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The Meriwether Group Hardworking and Dedicated

David Howitt is the CEO and founder of Meriwether Group. Meriwether Group’s main purpose is to inspire and mentor entrepreneurs, like Sawyer Howitt, as they take on the journey.

Meriwether Group helps an individual on multiple levels. It helps an individual to properly execute so developing possibilities can occur. This company helps with capital as well as creating beneficial subsequence plans. Meriwether Group makes sure to provide a diversity of services since the needs of each and every client varies. Meriwether Group has a personalized method. Its use of a personalized method enables individuals to have the capability to maneuver the company’s services. It makes sure that its services are applicable to your current needs. The services provide an avenue to accomplish success.

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The Meriwether Group has a great team of individuals ready to be there each step of the way. The three main areas Meriwether Group offers support are capitalization, acceleration, and exit planning. Meriwether Group brings forth its unified understanding, expertise, and familiarity to help a company prosper. Meriwether Group also helps assist a founder when thinking of leaving or partially leaving one’s company. Meriwether Group firmly believes that young entrepreneurs, like Sawyer Howitt, are a hero. This company believes that each entrepreneur can make a compelling impact during the journey with the help of its outstanding services. Meriwether Group helps an individual realize his or her vision and accelerate into great success. This company does an amazing job helping individuals pursue imperative opportunities. In conclusion, Meriwether Group is a hardworking and dedicated company.



The Importance of Good Education with James Dondero

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, James Dondero is a financial expert who has helped millions of Americans with financial matters. He operates worldwide through Highland Capital Management with offices in London, New York City and Singapore. With approximately $18.7 billion worth of assets under his management, James Dondero has risen to become one of the most respected alternative investment advisors in the United States. Clients tired of the conventional ways of investments such as bonds and shares can seek the financial advice of James Dondero. With the help of his friend Mike Okada, he established Highland Capital Management in the year 1993.

James Dondero has an eye for detail when it comes to hedge funds and fixed income strategies. He has successfully dealt with high yield bonds and leveraged loans in the past. He has also dealt with structured products. James is very active when it comes to giving back to the community around Dallas area. He was recently appointed as a board member of the Southern Methodist University where he will be responsible for advising the board on several matters. This is a continued involvement with the institution having been involved with the University’s library. His institution is also a donor to this University.


In other philanthropic works, James Dondero has been involved with the Dallas Zoo. This is a project that focuses on helping save the hippos from extinction in the Dallas area. He made a donation of $1 million to this institution several years ago. He has also been involved with another project in the area called Capital for Kids with the aim of helping children from low-income families. Uplift Education is another project that he has been involved in with the aim of uplifting the education sector in the Dallas area. Finally, he is also a supporter of the program education is freedom from the Dallas area.


James is a product of a fine education, and this may perhaps be the reason why he focuses on education. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in economics and finance. He holds several certifications such as chartered financial analyst certification and certified management accountant.


Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings is an advisor and global lender using stocks as collateral. For the company, it engages in issuing loans using assets as the main collateral. For over one decade of professional experience, Equities First Holdings has worked to issue more than $2 billion to its clients. While this is true, most of their customers come back for more. For this reason, the issued money translates to the completion of more than 2,000 transactions by the company. Since 2002, the company has been determined to have its presence in all parts of the world. Therefore, it has secured a place in all the world continents with loan offices in Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

During a harsh economic situation, banks tighten their lending options. As a matter of fact, they also limit the amount borrowed to sustain companies and individuals during the financial crisis. For this reason, Equities First Holdings has seen an increased intake on the use of stocks as collateral to secure fast working capital by companies and individuals during this era. For those who need to raise fast working money, they consider Equities First Holdings as the best option. For over one decade, the company has maintained a high profile in this business segment. For those who are also disqualified for the credit-based loans offered by banks and other credit institutions, consider the use of stock-based loans provided by Equities First Holdings.

There are minimal restrictions associated with the use of stock-based loans. Moreover, you are not required to state the intentions of the money borrowed as a way of qualification for the stock-based loans. You can also use the money for your personal projects. For this reason, they are also characterized by low-interest rates. Therefore, they provide a hedge between the problem and the issued loan. Visit their official website:


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep apnea is one of the most researched diseases in the United States. As a matter of fact, the disease is now growing common among older people in the country. For this reason, it calls to the attention of doctors and scientists in this area to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the structure. In the recent past, research was conducted to reveal that more than 90 percent of people suffering from the illness are not diagnosed with the medical condition until they are tested with positive effects of the disease. For this reason, you might want to consider watching the destructive effects of the disease.

In the recent past, sleep apnea has grown to become a killer disease. More research into the disease reveals that people are working to attain better management through sustainable capabilities. The disease is now a major cause of death among the old people in the community. For this reason, you might also consider testing the negative effects of the disease to develop sleep apnea medical tests. The disease is also associated with non-accredited forms of susceptibility in a management platform where business is never as usual. Some conditions like diabetes and heart attack are common among people suffering from this illness. For this reason, you will always get engaged in better management than any other illness in this medical condition.

While this serious complication is affecting the world, new studies are being developed by the Dental Sleep Medicine Company. Avi Weisfogel is the dentist behind more than 100 therapies developed to aid the dental sleep medical condition. Because of his extended capacity in this field, you might have noticed that the company works to attain better business management in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. He has an extended capability in his sleep apnea medical condition. For over one decade of professional experience, his main concern has been the development of sleep apnea medical condition therapies. As a matter of fact, no one has the capability p attain this success in a short period. He has also been recognized in the medical arena.



The Mission of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is not only a successful individual within the world of business, but is also a unique individual who has dedicated not only his career, but also his life to helping others who are less fortunate have the many benefits that often come with living in a prosperous world. Eric Pulier has worked hard to not only provide clean water to impoverished regions all over the world, but has also worked hard to make sure that individuals in the nearby future will have access to healthcare. Eric Pulier believes that access to healthcare should not longer be an expensive luxury, but instead should now be an affordable necessity that is not only of quality, but is also affordable to anyone around the world. Eric Pulier has always been passionate about the combination of business and technology and has worked hard to make sure that the benefits are felt by others.


Eric Pulier is many things including not only a businessman as well as an entrepreneur, but also a philanthropist, an author, and even a father of four with a loving family. As a father, Eric Pulier wants to make the world the best that he can to not only ensure that their future is bright, but to also make sure that many more generations to come can look forward to the continuous progress that is associated with the future. Eric Pulier is already the founder, co-founder, as well as the developer of over fifteen successful businesses that currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis that have been used to benefit individuals all over the world.


All of the projects that Eric Pulier will continue to work on and has worked on in the past have been for the benefit of others. Eric Pulier is especially interested in providing information to complex topics that individuals all over the world do not read about or do not have access to the resources to read about them. As a result of these many endeavors, Eric Pulier has been able to help and to inspire many for the future

How Diversant LLC has been Efficient in Proving IT Staffing Solutions.

Diversant LLC is a company that has been acknowledged for offering reliable IT staffing solutions to its client in the United States. The firm is headed by John Goullet who is a competent IT professional. He kicked off his profession by offering IT guidance. Mr. Goullet has adequate knowledge on studying various markets and in 1994, he joined the IT staffing sector after noticing that the industry had a high potential that many people had not discovered. He then founded Info Technologies to provide the services. The leading businesses that he focused on serving were the Fortune 500 companies. His strategies of offering IT solutions were unique since he first studied the demands of the corporate world and offered services that address them. The ability of the firm to satisfy clients enabled it to grow at a rapid rate whereby its worth increased by $30 million in five years. The Inc. Magazine named it as one of the United States’ thriving enterprises.

John Goullet was a significant figure in the formation of Diversant LLC. He merged his company, Info Technologies, to create the most prosperous African-American held firm in the U.S. The government has registered Diversant LLC as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, and this has been instrumental in its rapid growth. Customer satisfaction has always been a leading concern for the company. The services that it offers have been subdivided into various sections and they are direct contracting, IT professionals’ intensification, and different innovative services. The strategies that the firm has been applying in the provision of services are highly interactive, and this creates partnerships and good relationships with both the clients and the IT consultants.

Lack of competent IT professionals is one of the biggest problems that has been affecting many companies. Diversant has been offering assistance to businesses on hiring excellent IT talents that are available in the market. The experts that it offers to the customers are well trained and experienced hence, they can develop the outstanding computer applications that can deal with the problems of the clients. The firm also has the exceptional staffing skills that enables it to match the experts with organizations that have and a conducive working environment for them as well as need their particular expertise.

The Rise of Eric Pulier

Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Eric Pulier? If you have then did you know that he is known as a guest speaker, philanthropist, technologist, entrepreneur, and author. This talented individual is one of the most well-rounded person’s in the world and he has done a tremendous job at helping others. Eric Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles, California, but he’s actually from the Garden State of New Jersey. From a young age this gifted person displayed ingenuity thanks to his highly intelligent brain and strong will to succeed. In the fourth grade he programmed a computer and by the time of his high school days he had already founded a computer database company.

In 1984 this Teaneck, New Jersey native went off to one of the nation’s most prestigious higher learning institutions known as Harvard University. He would major in American/English Literature, write columns for The Harvard Crimson publication, and attend classes at (MIT). With a full schedule life this many people wouldn’t have been able to take on such demanding jobs and activities, but that’s what set him apart from others that are similar to him. Pulier continued to put in the hard work and in 1989 he finally graduated college. Pulier has a natural good heart which has allowed him to share his wealth and services to many people who are in dire need. Here are some of the companies that Pulier has found:

  • U.S. Interactive
  • FLY
  • Digital Evolution
  • Akana (software)
  • Service Mesh, Inc.

Pulier can also be known as an entrepreneur as he owns a prominent restaurant on sunny Santa Monica California. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity non-profit organizations as well as investing millions in tech start-up companies and capital ventures. To simply state it, Eric Pulier is a true American Idol.

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Erick Pullier Changing World through Entrepreneurship

A famous, influential and a man who is dedicated to seeing the growth of the financial industry Erick Pullier. Pullier is one of the renowned capitalists and a leader in the government as well as in the enterprise technology. Erick Pulier is very influential in the finance sector such that he has either founded or co-founded the popular capital venture groups in the world. Some of the enterprises he has established include rich media presentation, service oriented infrastructure (SOA), Enterprise Professional Services, as well as Virtual Desktops.

Erick Pullier was born and raised in New Jersey Teaneck, his passion for technology begun when he was still in High School. At fourth grade, he studied computer science and established his first company that was dealing with database computer. After his high school Erick proceeded to study at Harvard University to study English and American Literature, still in the University, he became an editor and wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson as well as taking some classes at a neighboring school before he graduated in 1988.

Erick Pullier is the Co-founder, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMesh Inc. Before Co-founding the company, Eric served as Vice President and the General Manager of Cloud at Computer Science Computer Corporation and CSC in Australia. Besides serving as a Director for several companies including Santa Monica Media Corp, he is also an award-winning entrepreneur and he was named as one of the 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business. Due to his contribution in the IT field, Pullier was elected to create and execute The President Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C that was referred to The Bridge to the 21st Century.

Erick Pullier is not a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur he also a significant contributor to the society through his philanthropic actions. He sponsors several non-profit organizations as well serving as the Director on their Boards of Directors. Some of the organizations include X-Prize Foundation an organization that is involved in the solving of human issues, and the Painted Turtle that is a camp that supports children suffering from chronic illness. Erick takes part in the helping of the young entrepreneurs through his public speaking events as well as the conferences he organizes across the globe.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Dental Entrepreneur

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a licensed dentist that established his first practice in Brunswick, New Jersey over 15 years ago. His first dental business was called Old Bridge Dental Care and over a period of more than 15 years, he earned a great amount of distinction as a dentist from the community in Brunswick. These distinctions included being named Best Dentist in Brunswick over several years. But during that time, other areas of interest also engaged his curiosity. One of these was in the area of sleep disorders. One of the most common conditions that affect a person’s ability to sleep is a condition called sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious disorder that can cause a person to actually stop breathing during sleep. It is caused by the airway becoming blocked and limiting the amount of air that comes into the lungs.

Because of this condition, a person’s breathing can be drastically affected by actually stopping. In many cases of sleep apnea, the breathing stoppage is caused by tissues in the back of the throat collapsing and blocking the airway. This can happen when the muscles of the upper airway relax or, if you sleep on your back, the force of gravity causing your tongue to fall to the back of your throat blocking the airway. This narrowing of the airway can also cause snoring.

As Dr. Weisfogel studied what other conditions many of his dental patients shared in common, he realized many of them also had sleeping disorders. Because of this discovery, Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters. Dental Sleep Masters is a company whose target market are dentists who want to learn more about sleep disorder treatments that can help their patients. The programs offered at Dental Sleep Masters include a course in advanced sleep medicine taught by Dr. Avi Weisfogel, Dr. Gerald Weisfogel, and Dr. Kent Smith. In addition to the available courses, Dental Sleep Masters also offers quarterly retreats that are an integral part of the company’s educational program to its students.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also gone on to found multiple companies that focus on dental related sleep disorders. As the owner and founder of Dental Sleep Masters, he draws on a vast knowledge base of sleep apnea issues and is using this information to help other dentists identify patients and then help those patients secure treatment. Dr. Weisfogel earned his BA degree in biology from Rutgers and his dental degree from the New York University College of Dentistry.