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Rocketship Education: Graduating Socially and Emotionally Strong Students Ready to Face the Future

Father Mateo Sheedy observed the public school system in Washington and saw a gap. He involved two individuals, Preston Smith and John Danner, in his efforts to create better schools for kids from low-income families. After the priest passed on, Preston and John delivered the dream in 2007 by opening Rocketship Education in Bay Area. The school rapidly expanded to other areas like Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington DC. Today, the network boasts of 18 public charter schools operating on a non-profit basis.

Unique Model

Rocketship Education believes in a strong education foundation for all children. The school focuses on elementary schools with the aim of graduating students who are headed for the university. The school records high performances since its inception, particularly in math, English, and language arts. The high performance can be attributed to the unique teaching model adopted by the school. Rocketship Education treats every student according to their uniqueness. The individualized training ensures that the children grow to become well-rounded students. Rocketship borrows some instructions from the traditional teaching model and merges them with technology to bring out an effective teaching approach.

Core Values

Rocketship education endeavors to bring up students with strong values so they can easily co-exist in the school and their communities. As a norm, the students recite their creed on the five core values at the beginning of each school day. These values are respect, empathy, responsibility, persistence, and gratitude. The school has a social-emotional curriculum that is taught to the students. In the end, students emerge emotionally strong to care for and relate well with other people as well as thrive regardless of life challenges.

Parents Own the School

Rocketship Education works as a team between the management and parents. The school has training programs for parents that empower them to be in control of the school’s happenings. They are engaged in every aspect of the school, including inspecting ongoing construction at the facilities. Rocketship Education is the first school to engage parents in hiring teachers. The school prepares them in advance by giving them interviewing skills. This method has been effective in getting the right candidates for the jobs. The parents also have the chance of gauging the right individual to entrust with their children’s tutoring.


Betsy DeVos Champion of the Sick

Elisabeth (Betsy) Dee DeVos was born January 8, 1958, in Michigan. She was educated at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics in 1979. Over her career, she has worked with at risk children and has been active in politics since her days working on the Ford Campaign. Her current role is that of Education Secretary for the United States of America Betsy DeVos has lived a rich and rewarding life thus far. She has worn many hats, Wife, Mother, Giver, and Businesswoman. As a Mother and Grandmother, Betsy has always been passionate about seeing children reach their potential and to ensure they are happy and healthy.

As such, Betsy and her husband Dick are chief investors in and board members of Neurocore.Neurocore is a conglomerate of brain performance centers where patients are treated individually for conditions such as depression and Attention Deficit Disorder, with the use of biofeedback therapy, which is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will. With individual brain mapping, a treatment plan is tailor-made for the patient to attack the specific issue. Neurocore recently published a study on the correlation between Combined Neurofeedback and Heart Rate Variability Training for Individuals with Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression.

Furthermore, Betsy has worked tirelessly with her family to build up her Mother in Laws hospital and has donated millions to cancer research and the restoration and upgrading of hospitals in the Michigan area. In addition to supporting her Mother in Laws children’s hospital, she has also made grants to Spectrum Health in order to promote further medical research in the field of children’s oncology with a focus on neuroblastoma which is a form of cancer that can begin in vitro.Betsy DeVos is a selfless woman who has given over a billion dollars to those in need and without question or want of reward. She is a champion of charitable giving and with her maternal instincts, she is sure to guide our children to a better tomorrow as our Secretary of Education. You can also visit her Facebook profile :

Betsy DeVos Promotes Equal Educational Opportunities

Betsy DeVos is a devoted participant and leader in the children educational reform movement. She believes that they have made huge improvements over the last 50 years and are making a difference all over the United States. Betsy DeVos first became aware of this issue when she realized how poorly the majority of public school perform. There are so many families that are unable to afford private school tuition. Betsy DeVos (@BetsyDeVos) | Twitter wanted to change this and give those families the same opportunities that private school children have. She believes that making reforms such as tax credits, education money preservation accounts, and vouchers will be what makes the most difference on these issues. The majority of people in the United States are in favor of providing children with equal educational opportunity.

One of the main things that attracted Betsy DeVos to this movement was the behavior she saw when she visited Potter’s House Christian School. She was completely inspired by the parents that were so dedicated to their child’s education. This opened her eyes to the way that families with lower incomes were going out of their way to provide their child with a quality education. Most simply cannot afford private school tuition which makes their choice in school very limiting. Betsy DeVos continues to return to the Potter’s House and she mentors the young children there. She is also very supportive of their work and provides financial contributions.

Betsy DeVos started a foundation that provided scholarships to the children of low income families. She was able to help many families but it soon became apparant that this was more a bandaid to the true problem. They needed a larger movement so that more chidlren would have these opporunities. To encourage more change, Betsy DeVos worked on the boards of the American Education Reform Council and the Children Frist America charities. She then began the American Federation for Children, where she now serves as the chair member. This program aims to use tax credits and vouchers to give parents to opportunity to send their child to the school of their choice.Betsy DeVos now served as the secretary of education and she continues working toward improving the schooling options for children all over the country. She does not want income or social status to determine which children are allowed to recieve good educations. She aims to provide everyone with equal opportunities and she wants to give choice back to the parents. Betsy DeVos also worked with the Windquest Group as their chairman. She is very involved in charity and has worked with the Kids Hope USA. Kendall College of Art and Design, Mars Hill Bible Church, Artprize, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Dick DeVos the Pride of Michigan

Dick DeVos is one of the most interesting persons one can come across. His attitude and outlook towards life and society, in general, tells the tale of a selfless man. For starters, he sees himself as blessed to have been raised in a wealthy and virtuous family.

He pays tribute to his parents for a good and value driven upbringing. Such thinking led him to establish a family foundation in partnership with his wife, Betsy. Dick is a family man and had raised four children; two girls Elissa and Andrea and two boys Rick and Ryan.

Dick DeVos is a busy man in every sense. The fact that he has so much time for active philanthropy is astounding. He also has a commendable social media presence as he effortlessly engages his follower, partners, and critics on both Twitter and Facebook. Mr. DeVos is the perfect example of how we can all use our resources for the greater good of society.

Dick and Betsy are scholars in their right. Dick, for instance, attended public schools in Michigan and eventually pursued higher education at Northwood University. Betsy, on the other hand, went to Holland Christian School and the Calvin College for higher education. She was an active student in political forums and leadership.

Today, their active student lives to reflect on the running of the family foundation. Among other things, it works towards building the capacities of the community. One of the main areas of interest is education. The organization started out offering scholarships for needy students. Additionally, the felt the need to influence policy making to make it easier for poor households to afford a quality education.

DeVos at one time served on the Michigan Education Board where he used his influence to convince policy makers to consider reforming the education sector. The couple had to be relentless in their quest and three decades later their efforts have had positive results. Betsy, in particular, feels fulfilled at the sight of school going children.

Due to her efforts, Mrs. DeVos was appointed the Chairlady of the American Federation for Children. This organization pushed legislative reforms on programs and resources so that even low-income families can afford to enroll their children in private schools. The program enjoys tremendous success and support from a wide range of stakeholders.

In conclusion, Dick DeVos Twitter profile best describes the man and his family foundation. He is a corporate and social entrepreneur whose innovations serve organizations as well as the community.