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MB2 Dental Founder: Dr. Chris Villanueva Talks

This is a dental firm that was established by Dr. Villanueva after he completed the college education. He is still an active practitioner and in his vision, he would like to promote what is best that can be received from a sole-practitioner or even from a corporate dentistry in the industry. He has been able to spend time on both sides, where he was the provider-business equation, it is when he started his organization having direct knowledge which helped him furnish the vital support where he didn’t compromise the integrity of his profession.

It was in an interview when Dr. Villanueva talked about his organization MB2 Dental. He talked about he kept bringing new ideas to life. The doctor said that he surrounds himself with really smart people from work and personal life, and they have been helping him breathe life with some great ideas. In the MB2 Dental, there is a huge amount of collaboration which has been bringing something that is being thought of to fruiting. He starts by collaboration and because he is a firm believer that when they are together they are better than when alone. His ideas have been coming from the places out of the box like having lunch at 2 am or even enjoying playing games with his children. The trend thing that has been exciting Dr. Villanueva is the role that technology has been playing and the most important thing is the role that it will come to play in future. His hobby is about technology and it is something that has become fascinating to him when he sees new things that keep coming each and every year and it is something that has been enhancing the patient’s experience.

In his life, Dr. Villanueva has been having the habit of being serious and it has made him become very productive as an entrepreneur. The reason behind it is that he doesn’t get stuck with an ego of ideas or decisions. It is something that he gains trust through humor. This is where he is able to laugh at himself and it has become something that has served him well. The other reason is that Dr. Villanueva is a firm believer where everyone deserves to have fun or something with a unique culture at the office and a place that people are honest with each other. Work has to be done and he keeps lightening his mood around the office and also promotes the environment.

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Cosmetic Practices by Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D.

One of the greatest esthetic companies that has been highly recommended for cosmetic surgery in Dallas, Texas is Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This doctor has proved to have one of the best facilities to choose when researching your options because he practices numerous types of improvements to the face and body. Not only is Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, a plastic surgeon, he is also known as the chairman of one of the greatest Rhinoplasty seminars in Texas. He has spent much of his life creating different books and articles pretaining to popular masters who have specialized in nasal surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a very popular type of reformation because this technique allows the doctor to gradually alter the original structure of the nose and the manner in which it functions. Although this procedure is very popular, the results are known to vary. Revision Rhinoplasty is a secondary operation that may be required for those individuals who experienced poor results on a prior nose surgery. This facility also specializes in face lift oporations. When performing this transformation specifically, the doctor is making an attempt to remove problems such as wrinkles, facial scaring, dark circles, etc.

However, not only does Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, provide customers with cosmetic surgery, they also have breast surgery. There are only two different forms of breast operations that you can choose. The first is known as breast augmentation. This process involves the recreation of the breast area to implicate a growth improvement. The second process is known as breast lifting, in which the breast are raised to prevent sagging upon the chest of the woman. The doctor applies this surgery to manipulate the size, contour, an the formal eminence of the breasts. Women ultimately choose this form of abscission to give the illusion that the client’s body has a proportional improvement.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, prefers to diagnose everyone personally so that he is able to provide them with the proper store location to visit, along with the time and date to have the surgery executed.

Dr. David Samadi Says Immunotherapy Is A Promising Treatment

The idea of defeating cancer with your own defense system is not new, and urology expert, Dr. David Samadi discusses immunotherapy in several articles, posted on his blog. New drugs release the invisibility cloak of the cancer cells, making them vulnerable to the immune system, and Dr. Samadi says this may be an opportunity, especially in advanced cancer that was previously considered no longer curable.

What Is Immunotherapy?

The underlying concept of this approach is to boost the immune system to respond appropriately to the presence of a foreign agents such as cancer. Cancer cells have the ability to multiply uncontrollably – and unnoticed by the immune system – while destroying healthy tissue. Using targeted treatments or immunotherapy, it activates the body’s defenses so that the immune system itself can attack the tumor cells.

Dr. Samadi explains that there are variants of immunotherapy;

1. Some tumors have developed the ability to escape the immune system. Cancer cells can multiply uncontrollably. The infusion of so-called checkpoint inhibitors re-activates the immune system, recognizing the cancer cell as an enemy and attacking it.

2. Messengers of the immune system (cytokines) are directed into the body. These then activate cells of the immune system that attack and destroy tumor cells.

3. Patients’ cancer cells are modified and re-administered in the laboratory – this trains their own immune system to accurately detect tumors and attack them directly.

Which Cancers Do Immunotherapy Work?

So far, patients with malignant melanoma, certain forms of lung cancer, tumors in the bladder and kidney, tumors in the head and neck, Merkel cell carcinoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma can be treated with immunotherapy. Successes have so far been recorded, especially in advanced cancer stages.

Dr. Samadi says that studies show that the survival time of patients with lung cancer increased by several months, and in patients with melanoma skin cancer, by several years. In addition to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, immunotherapy is a exciting weapon against cancer.

Dr. David Samadi is a oncology urologist and practicing surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He received both his bachelor’s and medical degrees at Stony Brook University, and completed a residency at Montifiore Medical Center. He also completed an honor fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in oncology. His primary focus is on the prevention, diagnois and treatment of prostate cancer and other urologic diseases.

In addition to his role as Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery, Dr. Samadi is a medical correspondent at Fox News and host a radio program.

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Dr.Jennifer L. Walden Review

Walden is an international plastic surgeon from Austin, Texas. She got an undergraduate degree in Biology and a master’s degree in the medical branch from the University of Texas. She has a broad knowledge of cosmetic surgery. After schooling, she worked as a surgeon, and she had a lot of positive compliments. For instance, she frequently participated in clinical trials that aimed at the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. As a personal practitioner, she created a private clinic in Westlake Hills and also opened an office in marble falls, Texas. During this time, she attended many patients who gave positive feedback, and they rated her as one of the best surgeons in America.

Walden is widely known a super doctor in the United States of America. She is the first person to use Vectra, a 3-D that is imaging technology that pictures a patient before surgery. After using this technology, she can get a lot of patients who eventually give positive approvals or feedback.

In addition, she uses a technological machine known as ThermiVa that is well known for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. In addition, Walden has a vast knowledge of the breast, and facial surgery.

The patients who passed through her the hands, they describe Walden as a doctor who treats her patients with a lot of enthusiasm and accuracy. They portray her as a loving, and able super doctor who takes time to answer questions asked by the patients. They recommend her as her doctor who offers exceptional service, care and attention to her people in her office. Many recommend her as one of the best and humble doctors in the United States of America and the whole world.

Dr. Mark Holterman experience in surgery

Dr. Mark Holterman has achieved immense success in the field of medicine. He earned a medical degree in the University of Virginia School of medicine. Before this, Dr. Holterman acquired bachelors in biology at Yale University. He is in no doubt very skilled and knowledgeable in the field of medicine particularly his specialization in surgery. Dr. Mark Holterman has practiced medicine for a long period where he has worked as a surgeon and a professor.

He serves as an associate professor in the department of surgery in the University of Illinois College of medicine. He also has certifications with the American Board of Surgery in pediatric surgery and surgery. With over twenty years of experience and expertise, his efforts in transforming surgical care are commendable. He has received several recognitions and awards for being a top doctor. He is also a member of several professional organizations that work towards improving surgery and conducting research in the field. Read more on about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Dr. Mark Holterman has worked in several positions that have prepared him for the role he holds today. He worked as an associate professor in the division of pediatric surgery at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He has wide knowledge in pediatrics that has helped him establish a successful career. He also worked as a surgeon in chief at the same division at Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital in Illinois. In addition to this, Dr. Mark Holterman also practiced as an attending pediatric surgeon at Rush Children’s Hospital at Rush University Medical Center.


As an accomplished pediatric surgeon, he serves as a CEO of Mariam Global Health. He has also taken an active role in supporting the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. This organization works towards improving pediatric care for the children in Vietnam. He is committed to research in finding cure for chronic diseases. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Newest Venture a Personal Cause

Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky has started a new company, called Tempus. This company is a personal one, started after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Tempus works to treat cancer by gathering data on a patient’s tumor through machine learning and genomic sequencing.

Lefkofsky, the 47 year old man behind Tempus, has started many other companies, some of them very successful. He is the co-founder of Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. He also is a founding partner of the venture fund Lightbank. All this success has led him to a net worth of $1.7 billion. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago.

In addition to being a successful businessman, Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist. In addition to serving as the trustee of several Chicago nonprofits, including Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, he founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. His foundation, which his wife Liz helped him found, advances high impact initiatives to help communities.

Now, Lefkofsky has been spurred by personal circumstance to create a new entrepreneurial endeavor. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he realized that doctors needed better information about the tumors they were trying to cure. Lefkofsky realized his startup Echo Global Logistics was giving better information to truck drivers than doctors were getting about tumors, so he set out to change that and what Eric knows.

Tempus has contracts with major medical centers in order to gather information, which is sequenced and analyzed, and the results sent back to the doctor so they are better able to treat their patient. While this process requires medical know-how, and several physicians on the executive team, at the base, Tempus is still a tech company.

In the end, while Lekofsky thought, before it became personal, that he was done with creating new startups, Tempus may have the potential to be the biggest one of them all. While it will take years to know for sure, at this point Lekofsky sees Tempus as having the most potential and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Dr. Shiva Gopal Uses the Latest Technology to assist Patients and give them the best Medical Care

Multiple sclerosis can be fought using stem cells transplant. This is according to the recent study findings by the NIH. The results from this research showed that a patient’s own blood cells stem transplants could prolong remission of MS symptoms. This treatment is referred to as high dose immunosuppressive therapy and the hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT or HCT).Five years after receiving the therapy dose, at least 69% of the patients that participated in the study did not experience any symptoms of MS. Neither did they develop new brain lesions or experience a relapse.

It may be true that more studies need to be conducted in this area but the findings indicate that the single intervention is enough to offer more effective results compared to continuous usage of MS drugs. This study was named HALT-MS and it involved 24 clinical subjects aged from 26 years to 52 years of age.

There seems to be hope in making HCT the alternative treatment for this devastating disease considering how great the findings from the research were. In fact, it may very well be an option for patients that are not responding to other kinds of treatments.

About Shiva Gopal

Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a neurologist based in New Jersey and is part of the staff at Kennedy university hospital. He graduated from medical school in 1979 from the government medical college based in Nagpur. He has over four decades of active medicine practice, which equips him with all the necessary knowledge and skills in his field. He has a postgraduate degree from the Boston city hospital.

Shiva has a certification in neurology. He currently practices in Voorhees, New Jersey. He has a special interest in helping patients with MS and accepts all forms of covers. His skills in his area makes him one of the most reliable doctors.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep apnea is one of the most researched diseases in the United States. As a matter of fact, the disease is now growing common among older people in the country. For this reason, it calls to the attention of doctors and scientists in this area to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the structure. In the recent past, research was conducted to reveal that more than 90 percent of people suffering from the illness are not diagnosed with the medical condition until they are tested with positive effects of the disease. For this reason, you might want to consider watching the destructive effects of the disease.

In the recent past, sleep apnea has grown to become a killer disease. More research into the disease reveals that people are working to attain better management through sustainable capabilities. The disease is now a major cause of death among the old people in the community. For this reason, you might also consider testing the negative effects of the disease to develop sleep apnea medical tests. The disease is also associated with non-accredited forms of susceptibility in a management platform where business is never as usual. Some conditions like diabetes and heart attack are common among people suffering from this illness. For this reason, you will always get engaged in better management than any other illness in this medical condition.

While this serious complication is affecting the world, new studies are being developed by the Dental Sleep Medicine Company. Avi Weisfogel is the dentist behind more than 100 therapies developed to aid the dental sleep medical condition. Because of his extended capacity in this field, you might have noticed that the company works to attain better business management in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. He has an extended capability in his sleep apnea medical condition. For over one decade of professional experience, his main concern has been the development of sleep apnea medical condition therapies. As a matter of fact, no one has the capability p attain this success in a short period. He has also been recognized in the medical arena.




Back pains are becoming more common because of poor sitting posture. The tight programs leave little or no time for breaks to stretch up. With majority of back pains being a major cause of walking problems, Dr Sergio Cortes provides tips on simple exercises that help reduce back pain.
The training involves a series of stretch ups that are important in reducing back pains. It also used to relieve the body stresses that accumulate due to overworking. Yoga can be done at home at the gym. It involves a lot of caution for people doing it at home since doing the wrong exercise and posture can increase the back pain. It’s ideal to carry yoga exercises in a gym or at the yoga center. There are trained supervisor that advise on the right exercise for the situation. They also e ensure the correct posture as it’s the most important to reduce the back pain.
It’s important to consult a doctor and notify the yoga instructor the back pain area so as to have a good posture that ensures maximum benefit. Doing the yoga exercises for people with back pains is risky as there is no guidance on the appropriate posture.
It’s among the recommended exercises for reducing chronic back pains. Swimming has no direct impact on the injured back area and it’s, therefore, more recommended than walking. The exercise strengthens the upper body muscles. A combination of learning proper sitting posture is ideal for reducing chronic back pains.
It can exercise that has low impact and one of the best in reducing back pains. It’s flexible and can easily be modified to suit any different back pain. The exercise should be carried out with tracking to reduce the risk of aggravating back pains. For best results Pilates should be exercised with some breathing cautions to stabilize the spine muscles.
Doctor Sergio Cortes is the state of Rio secretary of health. He is a well-trained and experienced medical professional. Sergio has a series of articles that are useful in helping reduce back pains. He is also an adviser on proper dieting to maintain a healthy body. He is a graduate of Harvard School and the chief medical officer of Rede D’Or Luiz in Brazil.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Decided To Move Back To Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden has always known that hard work would be needed to take her to good places in her career, so hard work is what she has always put in. She’s made sure to do her best and to take her skills and make them even better, and because of how hard she has always worked, she has now become one of the most respected beauty surgeons in the country.
Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in a family of five children, and the environment in which she grew up in played a huge part in her future success. Education and achievement were always valued when she was growing up, and she knew that she would have to work hard and do her best if she wanted to accomplish all that she was hoping to do.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has recently moved her cosmetic surgery practice from New York City to Austin, Texas to be closer to her family, and she is happy with what she has done. She wants her twin boys to grow up near all of their extended family, and she feels that running her practice out of Austin, and living there with her boys, is the best thing that she can be doing at the moment. Find more on Dr. Walden by following her on Twitter.