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Why Not Try O2Pur?

With the price of cigarettes on the rise a pack of Marlboro Red can cost you anywhere between 7 or 14 dollars depending on what state you are in. The price is only getting higher so why not switch to a cheaper alternative? When you own a box mod or a eCig the only thing you would be having to re purchase is e-liqiuds which last longer and taste better than a standard cigarette. Besides having a lower price than cigarettes, eCigs have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

If you buy from O2Pur you can buy packs of 6 e-liquids which include flavors like Ripple, Coast, Cherry, Strawberry, and Green Apple. As younger crowds become more familiar with eCigs and box mods, the demand for cigarettes has gotten noticeably lower. The thought process behind this is why should we waste so much money on cheap manufactured cigarettes that only last an estimated 6 minutes each? For some people they can smoke a pack a day which is a huge weight on your bank account.

Studies show that an average smoker of 15 cigarettes a day won’t have to replace their bottle of e-liquid for a week if not more. If you go to the O2pur website you will find that they have an array of box mods and eCigs to choose from. You will also find different varieties of e-liqiuds, box mod chargers, coils, and more! A big advantage of owning a box mod or eCig is that they can be taken anywhere and used at anytime. No smoking zones do not apply to vape products therefore you don’t have to waste time out of your day to find a safe place to smoke.

This means no walking outside or having to cross building parameters just to smoke! Cigarettes are old news and just a plain hassle. No more wasting money or time just to smoke, the future is eCigs so why not switch now? Go to the O2Pur website and get started on saving your money while still doing what you love.