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Financial Services Professional Stephen Rotella: President Of StoneCastle Partners, LLC

Stephen Rotella is the president of the New York based financial services company StoneCastle Partners, LLC and CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management. The financial services professional has spent about 40 years in the industry, almost half of those with J.P. Morgan-Chase. He came to J.P. Morgan in 1987 after spending 3 years as vice president at Shearson Lehman. He had begun his career as a senior consultant for Accenture from 1978 until 1980 and then moved to The Reserve Group and was their vice president of product development for the next 6 years.


At J.P. Morgan Rotella held a wide range of positions in Chase’s mortgage business between 1987 and 1991. They included senior vice president of finance, marketing and product development. Then from 1991 until 1998 he was Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company as one of the executive vice president of servicing. Next he served as Chase Home Finance’s Chief Operating Officer for 3 years. In 2001 he was promoted to Chase Home Finance’s CEO and JP Morgan Chase’s executive vice president. In July 2003 Rotella became JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Chase Home Finance CEO. He also ran the Community Development Group of JP Morgan Chase.


In January 2005 Stephen Rotella Washington Mutual Incorporated Holdings Corporation’s president and Chief Operating Officer. He held the position until 2008. In 2011 Rotella became CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management. The high quality of his work and the success the company enjoyed led him to being promoted to president of StoneCastle Partners, LLC, the parent company of StoneCastle Cash Management. in 2014. During his many years in the financial services industry Rotella has been praised for his intensity, integrity, intelligence, teamwork and commitment.


Rotella graduated from Stony Brook University with a BA in economics in 1975. He then earned his MBA in Information Technology/Finance in 1978 from the University at Albany, SUNY. He also has a wide range of skills including strategic planning, financial services, business strategy, mortgage lending, program management, portfolio management, marketing strategy, mergers & acquisitions, banking, investments and cash management. He’s also fluent in English and Italian and has been on the board of numerous organizations. He also cares about arts and culture, economic empowerment, social action and civil rights.


Some of the organizations with which Rotella volunteers his time include LIFT, Inc., the Seattle Foundation, YouthCare Seattle, ArtsFund, BalletMet and The Papermill. A member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, was also Consumer Mortgage Coalition president, chairman of the Chase Housing Advisory Council, is a Mortgage Bankers Association board member as well as the Caliber Home Loans, Inc. advisory board member. Even after almost 40 years in the financial services industry Stephen Rotella still loves going to work.

How Hussain Sajwani rose from all his struggles to become the founder of DAMAC Properties.

Born in 1954 from a middle-class family in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani is the founder and currently the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. His mother was a hawker while his father had a pen and watch pen store. His father also handled various real estate projects as a side hustle. As the eldest son, Sajwani’s dad wanted his son to engage in the family business. With this, Sajwani started working at his father’s watch shop for nearly three years. In these years, he had the opportunity of learning and understanding what are some of the challenges business owners face. He saw how he father was a hard worker and ambitious and this motivated him to make it in life. Through working in his father’s shop, he had the chances of hearing stories regarding his parent’s success and failures and assured himself he would become successful.

With this in mind, Sajwani focused on attaining a good educational background that would play a part in his career path. He joined the University of Washington where he earned his degree in Economics. Sajwani was well aware of the fact that if he desired to pursue his dream as a white collar professional, he had to be keen when it came to knowledge. After his graduation, Hussain started his career in GASCO as a contractor manager. GASCO was an affiliate company of ADNOC, and this is where he gained his experience before starting his own business venturing into catering.

With the little capital he had, he ventured into catering which posed to be a good investment as it has grown to a point where it manages more than two hundred projects and one thousand meals daily. He serves army camps, educational institutions while providing ancillary services. Among the pioneers responsible for the property market expansion in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani was one of them. He built various hotels in the mid-90s, and this led to him forming DAMAC Properties in 2002.

DAMAC Properties has gradually grown to become a publicly listed organization employing more than one thousand employees. When it comes to luxury property development market, DAMAC Properties has one of the best track records. According to Hussain Sajwani, anything is possible with the help of desire, determination, and dedication.