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Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

There is a lot that takes place in the world of business. There are those who wish to expand their operations, and they are forced to acquire other organizations to attain that goal. On the other hand, they are those that are closing some of their activities to focus on a different field. All these are things common in the business world. However, there are those acquisitions that take place that make the people outside the business world wonder. Some organizations go out of their ways to acquire other organization that are outside their industry. For instance, the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank has let many wondering what SoftBank’s motive is.

SoftBank has acquired Fortress Investment group with a sum of $3.3 billion. The deal just came to an end in December 2017 after the Fortress shareholders approved it. What most people don’t understand is what an international organization that deals with tech and internet industry would consider Fortress as an organization to acquire.

When one looks at the two organizations and their histories, they will understand why such a deal took place. These companies on their own have always sought after new areas to expand into. By the time SoftBank came into existence in 1981, the organization was focusing on PC software. At the moment, the company concentrates on tech companies having stakes in over 400 firms that offer different services like e-commerce, broadband, internet, tech services, fixed-line telecommunications and others. With the company acquiring Fortress Investment Group, it shows that SoftBank wants to get into a different direction of business. To know more about the company click here.

When it comes to Fortress Investment Group, the organization has been around for more than 20 years. The company has always been ready to take up complex challenged to remain viable in the market as well as maintaining its competitive advantage. The company is based in New York and was founded by Randal Nardone, the organization’s chief executive officer and Wes Edes, the co-chair. Fortress concentrates on businesses to do with hedge funds, private equity investments, and real estate. There is about assets worth $40 billion under the company’s management from 1750 institutional customers and private investors.

Fortress investment will be controlling all its operation despite the acquisition as well as having its headquarters remaining in New York. This to many looks like an acquisition just by name but SoftBank had to agree to these terms to acquire Fortress Group.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Turns Harassment into Success

Whitney Wolfe Herd was two years into relationship network swiper Tinder when she left due to sexual harassment. The harassment came from her co-founder and at-the-time boyfriend Justin Mateen. The experience was horrible. In an interview Hern described it as being treated like just some woman. “It broke me,” She said. All of this occurred in 2014, the same year she bounced back with Bumble. Now Herd sits atop a successful business, has launched two other apps off Bumble’s success, and is a model example of an independent businesswoman. In everyway she turned her harassment into success. Through Bumble and its sister apps Bumble BFF and Bizz, Hern is now paying her success forward to young women just like her. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

Bumble is a swiper app that allows women to do the preliminary swiping. The male users of the app can only respond if the woman selects them. This feminist approach is in tune with current social movement, and an ever-growing body of independent women searching for equality. Whitney Wolfe Herd compares it to a symbolic Sadie Hawkins dance. The girl gets to choose first, the boy gets to try to keep up.

Bumble has enjoyed much success in its four-year career. The client based has increased by 70% a year and it currently serves 35 million users. Whitney Wolfe Herd has also used the success to piggyback two different apps of Bumble. The first, Bumble BFF, is a social networking app for friendship finding. It is designed to connect young women to like-minded individuals for friendship and comradery. The second is called Bizz and it is a career networking site. It is designed to aid career-minded women find their niche, connect with successful companies, beef up their resume, and expand their success. Both apps serve as rewards for the loyal customers who have made Bumble so successful. Their specific focus on women gives them a chance Whitney Wolfe Herd did not. Through such apps she is able to provide benefit to her fellow sisterhood, and set a better precedent for female kind. Learn more:


David McDonald Attends Swine Day At The Iowa State University

Swine day is an excellent opportunity for swine producers due to the focus on United States pork production by highly regarded speakers. The event was held at the Scheman Building at Iowa State University on June 28th. In excess of 450 people attended conference last year. Due to his important role with the OSI Group, David McDonald was in attendance. Sunterra Farms Dave and Ray Price were featured during the morning session. They talked about how they turned their family’s more traditional farm into a multinational retailer, processor, producer and exporter of pork. Their partnership with Italy’s Simonini family led to the construction of a Canadian plant for Italian dry cured meat.

The OSI Group’s David McDonald talked about the food industries global future. David McDonald has a unique slant regarding the global trend for protein due to his services to the North American Meat Institute on the Board of Directors. David McDonald has additionally made impressive progress in the expansion of the OSI Group. An entertaining, instructive and practical presentation was given by Jeff Ansel. He has taught at both Harvard University and Duke University and shared his tips, techniques and strategies for communication.

There were four concurrent sessions containing sixteen presentations after lunch. The topics included sexed semen updates, negotiating hog prices, cyber security, siting new barns and mitigating pneumonia. After the conclusion of the programs for the day, all the attendees were invited to attend a barbeque in the Center Courtyard at Iowa State. This was organized by AB Vista and TechMix and provided a tasty and relaxing finish for the day.

Smokey D’s of Des Moines provided both the BBQ and catering for the event. There are in excess of 4,000 barbeque teams competing in the United States. Smokey D’s is in sixth place for their BBQ. In 2016, Smokey D’s became the only team to win Kansas City Barbecue Society circuit for all four of the contests for major barbeques. The registration for the conference included the events, refreshments, lunch and the barbeque. Students beating the early deadline were able to register for no cost.

Juan “OG” Perez Birthday Tab

OG Juan was born and then raised in Harlem. He attended Brandeis school, a high school located in Manhattan west side. He was introduced the first time to Jay-z in1996. It was through Roc-A-Fella Records Kareem who is the co-founder. OG Juan talks about his connection to Jay- z as something instant that was bonding because of entertainment, the New York life and love for NYC sports. The pair came out as a shout out naturally it was the first after he appeared in Jay’s lyrics in 2003 at Black Album. OG Juan was the one to run the studio with jay until 2003 when they both put a common interest into an action where they opened lounges and sports bars in New York City. In the next 11 years, the restaurant was able to expand to five more new locations that include Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Jay-z, a hip-hop icon really knows how to show love during birthday times. He hit during the president’s day weekend where it was reported that he shelled about $113,000 when his close friend and also a business partner OG Juan. He was also joined by a group of close good friends. He is the president of Roc Nation Sports. The budget was $13,000 for dinner, $9,000 on drinks and $91,000 in the club.

OG Perez, Jay-Z, Roc nation execs, Desiree Perez together with the friends started that extravagant night in midtown. Dining was at a modern Japanese restaurant Zuma and it was on a Sunday evening. The restaurant served the party a steak, sushi, and lobster that amounted to $13,000. The group later traveled to Mexico, in a restaurant with a nightclub hotspot in the Inwood. They splurged on drinks for the group and here, Hova racked $9,000 for liquor.

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Mina Ebrahimi, an immigrant from Iran, is the founder and owner of Saint Germain Catering. She is the CEO of the group that she founded back in 1999, at the age of 26, after leaving her family’s business of baking in Seven Corners, VA.

Mina has had a passion for cooking and creating memorable events, something she later transformed into a business. Saint Germain started off on a small-scale basis, where she would deliver lunch to people at work and making food for consumption in events.

Slowly, Mina Ebrahimi started growing her business after she transformed Saint Germain to a full-catering business. She was responsible for serving weddings, business luncheons, small parties and other special events. Saint Germain currently serves the DC metro area after growing from a 2000 square foot operating to the current 12,000 square feet operation with 32 fulltime employees and eight part-time employees to help her make tasty foods for consumption in the DC area.

Mina has been able to keep the catering business afloat for two decades, something that has garnered her numerous awards for her service in the catering business. Some of the awards include the 2012 Smart CEO Brava Award, 2010’s top 40 under40 and 2014 Enterprising Woman of The Year.

Mina Ebrahimi is also a philanthropist who’s supported charitable organizations like The 25th Project, which is aimed at providing food and other donations to the unsheltered homeless living in Northern VA. She’s also supported Operation Homefront DC to provide programs to build military families to become strong, stable and secure. Mina Ebrahimi also supported McBaine, University of Pennsylvania’s cancer detection dog. She even went ahead and added Jack-Ebrahimi Program in the university as an interventional radiology vet program.

Mina’s foundation, The Mina Ebrahimi Foundation encourages women to make a future in business as she did. Her partnership with the University of Pennsylvania is mostly focused on cancer detection and prevention, particularly Ovarian Cancer.

Her catering activities have also helped the staff in the university to research and treat animal cancer treatment. Mina Ebrahimi still oversees the kitchen management and the business’s daily activities and continues to improve herself by attending seminars on cuisine, décor, and design.


Shervin Pishevar’s predictions of the economic crisis in United States

Shervin Pishevar is a man who cannot be underestimated when it comes to his assessment of the economy. In his latest assessment of the American economy, he seems to suggest that the future of the American economy would be in limbo in the near future. The economic crisis that he suggests includes a suggested crumbling of the stock market and the failure of the major American multinational companies such as Alphabet, Google, Amazon, and Apple. Although a majority of his tweets was pessimistic in nature, Shervin Pishevar also seemed to suggest that such an economic crisis might be necessary in turning around the American economy for the better.

Shervin Pishevar is a known globalist who has often emphasized on the need for a change in the structuring of the American economy. In his globalist perspective, Pishevar suggests that an impending economy crisis in America could be a window of opportunity for the country to rethink the structuring of the economy. For many years, Pishevar has suggested that the American economy should be restructured to reflect an egalitarian economy. In his tweets, it seemed that he was optimistic that an impending economic crisis was an opportunity for policymakers to effect the required changes.

Many of his tweets focused on the limitations that he believes are a result of the current American economic structure and made a case to initiate action to change the structuring of the economy. As an entrepreneur and experienced business leader, Shervin Pishevar has always advocated for a more inclusive, transparent, and open economy where every American has equal economic opportunities regardless of his or her political, social, or economic inclination. He has always wanted an economy with no bottlenecks that limit innovations by promoting dominant brands and suffocating emerging brands.

A careful analysis of Pishevar’s rant on Twitter clearly reveals a man who is disappointed and concerned with the state of affairs. He raises questions that many people would feel uncomfortable asking. In so doing, he calls for an assessment of the current structuring of the economy to determine whether it is working for the good of the people or just benefiting a few individuals.

Gregory Aziz: An Educated and Giving Businessman

Gregory James Aziz is a highly educated man of business and philanthropy. In his life, he has established himself as a Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the highly successful company, National Steel Car. Greg has earned a reputation for being dedicated and committed to whatever he sets his mind to. His name is known by most in Ontario. That’s where he was born on April 30, 1949 to a family that was quite business driven themselves. He had a good childhood and exemplary role models that encouraged him to follow his dreams. After high school, he attended Ridley College. Shortly after, he transferred to the University of Western Ontario. It was his decision to major in economics and he excelled. He studied hard and became extremely well educated on the subject before graduating.


Shortly after, in the year of 1971 Greg realized with his background in economics, he could bring a whole new plate to the table of his family’s food business. He decided to join the company, Affiliated Foods, as a partner. With his help, they were able to expand exponentially. Very limited before as to who they could import food to, they could now import fresh food as far as the United States from places such as Europe and South America. This increased their profit margins greatly and with this, Greg was satisfied. He had taken a small business and turned into a global company. He stayed with them for quite some time before moving on and founding National Steel Car in the year of 1994.


Greg saw a company that was operating at a slow pace and needed many improvements, but he didn’t see why it couldn’t be done. He believed with a little time and work, he could really turn it around. This is exactly what he did. He purchased the company with a goal in mind and he set out to accomplish it and wouldn’t stop until it was done. He took a company that was only producing 3,000 railcars a year and increased that number to 12,000. This created jobs and profit numbers for the company went through the roof. These numbers continue to grow today. As a leader in safety, the company has become one of the top railcar manufacturers in the world.


1They are leader in engineering and have held the TTX SECO award for eighteen years. Greg Aziz also ensures his company is a sponsor of several charitable organizations including the United Way and the Salvation Army. Gregory J Aziz has established himself as a good man succeeding in life, business and his community.Go Here to learn more.




Bob Reina A Better World

Bob Reina is a native of Brandon, Florida. His motto is “I Will.” Every morning he has those two words cemented in his mind. His goal is to build a global business and pursue his charity work. He believes the worlds of business and philanthropy are not mutually exclusive. With the investment of building his team in Talk Fusion, his goal was to devote time heavily in marketing and build a platform that makes people’s life easier.

Bob Reina’s outlook in the world in business is a mechanism for good in the world as is a powerful one. The reason he got into business was to make a difference to how other business communicate. His goal was providing an easier way for them to go about their operations, hoping they can grow, and their employees can thrive, live happier and more prosperous lives. This train of thought is a natural extension of his wanting to help people that he doesn’t directly work with or sell products and services to. For this reason, he’s always looking for reasons to step outside the boardroom and see what’s out there in the world.

Bob Reina sees a difference between “profitable” and “success.” For him, it’s not a race to the finish line; it’s about bringing other people along with you so the whole community receives a lift and boost. Many people have asked, does “the end justify the mean”? Mr. Reina certainly thinks so. He believes the end and the means to business and charity work must be intrinsically linked. They must both do good in the world to succeed. He firmly believes, it’s never been about adopting a win all attitude, and then try to give back at the end. His standpoint is deciding to do good in the world. Bob Reina emphasizes that charity work doesn’t have to pertain to charity functions. Charity work can begin at home, which is something that anyone can employ and make a real lasting difference in their local community. Learn more:

In conclusion, it’s very refreshing to see a CEO of a major US company willing to spend so much time and thought on giving back to his charities and to why he’s doing it.







Gregory Aziz: The 1,000 New Cars Will Make National Steel Car Reach Greater Heights

Greg James Aziz is one business leader people have to watch out for. He has the leadership qualities that bring great growth to any company. Aziz’s business experience is topnotch and almost unparalleled. He finds it his duty to generate jobs and the vision he has for every venture he starts is always towards that goal.



There’s still more to Greg Aziz than what you can see on his Facebook profile. While most of his friends share that James Aziz is a fun-loving family man, what’s most outstanding in his life is his ability to lead a company that’s already been around for 100 years, National Steel Car.



One of the latest news we can read about Aziz today is from National Steel Car’s official website. In there, we learned that under his leadership, National Steel Car is able to increase its technological reach. It is able to get trust to grow their clients. Changing the equipment through an upgrade or an overhaul means that a company is open to change. It is considering new technologies, opening itself to new solutions and understand the future with an open-minded attitude. Aziz may be successful today because of such vision in his business operations. Read This Article for related information.



The company CN also purchased 1,000 new generation grain hoppers from National Steel Car. This acquisition means a lot of things to the company’s expansion. For starters, this could attract more clients. And more clients means more potential jobs created. With this focus, too, on creating an effective grain supply chain in the country would also suggest that the competence of Aziz is still sustained. No wonder that the Minister of Agriculture of Canada saw this development from National Steel Car as an added boost to the dynamic economy in North America today.



The new grain hopper cars would also mean that the old ones would be retired. Doing so not only ensures quality for CN’s products, but it also means that the business sector in North America would be made safer. A safe business environment is a productive business culture. When this is sustained, National Steel Car can help more clients today.



Truly, National Steel Car is sustaining its remarkable reputation because of the outstanding performance of its President today, Mr. Aziz. In fact, the performance of the company is still fantastic that it recently got awarded with the TTX SECO award, a recognition that it had also achieved in the past.



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Aloha Construction Is An Award Winning Midwest Construction Gem

Aloha Construction is a Midwest gem in the construction and renovation industry. This Lake Zurich Illinois based company services Southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois. Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 jobs since it was founded by Dave Farbaky in 2008.

Residents within the Aloha service range can benefit from a large variety of professional services offered by Aloha Construction. This extensive list of services includes roofing, siding, and installation of gutters and down spout systems, installation or replacement of windows, screens, fascia and soffits, and basic kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels. Aloha Construction utilizes licensed, bonded and insured contractors to complete all service jobs for their customers.

The high demand for a reliable construction company in the Midwest resulted in Aloha expanding their presence in Illinois and opening a second office in Bloomington to better service residents of central and southern Illinois. Aloha Construction provides free work estimates for their customers and takes their individual circumstances into consideration.

In addition to servicing the home, Aloha will also give helpful tips to pet owners on how to keep their pets safe during times of renovation or construction. These tips include being watchful of doors or windows that pets could escape through, understanding that the noise levels may stress out the animals and explaining how a healthy routine and exercise will help maintain some normalcy to a pets life during repairs. Aloha Construction continually strives to provide a sense of community by donating to various fundraisers and charitable causes.

Aloha maintains a membership with the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Building Trades Association, the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association and Aloha has received industrial certification from the Better Business Bureau and they won the 2017 Torch award for Ethics given by the BBB. Aloha has also teamed up with Synchrony Financial to help provide financing options for customers who are victims of storm damage and cannot wait on insurance claims to fix the damage done to their homes or businesses. The high recognition that Aloha has received continually makes them a top choice for Illinois and southern Wisconsin residents when it comes to construction and renovation needs.