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Shafik Sachedina: Article featuring Work Life And Education

Shafik Sachedina serves Sussex Healthcare as Joint Chairman. He was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1950.

He graduated from “Guy’s Hospital Dentistry School in 1975, it’s located in the University of London, prior to his journey in getting a dental surgeon career and becoming one. He’s from the region of the European Union.

Shafik Sachedina along with fellow chairman Shiraz Boghani have taken with them their qualifications and various skills to Sussex Healthcare. That company has been giving care to older adults and others who requiring specialized assistance. Facilities are operated on England’s south coast.

Shafik Sachedina also serves at the “Institute of Ismaili Studies” in London. While there he has a hope to encourage the research of Muslim culture. This is so people can get a better comprehension of Islam. Also, to help improve relationships with those of other religious beliefs. This is also good because it aids people in the Islami Community have a discussion together and allows people inside the community discuss subjects that are abaonded. Examples, are Shi’ism and esoteric Islam.

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That Institute contains a handful of programs, like “Graduate Programme in Ismaili Studies and Humanities”. That lasts three years. The programs goal is assisting students in receiving a research degree leading down a path to professional possibilities. The last year of the program is committed to studying in a university where students hope to get a master’s degree in relation to the program. There’s also a program lasting two years called “Secondary Teacher Education Programme”. This assists seeking teachers work in educating the secondary curriculum of the Institute to Ismaili students worldwide.

Last year, Shafik Sachedina had the opportunity to collaborate with the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Borgdanov’s Deputy Foreign Minister and presidential representative. This was to give an assignment. They were speaking on the matters of today occurring in the Middle East, regarding topics of Afghanistan and Syria. In discussing terrorism they had hope to develop an answer to create a process of negotiating for the government Syrian Arab Republic and the resistance to answer the crisis of Syria.


Milan Kordestani: Businessman

Milan Kordestani isn’t like most teenagers his age.

He is only 19 but already has a thriving career, a business, and is even known internationally for his success in sports.


Milan has been riding horses since the age of 10.

His first time atop the horse, he was thrown off.

The horse ran away, but Milan went after it. He found the animal, climbed back atop it, and began to ride again.

This is just one of the first situations in which Milan has shown perseverance.

Fast forward nine years later, Milan is an international equestrian champion, having won 3rd place and then 2nd place in 2015 and 2016 at the World Championship.

His Business

Milan is the owner of Milan Farms, a farm that offers organic foods.

The three items that are grown on this farm are eggs, herbs, and saffron.

Milan prides himself on raising his farm animals in a humane way and on his customer service skills.

He believes that anything on which a customer has a question or comment is important and takes the time to honestly respond to each and every customer.

Kordestani feels that the only way to do business is by offering answers without hesitation and, most importantly, by being honest.

His Writing Career

What is one of the most known newspapers in the United States?

You got it! The Huffington Post!

Milan is one of the youngest people to have ever written for the Huffington Post.

The areas that he covers include agriculture, politics, and mental health.

When Milan isn’t grazing his farm animals, mailing a shipment of crops to a customer, or gracing the competition field, he is hard at work at the Post, cranking out articles that are sure to inform, educate, and even excite.


Brazilian Successful Banker Gives a Guide to Successful Investments in Brazilian Economy

Igor Cornelsen is a superior investment advisor and a retired banker. Igor was considered as one of the most prominent and most experienced bankers in Brazil. He is currently working at Bainbridge Group Inc., which majors in stock investments. Igor is serving this company as their proprietor as well as the company’s financial advisor. He is well known for his strategy in damaged and volatile stock investments. Damaged stocks are usually bought at lower prices, but they are always a sure bet in making good returns. Igor discourages individuals from investing in companies that are already damaged. His financial advice services involve foreign exchange and commodity investments.

Igor has also held several high ranking positions in different companies. He also served as a manager in one of the most prominent and largest banks in Brazil. Igor had won national and international awards in the finance and banking world before he retired in 2010. Currently, Igor dedicates most of his time to his golfing hobby though he still finds time for consulting markets and investments. He lives in South Florida.

Igor’s Investment Advice to New Investors

Igor Cornelsen has given several ways that lead to successful investment in Brazil. He encourages new investors to focus on these tips to maximum profits. Igor encourages them to know new investors in Brazil. They should be aware of the fact that the Brazilian market comprises of private and public sectors. It is also growing and is currently ranked in the top ten growing economies in South America.

New Investors should also know about Brazilian inflation. Their currency is now losing value. Their banks are selling dollars to protect their currency’s values. The economy is still inviting foreign investors to salvage this inflation. Igor also advises these new investors to focus on understanding and exploring trading partners. They should connect with these partners for higher profits. A good example is China, where a new investor should know that connecting with China will lead to significant profit margins.


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The influence of Omar Yunes

There are a variety of ways to define talent in many different industries all across the world. The one place it helps to have talent is the world of business. The knack for knowing when and how to be somewhere takes timing and more than just luck. This brings me to a gentleman named Omar Yunes. Omar Yunes has been recognized as a leading presence in professionalizing the role of the franchisee in Mexico. While the franchise operation is in no short supply anywhere in the world the key is adding a new twist. You always need something to draw in a crowd and keep people coming. Omar Yunes has found this in his chain of Japanese Restaurants with a western influence. The name of these restaurants is Sushi Itto. A question one may ask is how are these received in a location like Mexico? It appears it is very well received. The chain so far, has thirteen locations located in a few places throughout Mexico. A few locations are Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla at the moment and growing.

This provides a great flow to the economy for the country creating jobs for people all across Mexico. As of now, Sushi Itto operates over ninety restaurants in Mexico alone. Omar Yunes vision has made the chain one of the biggest in South America. The other locations for this franchise are in places like Panama, Honduras, and El Salvador as well as others. For this kind of performance and success, Omar Yunes was given an award for the best Franchise in the world. Imagine the competition he had to be up against as this is no small measure and the acknowledgement of his success. The award given to Omar Yunes recognizes his innovation and achievements in growth of the brand as a whole. With this rate of success, Omar Yunes has planes to continue the focus on growth while keep the stability of these businesses in steady flow. The opportunities created by this man and his company helps earn him the right to be labeled as one of the best.

Baby Boomers Need an Investment Alternative That Works

Markets have revealed signs of exhaustion recently, together with equities trying hard to establish new highs and bond markets stabilizing following the surprise election of Donald Trump in November has sparked a dramatic change in asset rates. Tim Armour believes that the recent change in the market is a seismic shift that is huge. The interest rates have continued to decline and now it’s close to hitting rock bottom. Some asset managers remain doubtful that the election of Mr Trump will actually reflect the “new standard” of slow economic growth and subdued interest levels which have arisen because of the fiscal meltdown.

In situations like these, it is very important to invest properly and know the safe way to succeed in this industry. Warren Buffett has wagered a $1 million dollar donation for charity if he can attain a better investment return compared to a bunch of hedge fund managers simply by investing in a S&P 500 passive index fund. That wager is going to determine if passive index funds are actually a safe way to invest. Mr. Buffett believes that there are too many poor and pricey funds which shortchange investors, and he is absolutely right. Tim Armour agrees with him on this topic. However, Tim feels it is time to change the way that investors think when it comes to Index funds. He agrees that they do have their place, but is willing to challenge the thought that passive index funds are safe for retirement. In Tim Armours opinion, they do not provide any cushion for retirees and despite the trillions of dollars involved in passive investments, only a small percentage understand the volatile risk involved. Click here to know more.

We are in the age where 401(k) is the norm for Americans, particularly the baby boomers. This generation of individuals are retiring by the millions and are starting to worry about saving enough for their golden years. Investors will need to learn the real steps involved with passive index funds and look for a better form of investing that offers a peace of mind and higher returns.


The Inseparable Duo of Fashion and Technology by Chris Burch

Over the years, technology has been advancing to meet the desires of the people. It is safe to say that technology has been growing fashionable over the years as people seek for better and simpler ways of doing things. Fashion, on the other hand, has been taken to greater heights by the advancing technology. Through it, fashion designers have come up with more sophisticated models or outfits that were not present about two decades ago.

There are several instances where technology advanced to meet the consumers demand in a fashionable way. One example is the evolving of a radio cassette in the early 70s. It was a very cool thing to own, having the capability of playing music on one tape while recording on the other. Over time, music playing devices have changed in both design and capability, mostly to meet consumer specifications. In other words, the technology meets the fashion needs of the customers.

On the other hand, fashion, especially recently, has been known to enhance technology with designers coming up with unique attires that meet the changing technology. For instance, there are shoes that can convert kinetic energy as one moves from one place to another and gets electrical energy to charge your phone. There are other many examples where fashion and technology intermarry and efficiently work together. A combination of technology and style will bring a very creative line of clothing that is attractive and useful in other ways. The designers are now free to use the internet as their toolbox or playground to experiment and finally come up with very different and unique irresistible products.

Chris Burch is a very creative, much diversified yet very successfully businessman. He has invested in different lines of businesses, gaining over 40 years of experience as a businessman. He started investing while still in college, a business that he co-Founded with his brother and later sold it at a very good price considering that he had only started with $2000. Chris has invested in successful real estate ventures, in the fashion and technology industry among others. Among his deals in real estate include developing luxury residential homes in Florida, Southampton and South Beach. As for fashion, Chris founded an apparel accessories and home decor retailer, which he later sold to diversify his expertise further.

Chris is currently the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a happily married and a proud father who co-founded the Tory Burch, LLC in 2004 with his wife.

Chris Burch Understands The Landscape of Fashion

The business world is an exciting mixture of companies spread across many markets. The difference between successful companies and companies that are not successful is small. One good idea can change the outlook for a struggling company. In the same manner, one bad decision can turn a successful company into a unsuccessful company very quickly.


Another aspect to consider between successful and unsuccessful companies is the market that the companies compete in on a daily basis. Business markets are very different. The business market that companies are placed in can have a lot to do with the success level of the companies.


Two markets that can make it tough for companies to succeed are technology and fashion. Both of the markets depend on creativity and trends to make a difference in what is considered good in the markets. Technology is one of the most popular markets in the business world.


The technology innovations that have been coming out in recent years have changed the way people live day-to-day. Some of these technology innovations have also changed the way people think about technology. With technology today, the innovations go beyond just performing technology; the innovations are about style, appearance, and personality.


In many ways, technology is similar to fashion. This why some fashion companies have used technology as part of fashion designs. The look of technology with fashion is different. A big part of fashion is being different, and the use of technology definitely allows fashion to be different when mixed with technology.


In the fashion world, the next great trend is what people are looking to discover. This can also be said of the technology market. What is the next great innovation in technology? Trends define and fashion companies have a need to be a part of the hottest trends. While the technology market is well aware of trends, technology is more about creating rather than making.


Chris Burch is a businessman who understands both the technology and fashion markets. He has started and managed very successful companies in both markets. Chris Burch is a innovator. He likes different and exciting. He understands what makes companies successful in various markets.


Chris Burch is an accomplished businessman who started a multi million-dollar company while still in college. Chris Burch is known throughout the business world as a smart business executive who knows how to make the right decision at the right time.


Keith Mann is a Proven Mover and Shaker in the Equity Fund and Education Industry

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) and is currently the Managing Director. Dynamic Search Partners provides executive search services for the hedge fund and alternative investment industry. Dynamic Search Partners is the largest staff acquisition service in the industry and maintains the largest data base of investment executives.

Mr. Mann began his financial career with a company called Dynamics Executive Search and he was the manager of the Alternative Investments Practice Division. He rose through the ranks and climbed the ladder of success and became the Vice President of the company.

Through Mr. Mann’s dedication and passion, he has been the driving force behind DSP and part of their success is their ability to build relationships with several major hedge fund and equity firms. Mr. Mann directs the day to day operations of DSP and assists clients in team building when hiring marketing and internal strategists and investment professionals. DSP works with clients in the investment industry in the United States, Asia and Europe.

In 2013, Mann and Dynamic Search Partners formed a partnership with Uncommon Schools in New York. The team from DSP met with the senior class at the school for a day of resume building. Dynamic Search Partners held two workshops where they met with students as a group and individually and reviewed the students resume that will be included with their college applications and offered advice as well as editing to help optimize the resumes.

The overall goal of the partnership is offer assistance in learning practical and tactical skills to help students become success not only in college, but in life as well. The program has proven successful as students have embraced the programs DSP brings to the school and the collaborative continues to stress the importance of academic excellence and making the connection between education and the students ability to position themselves for college and future careers.