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The Meriwether Group Hardworking and Dedicated

David Howitt is the CEO and founder of Meriwether Group. Meriwether Group’s main purpose is to inspire and mentor entrepreneurs, like Sawyer Howitt, as they take on the journey.

Meriwether Group helps an individual on multiple levels. It helps an individual to properly execute so developing possibilities can occur. This company helps with capital as well as creating beneficial subsequence plans. Meriwether Group makes sure to provide a diversity of services since the needs of each and every client varies. Meriwether Group has a personalized method. Its use of a personalized method enables individuals to have the capability to maneuver the company’s services. It makes sure that its services are applicable to your current needs. The services provide an avenue to accomplish success.

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The Meriwether Group has a great team of individuals ready to be there each step of the way. The three main areas Meriwether Group offers support are capitalization, acceleration, and exit planning. Meriwether Group brings forth its unified understanding, expertise, and familiarity to help a company prosper. Meriwether Group also helps assist a founder when thinking of leaving or partially leaving one’s company. Meriwether Group firmly believes that young entrepreneurs, like Sawyer Howitt, are a hero. This company believes that each entrepreneur can make a compelling impact during the journey with the help of its outstanding services. Meriwether Group helps an individual realize his or her vision and accelerate into great success. This company does an amazing job helping individuals pursue imperative opportunities. In conclusion, Meriwether Group is a hardworking and dedicated company.



Beneful – Further Savings With Coupons

Everyone loves a bargain. But, not everyone will give up quality to save a few dollars. For years I have purchased a variety of Beneful dog foods because it’s made with real ingredients like salmon, chicken, beef and vegetables and my dogs love it. In regards to my pets’ health, the cost was not a priority. Then, I found the secret to savings.Coupons! So, where can Beneful coupons be found?

I found my first coupon at the bottom of a bag of Beneful Healthy Weight. The next best place to search for particular brand coupons would be the product website itself. In this case, visit: Once there, you are one click away from finding your coupons. I received a $3.00 coupon through my email. I filled out a short form with my name and email address, as well as the number of my pets. The coupon was easily printed and redeemed.Another great place to check for coupons for a little extra saving power would be individual store sites. I shop on a regular basis at my local Walmart and Target stores.

Visit their sites and search Beneful coupons. I have had up to $3.00 in savings with my printable coupons on top of the already low prices found at both stores.Other sites you’ll find Beneful coupons include and even Be aware, however, sites like these may be location specific and have earlier expiration dates than the actual vendor coupons which usually expire by the last day of the year the coupon was initially printed. Rarely have I found a coupon for free Beneful, but periodically, you may be lucky enough to run across free samples.At any rate, Beneful dog food is well worth the cost. Made with real ingredients and dogs love it.


How Hussain Sajwani rose from all his struggles to become the founder of DAMAC Properties.

Born in 1954 from a middle-class family in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani is the founder and currently the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. His mother was a hawker while his father had a pen and watch pen store. His father also handled various real estate projects as a side hustle. As the eldest son, Sajwani’s dad wanted his son to engage in the family business. With this, Sajwani started working at his father’s watch shop for nearly three years. In these years, he had the opportunity of learning and understanding what are some of the challenges business owners face. He saw how he father was a hard worker and ambitious and this motivated him to make it in life. Through working in his father’s shop, he had the chances of hearing stories regarding his parent’s success and failures and assured himself he would become successful.

With this in mind, Sajwani focused on attaining a good educational background that would play a part in his career path. He joined the University of Washington where he earned his degree in Economics. Sajwani was well aware of the fact that if he desired to pursue his dream as a white collar professional, he had to be keen when it came to knowledge. After his graduation, Hussain started his career in GASCO as a contractor manager. GASCO was an affiliate company of ADNOC, and this is where he gained his experience before starting his own business venturing into catering.

With the little capital he had, he ventured into catering which posed to be a good investment as it has grown to a point where it manages more than two hundred projects and one thousand meals daily. He serves army camps, educational institutions while providing ancillary services. Among the pioneers responsible for the property market expansion in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani was one of them. He built various hotels in the mid-90s, and this led to him forming DAMAC Properties in 2002.

DAMAC Properties has gradually grown to become a publicly listed organization employing more than one thousand employees. When it comes to luxury property development market, DAMAC Properties has one of the best track records. According to Hussain Sajwani, anything is possible with the help of desire, determination, and dedication.

Mike Baur Helping Others

Starting a company is no easy task. Many people have the dream of going out on their own, but few know how to succeed with this dream. Mike Baur has spent most of his life helping others get ahead in business. He has a start up factory where he teaches young business owners all of the basics about investing and running a business. If you want to learn from the best, Mike Baur is the person to go to.


Mike Baur


From the time he was in school, Mike Baur has always been interested in running a business. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had over the yeas. Not only has he started a variety of successful companies, but he has also invested in others during the process. If you want to understand how to take your life to the next level, Mike Baur can help you with that process. Not only can he give you business advice, but he can also teach you about balancing all of the priorities that you have in life.




One of the most important parts of running a business is financing. There are many new business owners who struggle with this aspect of their business. For some people, borrowing money to start a company is no big deal. However, for others, it can lead to major financial issues down the road. If you want to make the right decision, you need to think about the long term repercussions. Many people today regret all of the money that they borrowed to start a business. If your business idea fails, you are still left to pay off all of the debt you took on.


Next Steps


If you want to start a business, Mike Baur is the person to go to. He has many years of experience in the field, and he is ready to help you invest for the future. Not only can he offer advice on how to drive sales and profits for your company, but he will also help you in a variety of other ways.



Since the late 1990s, the Banco BMG bank has been under the management of Ricardo Guimaraes. His grandfather Antonio Guimaraes started the bank. Since it began, the bank has been involved in providing payrolls loans to the public, mostly Brazil. The bank offers credits and credit advice to the public and also engages in helping investment companies. In the credit market, Ricardo Guimaraes leads the Banco BMG bank to become the best.


Ricardo Guimaraes has steered the group in improving its profits. In 2015, the Banco BMG financial statements showed an improvement in their net interest margin by about 6.6% and a net income of r$ 103 million.


This is an impressive success for the bank. The bank as it deals with loaning the public, it was able to loan a summary of about R $ 29,533. The bank offers loans at very reasonable interest rates that the public can afford. Through the services provided by the bank to the public, loan offering, it can keep money flowing through the economy, therefore, keeping the economy stable. Details are here.


Ricardo Guimaraes, president Banco BMG bank is one of the looked up to leaders in the South America financial world. With the wise counsel of his grandfathers as well as able staff, Ricardo has been able to ensure that not only do the individuals get loans but companies as well. Any company on the verge of collapse mostly depend on the loans offered by the Banco BMG bank. Due to the low-interest rates the companies don’t mind taking as much credit as they can. With the companies’ continuing with their operation, they continue money flow into the economy, therefore, a stable economy.


Even a big shot business man like Ricardo has hobbies. Ricardo is a huge fan of soccer. Club Atletico Mineiro being his favourite. He has even put the BMG bank logo on their t-shirts. Ricardo help provides funds to run the different South America soccer teams. As he invests in football, he can get fair returns at the end of the day. Investing in the football branding business was seen as a risk at first, but he did not back out.


Ricardo with the help of his staff was able to find a way to reap profits from that investment and keep the financial situation of the bank stable.

Solo Capital: Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks, A Gift To Children!

Did Million-dollar-grossing London-registered financial services consultancy, Solo Capital invest wisely when it bought stock brokerage boutique Old Park Lane? Reports are that Solo Capital acquired the Michael Parnes-funded natural resources brokerage, which recently fell on hard times during a takeover. Today, Solo Capital remains a formidable investment firm known for its world-class stewardship. An acquisition of this magnitude needed serious consideration even for the thriving investment trading consultancy, Solo Capital-Partners. It’s almost two years (2014) into the acquisition, and it’s had no reservation about the transaction. The global chain franchise, Solo Capital began trading in 2013. It’s since amassed a wealth as a component of the London-headquartered UK financial services agency, Solo Capital Markets. These group of companies expertise ranges from professional sports betting, proprietary consulting to trading.

Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Sanjay Shah masterminded the formation of the entire Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital which operates out of Dubai is part of a higher hierarchy of companies. Its originator and chief executive, Sanjay Shah, founded the brokerage after losing his trading job to the economic mayhem. Solo Capital isn’t his singular production as Shah owns a global chain of thriving financial services brokerages. These franchise investment firms have offices in Luxembourg, London, the Cayman Islands, BVI (British Virgin Islands) and Dubai. Additionally, Shah owns Aesa S.A.R.L., the parent of Solo Group Holdings which manages the Solo Capital venture.

Now retired, Sanjay Shah focuses on family bonding, monitoring the activities of his franchises and philanthropy. In 2011, he received the most heartbreaking news about his son Nikhil. The millionaire exhausted all treatment inventions after discovering his son was autistic. He decided not to let this untoward circumstance define his son’s life. As someone who’s passionate about music and family, Sanjay launched Autism Rocks. With society lacking a comprehensive education about autism, Sanjay Shah organized this effort with the profound vision of funding discovery.

He’s joined research efforts conducted by two of the UK’s finest, Cambridge University’s ongoing ARC (Autism Research Center) and the foundation ART (Autism Research Trust). Sanjay Shah became a trustee to the latter. In addition, he’s remained director of Trust since his induction into office in 2013. Autism Rocks organizes music festivals showcasing the industry’s best acts. Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Drake, Snoop Dogg and Michael Buble are among the greats entertaining the child-oriented events. He’s strengthened this initiative by securing a partnership with Dubai government-funded concert promotions agency, Done Events. With this alliance, Shah has envisioned a promising for music festivals. In 2014, he funded London-staged reggae concert, and he’s optimistic about the idea of making it an annual event. Additionally, Shah has sponsored millions of children in the past ten years, especially those in destitute Asian countries such as India.

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The FYI on Gold and US Money Reserve President Diehl

Source: PR Newswire

Recently, Phillip Diehl, President of the US Money Reserve, was interviewed on a Podcast, by Eric Dye. The questions were mostly about Gold and silver. He spoke some about the US Money Reserve itself and how it got its start. The Reserve is in Texas. It was started in the year 2002 by some gold market veterans that wanted to deal mainly in precious metals. The Reserve offers many different precious metals but gold and silver are the most sought after. The Reserve is one of the largest distributors of these precious metals. A team of professional metal dealers works closely to provide quality coins for sale to the United States collectors and all over several other continents.

Phillip Diehl, President of the US Money Reserve did not get his start there. He was once the Chief of Staff for the US Department of Treasury and also a Staff Director of the US Senate Finance committee. After his tour of working with the President Bill Clinton and the US Mint, he took a job as the President of the US Money Reserve.

According to the recent podcast, Diehl was explaining some of the reasons people are collecting Gold. For many years, Gold has been considered one of the safe ways to save money. It continues to increase or remain close to the same in value. The dollar is doing fine right now, but it is predicted to decline again like it did in 2008. The dollar bill is weaker than Gold or Silver so people all over the world are buying and selling it as an investment. Remember, gold bars from competitor companies may not be the true weight and purity as the gold from the mint.

Diehl also explains how Gold is something that people understand worldwide. Older adults, in the United States, are collecting Gold and Silver as part of their retirement portfolio. They will be able to give it to the family such as grandchildren or they will be able to trade it if they need to later. With gold prices rising or remaining about the same, the dollar does not stand the test of time. Gold, Silver, Platinum, as well as bouillon, is being sold through the U.S. Money Reserve. Check out the podcast for more information on Gold and Phillip Diehl. You are sure to learn a little more about the price of Gold in the United States and ways to save using Bouillon as opposed to dollars.


Stephen Murray Was A Great Leader

In the southeastern state of New York resided a prominent executive who was a true veteran of the competitive business industry. He embarked on his career after he was earned an Economics degree from Boston College by accepting a position as an entry-level credit analyst at Manufactures Hanover Corporation in 1984. Notably, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital where he expanded their services across the United States and abroad.

Murray’s great educational training at Boston College and Columbia University in addition to his role at Manufactures Hanover Corporation helped him gain practical insight into the financial sector. During his employment at his first job as a credit analyst, the company gradually merged with MH Equity Corporation and JP Morgan. Notably, in 2006, Murray co-founded Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and assumed the title of President and Chief Executive Officer. In this prominent position, he
introduced many growth equity products as well as managed the firm’s investment operations. He is most acknowledged for overseeing $100 million to $500 million of equity per transaction in major companies that range from $250 million to $2 billion in size.

With growing knowledge in the financial industry, Murray and his executive team envisioned a goal in which they could provide the best portfolio of investment services to high profile clients. According to their informative website, this lucrative firm currently specializes in management buyouts, estate diversification, corporate carve-outs, overlevered capital structures, and business development. Moreover, the advisors work excellently with companies in a variety of sectors such as industrial, healthcare, retail, and energy. In addition, the specialists at CCMP Capital are skilled in assisting clients in distressed situations where unprecedented expertise and experience is extremely necessary.

Also on the CCMP Capital website is the company’s business philosophy which is labeled, “About Us.” Essentially, the executives at this prominent firm believe cultivating meaningful partnerships with their internal management teams and their clients in order to have a profound impact on the community. In addition, by combining the strength of their proprietary operating resources and exceptional industry knowledge, the team facilitates company growth, which
ultimately positively influences the economy. Along with sustaining substantial relationships and employing effective strategies, the advisors also expertly construct operational efficiency packages to satisfy the unique investment needs of the client. Most prominently, CCMP Capital implements a bold, transparent, and fully personalized financial analysis to a diverse group of investors.

Alongside his executive endeavors, Murray was also actively involved in the community as he frequently supported the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Columbia Business School, Boston College, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, and Stanford Museum.
Similarly, he served on many distinguished boards of major corporations.

The Late Stephen Murray, Brilliant-Minded American Businessman and Founder of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on linkedin is a private equity firm that centers around the keystones of growth equity and buyout investments. CCMP is the official name of the firm, but CCMP links their roots to their name as “Chemical ventures, Chase capital, Manufacturers hanover’s capital/J.P. Morgan, Partners.” CCMP Capital’s parent company has changed company names on numerous occasions, the progression is as follows: Chemical Venture Partners (1984), Chase Capital Partners (1996), JP Morgan Partners (2000), CCMP Capital (2006). CCMP Capital’s most recent name change was initiated from a split of JP Morgan Partners from its father company, JPMorgan Chase.

The late Stephen Murray was an investor, and later a philanthropist. He died at the young age of 52, due to unspecified health complications. Mr. Stephen Murray earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Boston College in 1984. Five years later, Mr. Murray obtained a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School. Stephen started his working career as a businessman in 1984, when he entered a credit analyst training schedule at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Coincidentally, the same year Stephen earned his master’s degree (1989), he was hired on by MH Equity Corporation, a combination of the business Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group started working alongside its finance team. in 1991, MH Equity Corporation combined with Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, Chemical Bank teamed up with Chase Manhattan Corporation, resulting in Chase Capital Partners. In 2005, Mr. Stephen Murray assumed the role of head of the buyout department at JP Morgan Partners.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has investments in at least 25 large companies, including 1-800-Flowers, Quiznos, and Cabela’s. Currently, CCMP Capital claims $12 billion in total assets. Despite its wild success, CCMP only has around fifty employees, located in four landmark cities around the world: Hong Kong, New York, London, and Tokyo.

CCMP’s past is hard to understand, as it merged with three companies and spun out from another business in a relatively short time span of 22 years. CCMP made three other business splits between 2006 and 2008. The first split was the result of the translation of growth capital, leveraged buyout, and venture capital investments to an offspring company, Panorama Capital. Panorama operates out of Menlo Park, California. The second split was one from JPMorgan Partners, resulting in Linzor Capital Partners. Linzor invested in private equity in Latin America. The third company that came from a split was Unitas Capital from CCMP Capital Asia, which occurred in 2008. As the enterprise’s name suggests, CCMP Capital Asia focused on investments around Asia.

CCMP Capital is an outstanding private equity firm, one of the best in the world. Private Equity International named CCMP the 17th ranked on a list of the biggest private equity firms in the entire world.