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Lime Crime’s Revamped Venus Eyeshadow Palette

Lime Crime is one of the leaders in modern-day cosmetics. The company was first launched as a clothing line in 2004, but it was soon expanded into a premier cosmetics line. Founder Doe Deere has used her personal sense of style to turn this company into a huge success, and its eyeshadows are some of its best-sellers. Fast-forward to 2018 and Lime Crime has just introduced a fresh, new version of the legendary Venus palette. This new version is taking over the game in many ways. The colors are striking whether you wear them in layers, or if you wear them as a standalone product.

The Venus eyeshadow palette of 2018 is amazing thanks to its wide array of attributes. Lime Crime has done what it has always done. The company has been tempting the public with small glimpses for about a week. Of course, these small glimpses has stirred-up the community. The comment sections of Lime Crime’s blogs have been literally on fire and are teaming with activity like busy worker-bees. Word-of-mouth is one heck of a job when you have millions of fans. By the initial looks of it, Venus 3 appears to becoming a cult-favorite. The company has went with an estimated eight game-changing shades, including Rebirth (ripe nectarine), Aura (golden ivory), Muse (deep-burgundy red), Creation (rustic brown) and many others.

“When grunge-meets-renaissance.” This is the actual theme of the show as Venus 3 is truly inspired by the look and is truly inspired by the feel of the early 1990s. This period in time was very popular for the grunge-scene and people loved every bit of its rustic appearance. The consumer will be the artist and the consumer’s face will be the canvas. When you put two-and-two together, the new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette is destined to epitomize what a contemporary eyeshadow should be.

Adam Goldenberg: Delivering Value for Amazing Fashion

Adam Goldenberg knows about catching the fashion trends. He works on managing the inventory at 97% accuracy when the inventory is projected. He is sure to pass the savings on to customers. In 2010, a company named Intelligent Beauty started a spin-off firm called JustFab. In 2011 JustFab received $33 million in funding, but by 2016 had changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. There are brands showcased named JustFab, Fabletics, Shoedazzle and Fabkids. Adam Goldenberg’s drive is to change the way people shop while also being able to give them tremendous value.

Adam Goldenberg tries to be where Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley with his business. JustFab/Tech Style Fashion Group has raised $300 million in 2016 and $650 million in revenue was expected last year. JustFab acquired The Fab Shoes, an ecommerce website which built on 3 million members in Europe. Fabletics was started on October 1st, 2013. Goldenberg is a success because of the way they build brands. Lululemon, H&M, Zara, was all built before social media, which changed the fashion brand landscape altogether. Technology allows for a direct relationship with the consumer.

In August 2014, JustFab got done with $85 million rounds of funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund that included investors such as Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures. The secret to Goldenberg’s success is that brands focus too much on how to sell while Golberg’s companies focus on what to sell. JustFab does things by having a VIP membership for its customers besides focusing on what to sell. Their celebrity stylist membership is used in five countries outside of the U.S. New launches for JustFab include Fabletics, which is athletic wear. Other founders can see that JustFab is metrics-driven because they learn quickly as well as adapt to current market conditions. Early mistakes included price points for new product categories like jewelry and sunglasses. $39.95 shoes and handbags can work but members did not want to pay this amount for sunglasses or jewelry. JustFab looks for passion in its employees. He feels he can’t keep “B” and “C” employees but A employees need to be able to grow. Another mistake other companies have to make include no business-to-business marketing. On the other hand, marketing Fabletics was done well because it was designed to take on Internet marketing, which in large part establishes its success. TechStyle Fashion group also has an all-size campaign that in large part reflects it’s ability to adapt.

The Success of Lime Crime Cosmetics

A cosmetics brand, Lime Crime Cosmetics is one of the most popular brands that is currently trending. The company was founded by Doe Deere, an immigrant from Russia who was raised up in New York. Lime Crime Cosmetics has its main offices located in Los Angeles. The brand is known for its huge social media presence and it uses this channel to market its products. The makeup products produced by Lime Crime are known to be of good quality and they are designed to suit every customer. Doe Deere, the Chief Executive Officer of the company describes the brand to be very bold and suitable for the modern woman.

Lime Crime uses lots of vibrant colors when it comes to producing its makeup products. The makeup brand offers lipsticks in amazing shades of pink, red, purple, orange, blue, green and yellow. Lime Crime has an Instagram account created by Doe Deere whereby customers are encouraged to send their make up using Lime Crime products. Currently, the account has more than 2 million followers. Established in 2008, Lime Crime has managed to register massive success and growth. Under the leadership of Doe Deere, the company has managed t establish a huge customer base, especially through social media. The main mission of Lime Crime is to help women in making a bold statement about themselves through make up. Lime Crime has been the perfect example that it is possible for any business to thrive and make it through the social media platform.

LimeCrime recently launched a beauty product known as the Pocket Candy Palettes. The product has been likened to the Polly Pocket toys that children used to play with during the 90’s. Lime Crime is making people relive their memories by introducing Pocket Candy Palettes which are actually eye shadow palettes. The new Pocket Candy Palettes come in 3 different shades of eye shadows. Every compact has both neutral and bright shades which gives the user many options depending on the kind of makeup they choose. One of the palettes is retailing for $34 with the entire bundle going for $90.

Shopping Online Is Improved With Fabletics

When people shop online for clothing, there is already a huge advantage over shopping at a clothing mall. For one thing, the internet introduces people to more styles and forms of fashion. After all, a lot of the styles they would see online are not available at the local mall. One of the reasons that they are unable to find some very unique styles locally is because the businesses that provide these styles are not available. Therefore, they have to settle for what is available. However, the internet increases the options for people. That said, there are limits to what they can get.


One of the limits that people face when they try to shop online is how simple and easy it is to pay for the items. In many cases, it can be a little lengthy and confusing for people to get the clothes they want because of the way the checkout process is set up. This can cause a lot of people to be frustrated and even back away from shopping online. Fortunately, there are other options for shopping online for clothes. People can find style even with activewear. They manage to do this with Fabletics.


Fabletics is a large online retailer. This company has a lot of popularity because of the wide range of clothing and accessories that are available for customers of various sizes. Given that Fabletics has decided to be all inclusive, people of all sizes are going to want to pay for the products because they know they will look good in the products. However, the best part of the experience is that it centers in on the customer. Therefore, the customer has an even greater influence over Fabletics than with other clothing companies.


The best aspect of Fabletics is that the checkout process is very simple. People can easily pick their items and then pay for them. Afterwards, it is only a little bit of time before they get their products. Also, their membership offers a lot of benefits that customers could take advantage of. Fabletics offers customers a simple experience of looking stylish while saving money.

Susan McGalla gives Tips to Women on how to succeed in Business

Susan McGalla has defied many odds to become among the most respected business personalities in America. While the business and social landscapes have changed to give women more opportunities to prosper, the natural dispositions of women often make it hard for them to thrive in business. For instance, despite the fact that government agencies and organizations have already set precedence in empowering women to rise through the ranks of leadership, only a few women hold executive positions in the institutions.


According to McGalla, a majority of women fail to achieve their potential as leaders because they are afraid of venturing into risky ventures. She argues that being a leader requires one to be ready to engage in tough tasks that often demand total commitment and a readiness to take responsibility for any outcome. By acquiring professional skills and being confident, McGalla affirms that women can also be political and business leaders whose abilities can drive countries and companies to prosperity.


Susan McGalla is a leading financial advisor whose skills have been vital in helping major companies achieve their financial goals. She has been practicing as a financial expert since 1989 when she was employed by Joseph Home Company. She then moved to American Eagle Outfitters where she rose through the managerial positions to become the chief marketing officer and president of one of the firm’s subsidiaries.


McGalla has always remained driven and focused on excellence and integrity. When she founded her firm, she provided consultancy services focused on ensuring that her clients remained financially sound and on the right track towards attaining their organizational objectives. To her women clients, she challenges them to approach commercial ventures with confidence and to acquire the necessary skills needed to run them efficiently.


Throughout her career, McGalla remains committed to promoting ethical business practices. She is a strong enforcer of business integrity arguing that businesspeople must always encourage hard work, versatility, and passion among their employees. This way, every person will be capable of achieving their dreams regardless of their gender.


To the women, McGalla has been on the forefront in setting up charitable programs that target women and women affairs. For instance, she set up P3 Executive Consulting. The organization provides consultancy services to prospective businesspeople. It specializes in financial services, marketing, brand designs, and talent management. She also empowers women by enabling them to develop their leadership abilities and confidence. She encourages women to become more involved in matters that relate to social and economic leadership.




Breaking Down Lime Crime’s Success

Lime Crime is a cosmetic line that was created by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a Russian born young woman who wanted to do great things in her life. She always loved colored, and she remembers dressing up with her friends and playing with makeup when she was very young. Deere is a woman who wanted to work in fashion for the majority of her life. Deere began to make her own clothing line after she graduated from college. Deere loved creating her own clothing, and she opened up her own shop on eBay, and she began to sell her clothes. Since Deere did not have a lot of money for model, she became her own model. Deere would wear her own makeup when she was modeling, and a lot of people would comment about how much they liked her unique style of makeup. The response from her fans along with her own ideas made her want to make her own cosmetic brand.


Starting up a business is not the most easy task. Many people who start their own business have a lot of money to start up, or they may have support from family or business partners. Deere is an individual who did not have that many resources to start her business. What she had was her idea and a couple hundred dollars. Deere was not sure how her business was going to do, but since her products were so unique and her fans were so loyal, Deere was able to get her business off to a good start. Lime Crime was born, and now there is no stopping Deere.


Deere wanted the colors that she sold to be unique and beautiful. Deere also wanted to make sure that the colors were highly pigmented and long lasting. Deere studied makeup a lot, and she wanted to be able to get the rich color of theatrical makeup, and she also wanted to get the wear-ability of conventional makeup. Deere wanted to make sure that her brand was cruelty- free, and she was able to combine all those things in order to make Lime Crime. Now Deere is a successful female entrepreneur who is taking the world by storm.



My Life, My Style

These are substances that change the natural human appearance and fragrance. It is a mixture of chemical compound or natural components used to change one’s presentation to perfection. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Cosmetics is anything used to improve the skin smoothness, cleansing, making someone to be more appealing without making any changes to the human body’s normal structure and functioning. Well this puts anything known to man as a suitable cosmetic. According to this definition; even soap can be referred to as a cosmetic.

Cosmetics were used from times in memorial with the first recorded time being in the 3000 B.C; women used to crush gemstones so as to beautify their face by applying them on the lips and eyes. Different cultures also show their own fashion trends that make them stand out from each other. For example, the Ancient Egyptians used focus-algin, 0.01 iodine and bromine mannite to produce red dye for beautification, but it didn’t end well since it resulted in health complications.

Development and change has been appreciated in the cosmetic industry and the use of these cosmetic products has spread globally and now all peoples have a common language-beauty. Cosmetics are used to usually known to enhance facial features both on men and women all over the world.

There are also various variations of cosmetics which include creams, powders, lipsticks, sprays, lotions, oils, gels, nail polish. Under cosmetics is a subset referred to as make-up which is a line of products whose intention is to alter one’s appearance.
Cosmetics are used to change something that one may feel is an imperfection. Others use it to build up character. People can recognize their friends by what they wear or how their smell. If you like to live making no excuses for whom you are, then Lime Crime on Amazon is at your service.

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. It is a cosmetic company based in New York, USA. They are recognized as the first to make themselves known by innovating and creation of new products in the cosmetic line. They are known for creating bright makeup. Miss Doe before idealizing Lime Crime, thought to herself how hard it was to find bright colored cosmetics to keep up with her imagination. She charged into a fashion that other cosmetic companies avoided. “So Bright, It’s Illegal!” a slogan that led her to create this new fashion line.

Miss Deere, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, started Lime Crime with a little capital backed up by a dream. She has chosen to make people fashion dreams come true and encouraged people to pursue their dreams not caring what the people around them, do or say.