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Whitney Wolfe Herd Turns Harassment into Success

Whitney Wolfe Herd was two years into relationship network swiper Tinder when she left due to sexual harassment. The harassment came from her co-founder and at-the-time boyfriend Justin Mateen. The experience was horrible. In an interview Hern described it as being treated like just some woman. “It broke me,” She said. All of this occurred in 2014, the same year she bounced back with Bumble. Now Herd sits atop a successful business, has launched two other apps off Bumble’s success, and is a model example of an independent businesswoman. In everyway she turned her harassment into success. Through Bumble and its sister apps Bumble BFF and Bizz, Hern is now paying her success forward to young women just like her. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

Bumble is a swiper app that allows women to do the preliminary swiping. The male users of the app can only respond if the woman selects them. This feminist approach is in tune with current social movement, and an ever-growing body of independent women searching for equality. Whitney Wolfe Herd compares it to a symbolic Sadie Hawkins dance. The girl gets to choose first, the boy gets to try to keep up.

Bumble has enjoyed much success in its four-year career. The client based has increased by 70% a year and it currently serves 35 million users. Whitney Wolfe Herd has also used the success to piggyback two different apps of Bumble. The first, Bumble BFF, is a social networking app for friendship finding. It is designed to connect young women to like-minded individuals for friendship and comradery. The second is called Bizz and it is a career networking site. It is designed to aid career-minded women find their niche, connect with successful companies, beef up their resume, and expand their success. Both apps serve as rewards for the loyal customers who have made Bumble so successful. Their specific focus on women gives them a chance Whitney Wolfe Herd did not. Through such apps she is able to provide benefit to her fellow sisterhood, and set a better precedent for female kind. Learn more:


David McDonald Attends Swine Day At The Iowa State University

Swine day is an excellent opportunity for swine producers due to the focus on United States pork production by highly regarded speakers. The event was held at the Scheman Building at Iowa State University on June 28th. In excess of 450 people attended conference last year. Due to his important role with the OSI Group, David McDonald was in attendance. Sunterra Farms Dave and Ray Price were featured during the morning session. They talked about how they turned their family’s more traditional farm into a multinational retailer, processor, producer and exporter of pork. Their partnership with Italy’s Simonini family led to the construction of a Canadian plant for Italian dry cured meat.

The OSI Group’s David McDonald talked about the food industries global future. David McDonald has a unique slant regarding the global trend for protein due to his services to the North American Meat Institute on the Board of Directors. David McDonald has additionally made impressive progress in the expansion of the OSI Group. An entertaining, instructive and practical presentation was given by Jeff Ansel. He has taught at both Harvard University and Duke University and shared his tips, techniques and strategies for communication.

There were four concurrent sessions containing sixteen presentations after lunch. The topics included sexed semen updates, negotiating hog prices, cyber security, siting new barns and mitigating pneumonia. After the conclusion of the programs for the day, all the attendees were invited to attend a barbeque in the Center Courtyard at Iowa State. This was organized by AB Vista and TechMix and provided a tasty and relaxing finish for the day.

Smokey D’s of Des Moines provided both the BBQ and catering for the event. There are in excess of 4,000 barbeque teams competing in the United States. Smokey D’s is in sixth place for their BBQ. In 2016, Smokey D’s became the only team to win Kansas City Barbecue Society circuit for all four of the contests for major barbeques. The registration for the conference included the events, refreshments, lunch and the barbeque. Students beating the early deadline were able to register for no cost.

Fortress Investment Group: Americas First Ever Alternative Investment Choice

Fortress has a huge reputation for being America’s first ever alternative investment company. Money is needed to serve innovation to consumers as a business. Fortress is doing the same thing, but in a way where it serves innovation to businesses through the means of funding. Fortress Investment Group was originally founded as a private equity firm that assists in paying equities for various private entities and individuals. Now, its ever-improving methods made it a trendsetter in the world of finance.

From Simple Equities To More Funding Options

Fortress Investment Group has been developing a lot of financial trends ever since it was founded in 1998. It specializes in providing equities in order to improve a lot of businesses, especially those who wish to get back up from failure. Its private equity services earned its deserving growth. That’s why it gained its reputation as the first ever alternative investment choice to ever go public in the whole United States. It’s all thanks to the company’s dedication to providing funding for many businesses so then everyone will improve together in the long run.

The addition of financial powerhouses such as Wes Edens and Peter Briger improved the procedures of Fortress Investment Group. The help of these professionals gained the company features wherein it can handle asset-based investing and not just the private equities. It also held credit funds and capital markets, as well as corporate mergers for better business futures. They also played a huge role where it provided alternative investments during the time where the economy of the country fell down during the early and mid-2000s. These served as milestones that recognized the group’s now-two decades worth of existence and expertise in business financing.

Still Going Strong As Ever

As of today, Fortress Investment Group is a global investment management firm that provides billions of assets. The assets go to approximately over 1,750 investors in various fundings such as capital vehicles, private equity (the classic technique of Fortress), and hedge funding. It now aims for returns wherein its risks can be adjusted easily in order to produce long-term investments that will yield profits for the years to come. It currently has 900 employees in New York – where its HQ is located.

Aloha Construction Is An Award Winning Midwest Construction Gem

Aloha Construction is a Midwest gem in the construction and renovation industry. This Lake Zurich Illinois based company services Southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois. Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 jobs since it was founded by Dave Farbaky in 2008.

Residents within the Aloha service range can benefit from a large variety of professional services offered by Aloha Construction. This extensive list of services includes roofing, siding, and installation of gutters and down spout systems, installation or replacement of windows, screens, fascia and soffits, and basic kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels. Aloha Construction utilizes licensed, bonded and insured contractors to complete all service jobs for their customers.

The high demand for a reliable construction company in the Midwest resulted in Aloha expanding their presence in Illinois and opening a second office in Bloomington to better service residents of central and southern Illinois. Aloha Construction provides free work estimates for their customers and takes their individual circumstances into consideration.

In addition to servicing the home, Aloha will also give helpful tips to pet owners on how to keep their pets safe during times of renovation or construction. These tips include being watchful of doors or windows that pets could escape through, understanding that the noise levels may stress out the animals and explaining how a healthy routine and exercise will help maintain some normalcy to a pets life during repairs. Aloha Construction continually strives to provide a sense of community by donating to various fundraisers and charitable causes.

Aloha maintains a membership with the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Building Trades Association, the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association and Aloha has received industrial certification from the Better Business Bureau and they won the 2017 Torch award for Ethics given by the BBB. Aloha has also teamed up with Synchrony Financial to help provide financing options for customers who are victims of storm damage and cannot wait on insurance claims to fix the damage done to their homes or businesses. The high recognition that Aloha has received continually makes them a top choice for Illinois and southern Wisconsin residents when it comes to construction and renovation needs.

Southridge Capital–The Ultimate Financial Investment Firm

There are ways one can attain wealth. Financial investment is the most common method. Investments entail buying an asset that generates income. This asset can be kept for the income, or it can be kept to appreciate.

Types of financial investments

A bond is an investment where the investor lends the government or a company his or her money. This ‘loan’ is for a specific period during which the money earns interest at a specified rate. When the period ends, the investor recoups the money they invested and the interest earned.

Stocks are units of ownership of a company. They are suitable investment vehicles because the investor buys into ownership of the company.

If the company makes a profit, it is divided among the investors in proportion to the number of stocks they have bought into the company. Stocks are traded in a bourse.

Investors require the services of professionals such as Southridge capital management to trade shares profitably.

A mutual fund is a portfolio of stocks and bonds that are managed by an investment firm such as Southridge management. They have a fixed rate of return known as yield, which is expressed in the form of a percentage.

Once an investor buys into the mutual fund, the management at Southridge Capital exercises their judgment on which stocks or bonds to purchase.

Bank products from banks and credit companies are another form of investment. They involve accumulating savings and earning profits from the savings. Another form of investment is insurance where the investor enters into a contract with the insurance company.

The contract indemnifies the investor in the event of an accident or other events, which the two agree on. Other investments are in the form of gold, security futures, commodity futures, retirement plans, options, and annuities. You can visit to know more about them.

Southridge capital boasts of unique products for their customers that include loans on ordinary shares, convertible debentures, convertible preferred stock, loans on insider shares, and loans on existing company’s assets.

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Talk Fusion Works To Bring Success To India

Direct selling company and mass marketer for video marketing, Talk Fusion has once again drew attention to the business by expanding their offices to a new corner that they have yet to open in. The new offices, located in New Delhi, India, they are helping the people of India by creating more jobs for the people.


The new location in India is going to serve as a place to provide training and to work as a facility that offers meeting space for the locals that are participating within the company. This global opportunity is going to help so many. The office manager has gone on record stating that with the video capabilities, the users are free to come alive in their video’s.


For those in India, they are working to create a level of success in the country that is considered to be the second largest. The founder of Talk Fusion is behind this confidence as well. Bob Reina believes that if the timing is right, they will be able to create a wave in technology that will be felt around the world, all from the India office.


Bob Reina knows all about success with the award winning program video suite that is aimed at helping other businesses to stand out against other businesses in their category. They want to help others increase sales and to bring in profits where the business may not have done so well in the past. This is working to bring more customers back to the business by offering new and exciting ways to make marketing more appealing to those and to create memorable opportunities for those who are working with Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion was first established in 2007 by the founder, Bob Reina. He not only believes in the ability to reach more businesses with video platforms but to also give back to those in need. With his help, he has worked to create a charity program that allows others to make donations online with the ability to donate without a cost to them. Bob believes in giving back to others whether it be family, friends or even to animal charities. Learn more:

Amicus Therapeutics For Genetic Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is highly passionate about its work. It is a global company in the field of biotechnology. This company is into advanced therapies for treating rare as well as orphan diseases. The company has a highly robust development pipeline that includes treatments for several genetic diseases in humans.

Migalastat is considered by Amicus Therapeutics as its lead product candidate. This can be considered as personalized medicine. It is in the last stages of its development. This will be used for treating individuals who are suffering from Fabry disease. This would require genetic diagnosis. Another product candidate is SD-101. Even this is in its last stages of development. This will be the first therapy to be marketed. It can be used for the genetic connective tissue disorder known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Amicus Therapeutics is making use of its biologics along with the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy platform technologies. These are being used for developing several enzyme replacement therapy products. These can be used for Fabry disease, besides Pompe disease, as well as several other Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

The lead biologics program of Amicus Therapeutics is ATB200/AT2221. This is a Pompe disease ERT. It is to be administered along with a pharmacological chaperone.

Amicus Therapeutics offers three clinical programs. In addition, they can leverage their biologics capabilities along with platform technologies that can help in expanding their pipeline.

The biologics capabilities of Amicus Therapeutics helps to provide a unique tool that can be used for developing Enzyme Replacement Therapy products that can be used for LSDs. Presently, Amicus Therapeutics has novel ERTs already that can be used for Fabry as well as Pompe disease. Now the technology platforms can be used for creating future opportunities that can lead to novel ERT being developed for other LSDs.

Currently, Amicus Therapeutics is researching a potential protein replacement therapy. This will be used in preclinical studies for the CDKL5 deficiency. Any kind of genetic mutations on this CDKL5 gene can lead to CDKL5 protein deficiency. This disorder manifests itself as persistent seizures. These begin in infancy itself. It can lead to a severe impairment that can take place in neurological development.

Texas Banks Are Growing Stronger Every Day

Texas banks are growing stronger as the economy in the state grows by leaps and bounds. The state has become quite a lot larger than it once was, and the economy has room for those who are attempting to grow businesses. The banks that have been started in the state to help the economy grow, and there are many local citizens who are using the banks to ensure they are receiving services. This article explains how the state is growing with its new set of local banks such as Nexbank.


#1: Nexbank CEO Speaks At Conference


The CEO of Nexbank was at a conference where they described the banking industry in the state and how they may help the state grow. They wish to give back as much to the state as possible, and they know it is possible given the number of banks that have been started. The banks are offering local service, and they ensure the customers are given what they need.


#2: Someone Looking For Basic Services May Find Them


Local banking services are used by customers to save their money or take out small loans. They will help customers buy their homes or cars, and they will ensure the customers have a place to come when the need service. It is much easier to get service when coming to a local bank branch such as Nexbank where there is proper service for everyone.


The banks in Texas are opening every year to ensure more service for their customers, and each customer who needs better care will have it on a first name basis with the people working behind the counter. They will have everything they need, and they will ensure they have better rates, terms and returns on all the products they receive from banks such as Nexbank.