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Aloha Construction Is An Award Winning Midwest Construction Gem

Aloha Construction is a Midwest gem in the construction and renovation industry. This Lake Zurich Illinois based company services Southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois. Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 jobs since it was founded by Dave Farbaky in 2008.

Residents within the Aloha service range can benefit from a large variety of professional services offered by Aloha Construction. This extensive list of services includes roofing, siding, and installation of gutters and down spout systems, installation or replacement of windows, screens, fascia and soffits, and basic kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels. Aloha Construction utilizes licensed, bonded and insured contractors to complete all service jobs for their customers.

The high demand for a reliable construction company in the Midwest resulted in Aloha expanding their presence in Illinois and opening a second office in Bloomington to better service residents of central and southern Illinois. Aloha Construction provides free work estimates for their customers and takes their individual circumstances into consideration.

In addition to servicing the home, Aloha will also give helpful tips to pet owners on how to keep their pets safe during times of renovation or construction. These tips include being watchful of doors or windows that pets could escape through, understanding that the noise levels may stress out the animals and explaining how a healthy routine and exercise will help maintain some normalcy to a pets life during repairs. Aloha Construction continually strives to provide a sense of community by donating to various fundraisers and charitable causes.

Aloha maintains a membership with the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Building Trades Association, the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association and Aloha has received industrial certification from the Better Business Bureau and they won the 2017 Torch award for Ethics given by the BBB. Aloha has also teamed up with Synchrony Financial to help provide financing options for customers who are victims of storm damage and cannot wait on insurance claims to fix the damage done to their homes or businesses. The high recognition that Aloha has received continually makes them a top choice for Illinois and southern Wisconsin residents when it comes to construction and renovation needs.

Aloha Construction’s Achievements in Home Repair Industry

About Aloha Construction

Over time, Aloha Construction has grown to become Wisconsin’s and Illinois’ best home repair company. For a decade, it has gallantly offered construction services to residents across the two counties. Today, Aloha takes pride in having completed over 18,000 home repair projects. That shows its commitment to providing high-quality and professional services to its clients. Aloha Construction credits its CEO, Mr. Dave Farbaky for his commitment to quality service delivery. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that the company only hires the experienced and highly qualified repair experts. Mr. Farbaky takes pride in being the Chief Executive Officer of the most successful company in the construction industry.

Aloha offers an array of services in the window and door installation, home siding, guttering, and touch roofing. It provides its services to a quite extensive area in Wisconsin and Illinois. Its target market includes Lake Zurich, Vernon Hills, Morton, Bloomington, and Washington. You can visit their offices in Bloomington and Lake Zurich for inquiries, estimates, and assistance.

Aloha Construction’s experienced engineers’ sets it apart from the stiff competition. The company has over eight years of operation offering home repair services to residents of Illinois and Wisconsin. Over time, the company has amassed a lot of experience and skill to help its clients achieve their financial and personal goals. If you are having trouble securing finance to help you cover your repair costs, Aloha Construction can help you meet your financial needs. There are many reasons you should hire Aloha for your home repair services. Contact them today to enjoy an array of first-class construction services at affordable prices. The company guarantees you quality and convenient home repair services. It’s the only company that delivers exemplary construction services while committing to charitable causes. Over time, Aloha has attained A+ Better Business Bureau Rating for its excellence in the construction industry.

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Construcap Group: Raising the Bar in the Construction

Construcap has established itself as a leader in the construction sector. The Company is among the top ten construction Companies in the State of Brazil. It provides its services to both the public and private sectors.



Construcap has diversified their services to provide services in Energy and Infrastructure. The different services are offered in three categories: Building, Industrial, and Infrastructure. Construcap aims to provide quality services to its clients while still maintaining the sustainability of the environment.



The Company offers services that adhere to the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standard for operation. Construcap has received various awards due to their excellent service.



The services



The company has pre-operations services that include EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), pre-construction, construction, electromechanical assembly, and the structured projects.



Group of Companies



Construcap is part of a family of companies that have partnered together to enhance the services offered.



The CFPS: It was established in 2012 as a result of a partnership between the American Fluor and the Construcap. The primary goal of the Company is to provide integrated services to the oil and gas, energy, mining, and the pharmaceutical sectors.



The Innova Health: it was established in 2014, to provide management and non-healthcare services in the three hospitals constructed by Construcap.



CMO: it was established in 2012, and it provides solutions for the Offshore and Naval sectors in both the national and international markets.



Concer: it provided logistics in the transportation sectors.



Minas Arena: it is responsible for the management of the sports facilities.



Their training and development



The reason why Construcap has succeeded in the construction industry is because of it employees. The company has introduced a program that will equip the employees with information and skills to help them succeed in the workplace. The provide internships and training programs.



They also offer training, literacy, and leadership programs. The Company trains leaders to manage different positions in the Company.



Aside from the training and development, the company has an integrity program. The program ensures that the employees are adhering to the code of conduct.