guimaraes leads the Banco BMG bank to become the best.


Ricardo Guimaraes has steered the group in improving its profits. In 2015, the Banco BMG financial statements showed an improvement in their net interest margin by about 6.6% and a net income of r$ 103 million.


This is an impressive success for the bank. The bank as it deals with loaning the public, it was able to loan a summary of about R $ 29,533. The bank offers loans at very reasonable interest rates that the public can afford. Through the services provided by the bank to the public, loan offering, it can keep money flowing through the economy, therefore, keeping the economy stable. Details are here.


Ricardo Guimaraes, president Banco BMG bank is one of the looked up to leaders in the South America financial world. With the wise counsel of his grandfathers as well as able staff, Ricardo has been able to ensure that not only do the individuals get loans but companies as well. Any company on the verge of collapse mostly depend on the loans offered by the Banco BMG bank. Due to the low-interest rates the companies don’t mind taking as much credit as they can. With the companies’ continuing with their operation, they continue money flow into the economy, therefore, a stable economy.


Even a big shot business man like Ricardo has hobbies. Ricardo is a huge fan of soccer. Club Atletico Mineiro being his favourite. He has even put the BMG bank logo on their t-shirts. Ricardo help provides funds to run the different South America soccer teams. As he invests in football, he can get fair returns at the end of the day. Investing in the football branding business was seen as a risk at first, but he did not back out.


Ricardo with the help of his staff was able to find a way to reap profits from that investment and keep the financial situation of the bank stable.

Lawyers in Brazil: Hiring The Best Lawyer For You

If you find yourself dealing with a legal problem, you need to get a lawyer immediately. Having a good lawyer on your side will benefit you in many ways. First, having a lawyer will save you a tremendous amount of time. So if you have a dispute or conflict in a business transaction, you shouldn’t have to put yourself through the time consuming and stressful task of researching the law and trying to handle the matter on your own. Get a knowledgeable lawyer and you can have the matter handled appropriately.

And, having a good lawyer to work on your case will help remove the stress, and give you peace of mind in knowing that an expert is taking care of the situation for you. Lawyers have a good understanding of the law and are available for you to benefit from their expertise.

Finding a good lawyer in Brazil is not a daunting task. In fact, you can start by asking for recommendations. This means, you can talk to friends, relatives and colleagues to find out who has had a pleasant experience with hiring a lawyer in Brazil, and if they will be willing to give you the name and contact details of the lawyer. Most people will be happy to recommend a lawyer if they are delighted with the lawyer’s service.

Another way to find a lawyer is to check out online reviews of lawyers in Brazil. Simply visit review websites, online forums and other sites dedicated to lawyer reviews and read the posts. Find out what other people are saying about various lawyers in Brazil, whom they have consulted or hired. You will be surprised what people say about these professionals. By checking out these sites, you will be able to find out which lawyers are reliable and which ones are to be avoided.

Once you have gathered a list of potential lawyers in Brazil, the next step is to meet with each lawyer, to find out which one is the best fit for your needs. Set up a consultation to go over the circumstances surrounding your case, and to determine the best way to resolve it. Make sure you have all pertinent documents during the meeting and pay close attention to how the lawyer responds to your questions. After meeting with each lawyer, you will be able to compare your notes and choose the most suitable one for your case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most prominent lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is highly experienced and has great expertise in business litigation. He has represented a large number of high profile clients, including some of the largest coporations in Brazil. Mr Ricardo Tosto has also represented politicians, multinational companies and other organizations in matters related to business litigation. Mr Ricardo Tosto has a track record of obtaining great results for his clients. His courtroom style and high success record have earned him a high reputation in the Brazilian legal system.