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Jed McCaleb Believes ICOs Are a Good Sign

Blockchain technology will change everything, says Jed McCaleb, who is a well known investor and deal breaker in the cryptocurrency industry. It will change the way our banking systems work. It will have a huge impact on the economy as a whole.


Jed McCaleb has run a number of successful ventures in the cryptocurrency industry. For example, there is the highly popular St. Gox exchange. This allows people to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies easily. However, he is now working on a new project, which is called Stellar. This new project will allow people to make cross-border cryptocurrency payments easily. It is going to create a revolution in the cryptocurrency industry. Jed McCaleb was also an early investor in Bitcoin, which is now at a good price.


Jed McCaleb says that in the future, there will be a global and universal payment network that will operate even dollars and euros. It will allow people to choose what other people can see with regards to their payments and transactions.


IBM is already using Stellar. They are using it to allow cross border exchanges with big banks. The reality is that Bitcoin’s regular network has a long transaction processing time. Stellar is going to be able to do it in just five seconds, which will solve a lot of the problems with Bitcoin’s transaction system. Stellar will also allow people to exchange regular money, such as dollars and euros, with cryptocurrencies, which is something that a lot of people want to do.


There is also something known as Initial Coin Offerings. According to Jed McCaleb, the fact that there are so many Initial Coin Offerings show that the market for cryptocurrencies is far from having reached its full potential. It is still exploding and there is a lot more that can be done. This is a new model of fundraising. It shows that a lot more will come in the future to the cryptocurrency industry. It does attract more regulators, though, because of the influx of funds. Jed McCaleb believes that ICOs are a good sign.

The Role Played by Larkin and Lacey in Fighting for Civil and Human Right in the Community

People have been expressing different views on the step of the Donald Trump appointing the Arpaio for the second time. The matter has raised concern on the public on the issues and the track record of the earlier administration of the Sheriff. It had failed in many agenda regarding the matters of the human rights in the community. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The administration of the Sheriff had been associated with the corruption, and most of the people in the society were wishing for the transformation to take place. The people of the Maricopa County had put a lot of their attention of the situation mostly affecting the development in the community.

For instance, the atrocities that had taken behind the human rights promotion agenda. Larkin and Lacey were the people behind the move of creating equality in the community. They were detained by the Sheriff in 2007 after making sensitive information to the public on the proceeds of the grand jury through their article.

According to the take of the public, Sheriff and his administration were supposed to be summoned after different aces of discrimination in the community. Furthermore, he did not adhere to the dictates of the human rights in the society. For instance, he made a move to ignore the order of the court on Arpaio on the matter of oppression at Latinos.

The appointment of the Sheriff for the second term marked the indication of the proceeds of the human rights violation on the public side. Michael Lacey was the man in front to put criticism of the appointment after his detention with his partner through the orders of the Sheriff.

The act was unlawful, and they finally sued the state for subjecting them to the dark moments in the community. The excellent reputation that Larkin and Lacey had with the public placed them at the vantage position in the community.

The incident of their arrest caused the commotion, and the judges were forced to do away with their case. They then sued the state and got a pay of $3.75 million as compensation. The amount benefited the small organizations which were fighting for the human rights in the society. Furthermore, it created an avenue for bolstering the freedom of speech for the immigrants. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The factor that made the public aware of the matter that took place in the prison was the disclosure by the Michael Lacey after their experience in the jail. He indicated the ordeal of the inmates that most of them are facing hard times to the extent of committing suicide.

They were not even allowed to take bathe though the condition of the prison regarding temperatures were not friendly to them. Additionally, the meals they were served with were half-baked as a way of punishing them. Michael linked the matter to the corruption that had swallowed the Arpaio’s office.

A total amount of $100 meant for improving the public facilities had been pocketed by the leaders. The primary obstacle for the development according to the case of the Michael Lacey was Sheriff.

Louis Chenevert, the real example of leadership

When it comes to successful businessmen across the globe, Louis Chenevert name can never be forgotten. With his origin in Canada, Louis Chenevert is a great entrepreneur with a lot of experience in the corporate world. Although Louis Chenevert has been involved in many ventures, he is most known for his fantastic management skills as the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation or the UTC. UTC is an American multinational firm that deals with the research, development and also the manufacturing of high-technology items or products. Visit to know more.

Career history of Louis Chenevert

The career history of Louis Chenevert dates many years back. Louis has an experience of about fourteen years working as the production General Manager at the General Motors. In 1993, Louis joined the Pratt and Whitney, a firm in Canada and after working for about six years here, Chenevert was elected as the president. Louis Chenevert career continued to grow, and in 2006, Chenevert was elected as the new chairman for UTC. Between 2011 to 2012, Louis also served as the deputy chairman of the Executive Committee of the Business Council. Although he later stepped down as the chief executive officer of UTC in 2014, Chenevert left behind a great legacy of a man who understood his role and who inspired and mentored many. About one year later in 2015, Louis Chenevert Joined the Merchant Banking Division located at the Goldman Sachs working as the Exclusive Advisor.


Chenevert’s role at the UTC is still remembered up to today. Apart from taking UTC to greater heights, Louis left behind a great legacy and set a mark that has not been matched by any other CEO up to now. In Louis, we see a man who was able to take any opportunity to his advantage and it is incredible how this man was able to make significant gains when the market experienced a recession. He was also able to obtain the Goodrich which represents his fantastic patient nature.

Why Louis stands out among other leaders

In Louis Chenevert, we see a man who is a true reflection of real leadership. A man who is not fast to judge, patient and most importantly, determined. To him, the words giving up do not exist! View:

How Roberto Santiago’s Maniara Shopping Contributes to the Socio-economic Development of Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a sportsperson, businessperson, trader, and owner of the Parabia based Maniara Shopping. He set up the shopping center in 1989 with a goal to serve residents of Parabia and other parts of Brazil. Roberto heavily invested in recreational and leisure facilities in the Maniara Shopping complex. The structure currently encompasses of 11 movie theatres with state-of-the-art cinematic projection technology.


Roberto Santiago is celebrated as the only Brazilian to be a finalist in the Brazilian Kart Championship, which is a sports championship game. He also won several state championship trophies for finishing in the first place in motocross bike competitions.


One of the entrepreneurial qualities that enabled Roberto Santiago to succeed in business is his keen eye for emerging opportunities. He also had an aggregating and entrepreneurial vision to succeed in every business endeavor he undertook. This vision guided him as he made his debut in the employment sector working for Café Santa Rosa.


Outstanding Features of the Maniara Shopping


Maniara Shopping stands out for its spacious design and interesting features. It is renowned as the largest commercial enterprise in Parabia. The structure also ranks among the best and largest commercial enterprises in Brazil. Its 300 stores occupy 75,000 square meters of Gross Leasable Area (GLA). The mall’s success story began when Roberto Santiago bought a large portion of land in the heart of Joâo Pessoa city. Its features depict Roberto’s vision for revolutionizing the Brazilian economic sector.


  1. Game Station and the Domus Hall


The Maniara Shopping complex consists of an interactive stadium system. This stadium system has over 200 gaming appliances and armchairs that make up the Game Station. The Domus Hall is also an exciting feature found in the shopping complex. With a carrying capacity of over 4,000 people, the hall comprises of two floors. The ground floor is designed for events such as graduation ceremonies, fairs, and weddings. The second floor has private cabins.


The Domus Hall was also designed for exhibitions of diverse social projects that foster culture and knowledge. Children are allowed to visit the exhibition area to generate knowledge on cultural activities and have fun at the same time.


  1. The Parabia Higher Education College


Roberto Santiago was also keen on incorporating learning facilities in Maniara Shopping. The Parabia Higher Education College is a manifestation of these efforts. The learning facility offers a wide range of tertiary education programs to students.


The Positive Impacts of the Maniara Shopping


Since it was officially opened to the public, Maniara Shopping has helped in shaping economic and social development in Parabia State, Brazil. Regarding influencing economic development, the shopping facility has led to the increase of both permanent and casual jobs. These jobs have enabled people from Parabia and neighboring cities to earn income. Maniara Shopping generates its revenue from economic activities such as banking, retail, and gaming.


In terms of social development, Maniara Shopping brings together people from different parts of Brazil and the world. These individuals converge at the facility to shop, make use of the game station, watch movies from the 11 movie theatres and learn. These interactions are key in promoting peaceful coexistence and unity.


Jim Tananbaum Is The Founder And CEO Of Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum is originator and CEO of Foresite Capita, the organization Jim Tananbaum architected in 2011 as a healthcare-committed private equity company that specializes in recognizing rising healthcare pioneers which it assists grow to greater levels by providing them with capital, information, and networks. According to Jim, the Foresite originated from his over 25 years of acting as an investment strategist and healthcare entrepreneur. In that manner, he can relate to various experiences that led him to recognize major successful issues that would empower fruitful business people and organizations – the majority of which are in the science behind the development and the groups that make everything happen.

To Jim, Foresite intends to comprehend and tackle healthcare in future. The knowledge originated from perceiving that because innovative healthcare solutions and products frequently require fundamentally additional time and capital than most business visionaries and agents acknowledge. Foresite could assume a basic part to emerge pioneers by providing data, systems, and cash-flow to help drive their prosperity. By gathering and processing all accessible distributed data about healthcare progress in fields of need, Jim and the team are able to comprehend what is expected to affect care, and along these lines decide the most practical venture prospects with the most astounding likelihood of achievement. Visit Medium for more details.

Today, Foresite has put resources into 77 diverse healthcare organizations in biopharmaceuticals, restorative services, genomic sequencing, and diagnostics. Ventures of note incorporate 10x Genomics, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Intarcia Therapeutics, and Aimmune Therapeutics. Jim has a wide industry experience of more than 25 years. Prior in his profession, he has been a piece of Prospect Venture Partners II & III and Sierra Ventures. His key ventures included Healtheon, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amira Pharmaceuticals, and Amerigroup. He holds a B.S.E.E. & BS from Yale University, an MS from MIT, an MD from Harvard Medical School, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Jim Tananbaum has before spearheaded investment in at least 21 fruitful healthcare organizations and beforehand, he established and held administration positions at GelTex Pharmaceuticals (obtained by Genzyme for $1.6B) and Theravance. Dr. Tananbaum served on various advisory boards and visiting committees to the Yale School of Engineering and Harvard-MIT HST program.

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Beneful – Further Savings With Coupons

Everyone loves a bargain. But, not everyone will give up quality to save a few dollars. For years I have purchased a variety of Beneful dog foods because it’s made with real ingredients like salmon, chicken, beef and vegetables and my dogs love it. In regards to my pets’ health, the cost was not a priority. Then, I found the secret to savings.Coupons! So, where can Beneful coupons be found?

I found my first coupon at the bottom of a bag of Beneful Healthy Weight. The next best place to search for particular brand coupons would be the product website itself. In this case, visit: Once there, you are one click away from finding your coupons. I received a $3.00 coupon through my email. I filled out a short form with my name and email address, as well as the number of my pets. The coupon was easily printed and redeemed.Another great place to check for coupons for a little extra saving power would be individual store sites. I shop on a regular basis at my local Walmart and Target stores.

Visit their sites and search Beneful coupons. I have had up to $3.00 in savings with my printable coupons on top of the already low prices found at both stores.Other sites you’ll find Beneful coupons include and even Be aware, however, sites like these may be location specific and have earlier expiration dates than the actual vendor coupons which usually expire by the last day of the year the coupon was initially printed. Rarely have I found a coupon for free Beneful, but periodically, you may be lucky enough to run across free samples.At any rate, Beneful dog food is well worth the cost. Made with real ingredients and dogs love it.


OSI GROUP: The Trusted Food Food Services Provider.

OSI GROUP is the premier global supplier of customs value-added food products to the world’s leading food service and retail brands. The American based privately owned company that has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois not only offers unparalleled resources but also reach to its esteemed customers and clients.

The company operates its branches in the U.S under the name OSI Industries, LLC. While its headquarters are in Illinois, there other branches in Chicago, Geneva, West Chicago, Riverside in California, Oakland in Iowa, West Jordan in Utah and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. While it co-packs major brand name items for its various food service and retail customers, OSI Group also produces many private label brand foods.

OSI Group main products include meat patties, hot dogs, pizza, fish and pork, vegetables, bacon, and dough products. With more than 65 facilities in 17 countries and a dedicated workforce and management, the company has been able to supply meat products to other western fast food chains in China, such as Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut.

The success of the company has not failed to snatch global recognition and awards. Over the years the company’s facilities have received awards including an award for management of health and safety risks as well as environmental management. Forbes magazine listed OSI as American 136th largest private company, basing on early revenues of $3 Billion before rising this year to a cool 58th position on the magazine with a revenue return of $6.1 billion.

The company offers you, efficient and trustworthy supply chain expertise, exceptional culinary skill and global flavor knowledge, a commitment to sustainability throughout its extensive network and an importantly custom food solution made to your precise specification.

There are also some core values that OSI use while serving its customers. They include; exploring innovative solutions, working together as a team, seeking partnership relations, striving to continuously improve, act with integrity and doing what is best for the group.

Striving to improve and acting with integrity continuously is what the company’s management considers as the secret tools to not only keeping the company on top of its competitors but also keeps the future of OSI group brighter.

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What’s Adam Milstein’s Secret to Success?

Adam Milstein is a successful Real Estate Investor and Developer. He immigrated to the United States from Israel, received his MBA from USC, and started his own real estate investment and management company, Hager Pacific Properties. He is also very active in the Israeli-American community and is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also serves on the boards of Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council and the Israel on Campus Coalition. Adam served in the Israeli Defense Forces and is a veteran of the Yom Kippur War.

So What’s the Secret?

So what’s the secret to all of his success? Follow up, persistence, and consistency in all aspects of life. Adam Milstein had run his personal and professional life with those habits and it has led him up the ladder of success.

In a recent article on, he recounted his struggles from his arrival in the United States and his subsequent success in real estate. He arrived in America with the idea to be a successful businessman. He obtained his USC MBA but learned that the job market wasn’t offering the kind of money he needed to support his family. So, instead of settling for a lesser paying position, he struck out on his own, forming Hager Pacific Properties with David Hager.

What Does He Recommend?

Adam gets to the point when advising budding entrepreneurs. He said people need to view their success as a long game, his biggest mistake was trying to get too successful too fast. In the article, he said, “The way to succeed is not the quick way but the long way.”

His next recommendation is to stay focused on the most important thing in life, family. The best $100 he recently spent was on a meal with his family.

His third piece of advice is to always follow up on every contact and lead received. Don’t let them slip by, the ignored one might be the one that leads to a great deal.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Winning The Fight Against Cancer Through Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is a renowned businessman and one of the most influential tech figures in Chicago. He is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a tech company that takes a smarter approach in its quest towards the development of a cancer cure. In the course of his life, Eric Lefkofsky has donated millions of dollars towards the pursuit of a cure for cancer. Besides Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is also the founder and CEO of Groupon global e-commerce open market where merchants can meet their customers. Eric Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in law. He got his JD from the University of Michigan Law School in 1994.




Eric Lefkofsky is a private equity expert, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial skills manifested during his days at the University of Michigan where he would sell carpets to residents and businesses. After college, he co-founded Brandon Apparel with Brandley Keywell, but the pair decided to venture into the more lucrative tech business after the company failed to take off. His first tech company, Starbelly, was purchased by Halo industries a few years later for 240 million dollars. Starbelly’s success inspired the birth of Lefkofsky’s chain to tech companies. In his book, Accelerated Disruption, Lefkofsky shares his vast knowledge on how to develop and grow a business idea with aspiring entrepreneurs.


Tempus Inc.


Tempus is a technology company that utilizes machine learning and interactive analytics platform to help doctors deliver a personalized care for cancer patients. The company’s aim is to build the largest library of molecular and clinical data in the world and make that data accessible and useful to physicians. Gathering data will enable cancer patients to benefit from others who came before them. Tempus has made huge strides towards the development of the cure for breast, lung and pancreatic cancer so far and will expand to other forms of cancer soon.  Read  more here




The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, founded in 2006 by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz is aimed at enhancing the quality of human life through culture, art, human rights and education. The foundation has donated millions of dollars to cancer research institutes and universities in Chicago and all over America.


Companies That Target Different Market Sectors

There are two types of users on the internet: Private users and business users. Online reputation is going to mean two different things for these separate groups, yet it has one common goal: To protect the online user, reveals Private users worry more about password breaches and hackers cleaning out their banking accounts, while business owners worry about the same and how that affects their professional reputation. The latter of which is extremely important to the survive-ability of a company. A good example is when a company’s website is breached and credit card information for millions of consumers has been acquired by someone. A private user does not have to worry about that. Their reputation lies mainly in social media sites, chat forums, e-mails and the link from those to their browser accounts (which mainly go hand-in-hand with their e-mail accounts).

With that said, and while admitting that both groups of users have equally important, yet vastly different reasons for being concerned about their online reputation, companies that provide this service would do well to know those distinctions. The better companies do, and the better companies are typically those that specialize in one or the other….not both. Most of the reviews and marketing copy that you see when shopping for an online reputation management company are about companies that focus on just one market sector.


There are exceptions to that rule of course, but by and large these companies specialize in one sector or another. Knowing this helps people go forward when looking for a company to help them with their internet security needs.